This is chris from tech tablets, how's everyone, okay. So, just two quick look at the bias and a lot of people like to look in here and see what options you do have there's, not really a lot. You can do if you're neither enable or disable hyper threading active cause, all of them or one you wouldn't really want to change any of that USB configuration. You can see. That say I got the legacy support. Sata configuration set of controllers, nothing! You really want to touch their and interesting enough. It you can select raid but there's no space for any other drive, so you wouldn't be running right on it. You can see the SSD. Is it be when SSD? No? I think this is a point to stole. Not a msata drive, so I want to confirm that I want to try and open up the tablet. I try to do that the other day, but it didn't get too far, because I opened up the side here on care and when I tried to open up the bottom, it just felt like something was going to break or crack. So I gave up on that idea of opening it and just sing first time whether we can replace that drive or not, because it would be nice for y'all do maybe get a 64 gigabyte version like I've got here an upgrade that to 128 or 256. You faster drive as well, so there's not really a lot of aspects.

Sorry, a lot of things you can do in the bias it's pretty much locked down and you can be over right, of course, so you can insert and the doc here the USB ports or the one on the side you're going to insert a bootable USB memory. Stick: you can boot from that straight from that menu here i will just sticks it out and show you how long it takes they toggle to boot up so just jumped into windows at it and take too long at all, okay, so battery life, you want to Know what the battery life is on the system so i'll be using it for a little while a few days now about five days in total, and i can tell you looking somewhere around six hours, six and a half five hours of using the tablet quite heavily. So the battery life is not as good as those adam rettner tablets or some of the other atom tablets. I'Ve been testing, but it's got a low powered CPU the atom. I mean that is a real low powered CPU that's only 2.5 what's. I think this is a 5 watt core m. This is the five way 10, and this can boost up to 2 gigahertz, so it's a lot more powerful. You can do quite a lot it's reasonably quick to surprisingly handle since quite well, even with a 4 gigabytes of RAM, and I think that battery life is ok.

I did read a review on the internet. They played 19 nine hours, nine and a half hours of video viewing on the tail, but they viewed a video for that long and I really doubt that I there's no way. I could do that. I watched a 40 something minute clip of Game of Thrones and that took up around twelve percent battery, so how they got nine hours. That don't know, because i lost about 1240 msn battery from looking at one episode there, that battery life is based on having my brightness here on the screen around about forty percent there. So this 15 about here so around about there as well i've, been running it and those are just doing em we've things having a few tabs open and crime watching videos. As i mentioned this general kind of easy stuff. Oh, maybe a couple of old games or anything like that. But if you're gaming that's going to burn through the battery you game on this yeah it's going to get hot and burn through the better you're, looking maybe three to four hours, if you're doing just solid straight on gaming, so it's not last too long go just Go into the device manager here and show you that i know people that are interested in seeing the device manager and just have a quick look here at what is on board the q by seven. So we have that SSD that i mentioned it's good to see.

It'S not an emmc drive. I know i think it is people they're, releasing a tablet. The w8 it's going to have a quorum in it, but it's going to have an e MMC drives and that's sly that's your on you're. Looking about 150 megabytes per second read, write, read and 50 right, sorry around there 150 read this is this tablet gets up to about 170 470 sorry and get a bit muddled up there with that. So this is the drive it's a 64 gigabyte. What I think is in am – and this picture okay, if you want faster right rates than 70. My first video, I benchmarks the the drive with crystal dis mark. If you want to ask the right than 70, then you should probably look at 128 gigabyte version, which I think right said: maybe 150 200 a lot faster and the 64 gigabyte drive the 64 is tend to be a bit slow. So we have that intel graphics. This of 5300 runs quite well, I've got other videos up if you check the channel and the playlist for the Qi 7 of gaming on a hen. Dos games quite well surprisingly, well older games that are theirs and newer games on lower lowest settings, and we have the fifth generation stutter controller, a web camera so that integrated by USB the 2 megapixel front facing camera 5 on the rear camera seem decent enough. I will show you those in just a minute and what, as we have here, so the wireless is handled by real tick, so it's, a real tick, 150 megabits per second wireless in card – and i think, that's supposed to support 5 gigahertz – are supposed to be a Job and i haven't tested it out yet this here is the modem that for 3g and i will post another video up that testing out the modem and we have heavy USB ports now supposed to be running USB 3.

