On the cube, I 7 now my sellers adamant that there's no problems that it works, that it's labeled USB 3. So therefore, as USB 3 runs, it USB 3 speeds, but it doesn't i'll show you. What i have pregnant at the moment is an extreme USB 3. This is a Sanders drive and it runs up to around 250 affects the maximum in 200, 250 read and almost 200 right rates very fast drive when running at full, proper USB 3 speeds – and you can see the moment I have it plugged up, but there's a Bit of an issue here, the light is on continuously and it's, not actually opening it. I can open the drive so running just having a file explorer here. It'S not coming up it's only see dr remove that plug it in doesn't want to work at this point. It'S not going to work for me, i'm going to have to reboot the system. Try unplugging it here to face perhaps it's an issue with the actual port itself, but i think its software related not still the same problem so i'm going to have to reboot the system. Sure just do it now and see if that is going to hopefully work. Meanwhile, what i did just before is I benchmarked that drive and the USB port of a pipo w3. Now this has a USB 3 port here, full sized one. You can see it's just here with a blue, and these are the speeds I got so close to what the dr can actually do.

224 read and 181 right, which is really good now. Hopefully, the cube is going to work now with this plugged in to take a look, no the lights on continuously again, so he a real problem, problematic, just lots of problems with this drive trying to get it to work. Sorry with the port. Try again, ok! Now it's going to work, that's good it's just opened up, so what I'll do as bench market for the purposes of this video I've made this a short test so it's, just once hundred megabytes read and write so now, it's flashing and let's see what kind of Speeds I can get so 41, so around 40. This is all I can get out of the dr that's. The maximum speeds I'm going to get so you can see there's, definitely a problem and using device manager. I mean it does listen, they're saying that there's a USB three hug by the looks of it, but it seems to be running through a USB to hub or there's something wrong with the software. Our bias update is required in order to fix that. So if i remove that drive now and plank this back and the pipo w3 – and i will just run a live test to show you that I'm not faking it or anything like that, consider that's the old score. So just try – and I just test this again – you can see it's flashing, sorry about the screen.

Reflections too bright spring day here, take 220 to read and it should do about 150 or so right. Sorry, I'm running that five times so it's getting an average there. So 171, so that's that's, good, that's, proper, USB 3 speeds and what I expected out of the queue by seven, because if you pay that extra price it's more expensive tablet as well – and it has advertised having USB 3 but really it doesn't – have USB 3. At this point in time, not that's USB 2 speeds, and you saw that I had to reboot the system to get the port to work which isn't good, so there's differently problems there. Please address that and to my seller on LA Express. I don't know how how much clearer I can be, but yeah there's definitely a problem. You can see there.