Just show you my settings, so I have it set to 720p, so 1280 by 720 and the global detail is set to ultra low. Just Rolo. First seems to be reason: we play one low so to show you a race here and later on. Show you my temperatures so very pliable. As you can see, if I increase the sittings graphically will up a little bit, you will see that starts already effect. The performance, so if I see that now it's a medium, you can see the frame rates take a bit of a head, actually not just increase, which is funny. Maybe you guys dropping down now still leaving a medium sitting. There keep it around 30 frames per second. So that it's still still playable got HW info running in the background, so I can see exactly what temperature's the dual core clorium is getting up to now. If I change the level of graphics even slightly even higher, maybe just up to hi there, we start a race and see how it handles that can now they start to drop down the frame right there, but it's picked up again to 30, but just in the Beginning a 2024 it's, a very Babel again that is dirt3 on the cube by 700 or just quickly exit out of here and show you the temperatures here. I was controlling this defy the xbox360 controller that I've got plugged into the USB port and the keyboard dot.

So temperatures just have a quick look at them. Maximum temperature that we've got up to on the CPU was 64 64 degrees. Just from that game in here, so it's not actually too bad. I'Ll bet it already, and you tell it to the touch very hot. It is quite hot, yet around the upper left hand back here, it's – definitely quite toasty there, so the gaming, the bit more videos to come.