Comm show you the graphical graphics settings here. So I've got everything set to pretty low setting. So we've got shadow quality's off anti icing off medium textures and trilinear filtering. We have 1280 by 720 p, so quite low settings there and you can see the frame rate is up here in the top left hand corner to see how the game runs. If you don't know about this game, I haven't played it. Path of Exile is similar to that. I love to dive. Lutherie, really I mean you can see. You bet your health bar their mana it's, not a bad game at all. It'S been a long time since I've played, it may be interesting to see how it runs on the cube. I7. Corium frame rates are up there, so really three playable runs a lot better than the bait trail, Adam CPUs. Of course, when there's a bit of action on the screen here, it's gon na slow down a little bit, that's normal, but still yeah, it's keeping above 50s without sixty there at the moment and what the sound just turned down at the moment turn that up. So you can hear what that's like you'd, probably want to turn vsync on is a little bit of tearing going on on the screen there yeah, you can see it endless. The scan just fine can just about to die so nukes up I'm, just gon na have a lot of head Skyrim. So it's going here running at 720p on the lowest details, lower stings antenna Isaac is off and filtering off, so it's the loves quality.

There let's see how it runs on the poor in another game, so it should be quite playable again. You can see the frame right up here on the top lift just running frets thirty five frames per second around here and the town Rifton that's, not a problem. There'S no real NPC's around or anyone yet so just go inside here and we'll definitely slow down. This lost render inside this Bob here is drop the frame rate down, but it's just about 30 frames per second gain up. Shorty cut what's, going on there, they're all attacking the beat travel to another location. So so far, even in 720p, it seems very playable, poor M's. Having is really well it's almost reasonably good, and you can still drop kids off quite well, make their to hit trying to kill my horse. So get money play ball even on lower mean it still looks. Okay, you can tell it's an older game, see when outdoors here it's getting up to the 60 frames per second, so it's good time. For me know, I can Rizzy all right so that's a look at me at pup of Exile and Skyrim running on the qi7 it's, a core empowered Chinese tablet. You can pick it up while I picked up this one for '9 plus about 65 for the keyboard. That was a special offer at the moment, it's slightly more expensive. I think it's around 450 u.s. still not too bad of a deal.

Considering you get their core and 4 gigabytes of RAM 64 gigabyte SSD. Thank you for watching and do subscribe.