But I think there's a software problem with the drivers, a list on my unit or maybe a hardware problem that my unit, even though it's mentioning its head Scott usb3 here that when i connect up my sandisk extreme here, this is a USB 3 drive. When i connect that up to the port i'm only getting 40 megabits per second forty megabytes per second sorry read and write rates here so it's not actually running at proper USB 3 speeds I've been trying to explain that to my seller on Aliexpress and they don't Seem to see there's a problem, they've tested the unit that told me yes, it's, USB 3. I think all they're doing is just looking at the port there and sing like a yet says: USB 3 sides USB 3 and that's all well. But when you actually test it, what have I been doing? It'S not running at USB 3 speed, so that's a bit of an issue that hopefully can be solved soon. I haven't heard that some cube on that, but that's just one of the down points of the tablet that at the moment, that I'm not too happy about because you're paying for USB 3 but you're not getting it well. At least I'm, not with my unit here. It'S, just definitely not working, maybe some kind of driver problem, hopefully it's not hardly related, and I was just thinking, I wonder – f the 64 gigabyte version. They ditch the USB 3 support on the cheaper version.

Hopefully not i don't see why they would say so. That'S, a quick look there at the device manager and attempting is really much more. I can show you there the cameras. I will just show you. Okay, all sorry senses here we just have that accelerometer so that handles the orientation of the screen. When you move it up up and down, the screen will rotate and it all seems to work just fine. I will just show you now. I quickly the camera that's the rear facing camera. It is an autofocus unit which is good because it not even this surface 3 pro had autofocus. So if i put that here in front the camera will focus on to that which is good, i will be something taking photos, photo samples of the camera and post them up on the website. Tick tablets, calm for the review. So, if you're interested in seeing those samples of the camera see what it can actually do, if it's, decent or not, I will be checking that out soon and those will be up on the site for you to download and have a look at in a full Detail front facing camera is also good, that's, 2 megapixels, and it does a pretty good job. It looks better than some of the other, mostly other tablets, I've been using so far, so not not too bad. The camera Department seems: okay, of course, it's a tablet and normally the camera quality on telus is not very good at all.

So the keyboard and the cube here, the keyboard dock is really decent, there's, a really good typing experience. I mean really happy with the keyboard. It'S a reminds me of the dell venue 11 pro keyboard with the individual keys, add olive and pro mobile keyboard. That is, and that has a battery nurse it's, quite a good keyboard, but this is kind of a similar style to it has good feedback good travel on the keys when typing, and i found that yeah that's really nice to type on now the the trackpad as You can see that is tiny, tiny, tiny, it's really it's pretty useless. I just click new show and I'm moving around. However, you can see the mouse pointer on the screen, it's a little tricky, overly sensitive, and if you want to right click, you have to use gestures here. You need to use double tapping. Two fingers like that. That brings up that's the right click for you and if you want to click the left mouse button and drag something well, I don't even know how to do that. I can't do that. You were you going to double click hold and then you can drag round an icon like that, but the touchpad is tricky it's far too small and without those actual physical mouse buttons. I find the trackpad as really useless it's kind of an afterthought. At least the keyboard quality is excellent, it's really really good, it's, probably the best keyboard so far that i have tested on these chinese tablets and need to show you is another tablet keyboard here, which is the cube so another cube the pipo w3 keyboard that's an Okay keyboard, but the quality difference you can really tell me this keyboard is not.

