They advertise their sustenance, having both windows and Android, and that is true, but it's, not a proper dual boot it's, not running Android. You can natively its emulating the GPU and the CPU. It seems to run okay and some upscaling to 1080p care from the application and I'll just quickly show you that it's running Android 4.2.2 and it does have Play Store and you can now install applications. They install onto your Windows, hard drive and it works that way and the operating system the launcher they've got on. It is pretty standard. It'S very basic let's show you a couple of things here that I did install and 2 minutes to run that and well. This is what can happen. It'S only immolating and I've just had a problem now, so it has crashed. So I'll have to start that again, so back in there running again, I'll see if I can show you in to do without it crashing so you can see yeah it's, not stable, that's the score, but really anything. That'S 3d is quite slow and slugging. So I don't really nicely recommend that, if you're really desperate to run some ton of android applications – and you can do it – you can emulate it using this program, but yeah it's not really the best and seek here with cpu z, yeah, just a few settings there. So it is this thing it as a well there's. Four threads is a two core: dual core four threads and some of the information.

There is correct, but you can see here that the GPU renderer is Android, emulated, OpenGL and speaking of OpenGL. I tried to run and just heisting there if it Citadel and that crashes it crashes on me, that's not gon na work, so obviously with some games then I'm gon na work. I haven't really bothered to try and install in your games and run them because it's, pretty it's gon na run like crap and be pretty unstable and crash on me, but you can see yeah that what that place was working. The touch keyboard working Wireless, all that sort of stuff it wasn't working but yeah it simulated so it's, not that fast on that's there'd be a little bit of later care there, and I will show you the actual applications got a little bit of Chinese in it. So you can reduce it now. I live back on the windows here desktop and you can run that in for running down in full screen. You do have a few settings here that I'll quickly show you see some of that's there as in Chinese, but you can adjust the number of cores or threads that you want the CPU to use with the emulator. You can adjust the a ram usage, so we get two gigabytes of RAM allocated to the emulator there's a resolution of 1440 by 810, and you can see Google Maps or some other Chinese names. Then you've got location of what you want your files to go when the Android so that's, like your hard drive in your downloads, I just said to the downloads: there it's pretty much how I just set the emulator up.

If you want to run that, then you can try and set those settings up there yourself. I just put everything onto My Documents: folder seemed to do the trick. If you didn't have that set, then you couldn't, download things they wouldn't install and, I think, would install from Playstore. I mean you know something to do with Google Maps there it's an interesting concept but yeah, as I said, it's, not a proper dual boot. So it's. Never gon na be fast gallery about this. Nothing there and you do have access to the accelerometer, but it will work flip it around. Well, maybe not that doesn't seem that's gon na be working and should be working but it's, not so it's, pretty buggy. I see if I can run Epic Citadel. It see already it's lagging just on that haha that's crashed. Is it like a proper crash? It sounds like a windows crash applications. This completely frozen and yeah. I don't even think I can get back into Windows here. Does not sound good at all, okay, so I'm, just quoting that down, so that I go mad with that noise. So there we go! That is the cube. I said I'm just running their Android application. You can download that emulator for Android for the cube i7 optic telecom, if you aren't, interested and I've made the file there and yeah. So if you want to check it out, yeah it's, okay, but does it run good, not really it's crappy, it crashes, it's slow! No no get a proper jewel do tell, but if you're interested in running Android or an Android tablet.