This is about 80 keyboard sighs. You got the full size here on the cube keyboard and it is. It is decent so using that key, what I found is really good, definitely better than DP poke keyboard, which is this one here. You can see the size difference between them. You do get a lot more space there, because it's an 11.6 inch tablet. The Q by seven and this keyboard case here that's for a 10.1 inch tablet, so you're less space, now performance of the tablet overall al been really happy whether it has been quick, very quick and really it's a that's, not a real slow down. Unless you push it really really hard you're going to open up lots of tabs, I will do a test of that, so I will just try and completely bulk the system down just run as much as I can, but overall, the touchscreen that's really really good. It'S. Really respond, sir. You have microsoft office that is included if you can see that there on the screen and overall, very snappy, very quick and using it as an actual tablet. I, as I said, I watched a episode of Game of Thrones using the tablet and holding it and with a 16 by 9 screen. There was no borders or anything like that, but after a while it did start to feel heavy, because this tablet weighs eight hundred and 60 or 80 grams. I think it is when i weighed it so that's quite heavy and really it tends to wear your way down and on the route because you're just holding it.

And after a while, you start to notice that 880 cramps it's, not the lightest tablet. And but it does work well, i mean it's very, very quick, very smooth. The screen is as beautiful it's good screen, it's really bright. If i turn their brightness up, you can see. You know that that does brian, that is a good screen yeah, i can't, say i've seen many 1080p screens that are better than this one. I mean this. This is one of the top screens that I host seen definitely on a tablet. It seems just as good as the dow venue 11 pro tablet screen that i reviewed and had some time ago, and I row again using it and portrait and landscape is good. But I prefer a 16 by 10 at least screen, and I do prefer the 3 by 2 ratio, that surface users and for a 3 ratio of the iPads and the retina tablets is good too for looking at websites but it's, not too bad and it's good. For movies, if you really like movies, then this is the 16 by 9 ratio. Screen is really good for that now, I'll just show you the ports here on the tablet you go. The doc is really good for using it as a stand. To just show. You hear that the port arrangement on the queue by seven is a little close. I'Ll show you why so firm, plugging in everything here that's a USB 3 micro, USB 3 2 USB 3, and then I want to charge it.

So you put the charging DC jack in this is where I had a slight problem with my cable. Now my cable care that I've got. This is a micro, HDMI, cable and it's, probably not the thinnest cable you can get, but the other side was just as big. What I had to do is if she cut this right back, so it wasn't putting any pressure on this DC cable, because I was worried that if I damage that jack it's going to need to be replaced and there's – probably gon na – be costly to do that. And difficult so I had to cut it down there to make that fit. So if you ever look now with the porter net, just efforts in nicely now with me having to butcher my cable there, a little bit cut it back and the output works really well. Hdmi, I have a monitor here, thats a native 2560 x 1440, and it has no problems running that resolution. The the Intel HD 5300 graphics should be able to run for K monitors as well. I don't have a 4k monitor on hand to test that, but you can see there yeah, but it's running at just fine, so can run dual monitors there and use it like a desktop that's, not an issue at all works really well and just those port placement There I wish they had space. The cell baby will be doing better if they could move the hdmi port.

All the DC jack just have the DC jack below the USB, but because we do have the sim card slot here and then the micro SD card, which sits in nice and flush. But there does initially citic out or anything it's, nice and Russian. The body there, which is good, I will test out the 3g modem and see what kind of speeds I can get out of that on. Another video. This model only has 3g. If you're getting 128 gigabytes q by seven, then that's going to have 4G LTE. So a lot faster speeds there any when it comes to the headphone jack, which is a 3.5 of course, a standard jack. If you try and use a plug that has a remote in it or a microphone like this one here. So this is like a 4 pole plug using that the realtek sound card and drivers will detect and microphone as being plugged in. But I noticed that when i was listening to it, the left or right headphone sounds funny like it's. The plug is not connected correctly. It'S, just like the other tight Chinese tablets, I've been using, you really got to use just a standard stereo to pole like this, so a normal stereo one plug in eddan it's, going to work. Just fine and the sound quality of the speakers is pretty low. They'Re not loud at all, they don't sound that wonderful, there's, no real, mid range, no bass whatsoever, but using the headphone jack.

I found this sound to be quite clean, sounds good and it is really nice and loud. So you could drive some large headphones, no worries there, they'll sound good too, so it's good, at least the headphone jack does output, good quality and just back on to the keyboard dock. Here is one thing i want to show you as well there: okay it's, not one of the case – covers like this one here that I have for the pipo, but what you do have to be careful about. Is it say? You'Ve only got that one angle, then I find that angles, fine for when you're typing in word, so it's good, like this and so you're going to be. You know typing away and there's no real problems, they're running typing and that screen you've only got the one position, though, and if you're using it on your lap and you're angling it up like that and typing, you can do that. That'S, fine that's, going to work! Alright, but you gon na, be careful, though, because if you lean it too far forward this way, I'll show you that screens gon na whoop it's gon na fall down and boom you're going to lose the whole turbo you're, probably in a drop it it's going to Come off drop, hit your lap and then fall on the floor, so you got ta, be a bit weary of that and it is a proper actual dock, because what I, what I've been doing, is just leaving my mouse, my logitech receiver in here for my mouse I'Ll leave that plugged in the back here because uh well, the trackpad, so bad i'm going to need a mouse anyway, and you can also plug in here.

Maybe you want to you know you put like a USB Drive in there. That fits in there nicely and that's good. Then it makes it kind of more like a a small ultrabook and a proper doctor. Now, if these ports were working as USB 3, which i think they could work as USB 3 ports, then you would be able to connect a USB 3 displaylink dock up to it as well as you could do that as a proper doc. You could have them plugged in leave the dock there with your monitor and when you do is plug the tablet in and out and yeah, and that would work ok, so you just got to be a little bit worried about that. If you are using that keyboard and using it on your lap that you can, you can lean it up like that. But if you lean it forward boom you're going to lose the tablet, and I mean that almost happened to me when I was holding it carrying it around now it does clip in there quite solid. You can lift it up, move it around a bit, but really don't want to move too much, because you could restoring the whole thing there, which would wouldn't be great. You wouldn't want to do that so overall, so far so good, it seems to me it's more, like a NL, an ultrabook with the touch screen with more than a tablet. You can use it as a teller, but because of that way I find that you don't want to use it as a tablet too long.

Although it is nice to sometimes sit in bed, maybe and catch up on a quick youtube, video or something like that, using it as a tablet, but that wait does sort of bear down on an urn after a while. You do get all the tide holding it. But I roll so far so good using it it's just that problem with the USB 3 port that I have that it's not running at proper USB 3 speeds and the seleya on aliexpress has not being helpful at all. So so far. On my opinion, of using the tablet now for four days is that yeah it's definitely a good quality tablet. High quality good, build very solid there's, no noises or creaks doesn't feel like it's, going to break away or anything like that and for the price again core m performance, which is really good somewhere in between the atom and the core i5. So performance wise is pretty good. I will be posting up another video and I'm to do some serious multitasking on it to see how far I can push it. So keep an eye out for that video, and I really am I my impressions of the tablet – a good for '9, what I paid for this tablet. I think it's quite a good deal and, of course the USB 3 problem does kind of take away from that. But I don't think there's any other clorium tablets or ultrabooks around for that price, and it was a limited offer that I managed to get so.

'9 was a limited price. Hopefully cube will be flying the price on a 64 gigabyte model and start to sell these. Also, all the time of '9 that'll be good price point for them, and the keyboards an additional about 6065 us but differently worth that. If you want to have something to put the tablet and to hold it – and you get those two USB ports and a great typing experience, trackpad is rubbish, so that's this video here, if you did like the video, please give me a like and subscribe, because I Will have more up and coming videos on this model if you're interested and later Chinese tablets, hopefully a few other court em tablets out of China – to that, I I couldn't get my hands on if they bring the prices down like the tech last x1. Pro 4g I'd love to look at that one. But at the moment around about 800 us, which is just too expensive for a Chinese tablet, even if it is packing a corium.