So the palm projection was really an issue, and in my review of this particular model here the i7 book, I found that there yeah we on the edges of the screen, the palm rejection didn't work at all. There is finally now a fix to that. That has recently just come out, and that is the Windows 10 update. Previously, you needed the insider builds to get hold of this, and what it is is a setting right here that allows you to ignore touch input when I'm using my pin, which is perfect, because what that does is just disable completely touch on the screen. It'S not enabled so as soon as the stylus is close enough. You can see here, I'm, just gon na hover the the Welcome stylus here that touch just completely doesn't work anywhere on the screen, which is exactly what we want for stylus users before when you were trying to write you'd. Have the edges of the screen down here? Move slightly and it was just really hard and such a pain to be able to actually write properly on the screen. So luckily, now that has all been solved now, if you're, having troubles getting the anniversary to Windows, 10th anniversary, build there, have a quick look on Google it's quite easy to get. You just got to go through the windows update there and, if you go into, I think it is the about features or something like that. There'S another way to get hold of that.

But as mentioned you, Google will definitely help you trying to get hold of their update. So I was going to do a little quick test here in OneNote just to show you what it's like to use now. So just don't dock it and it'll make it a little easier and get the camera adjusted. So the screen should flip around like that and just get the camera to adjust to this okay. So hopefully you can see this alright, I just got the tripod in the way, so it's a little awkward for me. So soon as that stylus is there now, I should be able to write freely and I can there's no problems there and also you reverse that around so you can quickly erase things now. If you keep the stylus away, then you can still move around the page. There and then proceed to write again so just right here if exam for point two point: three blah blah blah, you can continue doing that as you normally would, and one note and it's not going to give me any problems and the touch sensitivity. Sorry, the pen sensitivity there of the tip seems to be pretty much the same like I can do still quite thin lines without pressing too hard for artists and people out there that are going to use programs that properly support the pressure, sensitivity levels. This has and intervals you push really hard. Then that line gets a lot.

Stickier I've also noticed that the screen protector that cube have used the stock one that they put on there. They install it doesn't seem to be scratching up as easily as other ones. I'Ve seen ring because we do have a plastic tip on the end of the stylus that you get from cube the Wacom one that works on here there. Other starters, you can use like, for example, the note 4 or 5 stylus. It has a rubber tip on the end of it, but when I did test it out, I mean it works, ok, but I did find it for writing. Sometimes it was working a little too close to the screen. So when you're lifting the pen off, I would still write a little bit, but this one seems I'll just add this into the video, because they've been a few users that are reported on the forum of tip tip toe box comm and that they had trouble with The stylus working on the very outer edges of the screen that it would just draw a line I'm not actually experiencing that at all with the the latest Windows 10 update, because right now here, ok that's brought up the taskbar hang on I'll just try and do It right on the edges of the screen I'm able to draw and tiny little dots there. Hopefully, you can see that and I'm not I'm, not getting that issue that others have reported. Hopefully, this is coming out on camera because they're very small little dots there, but that was me drawing that line.

It doesn't seem to be an issue and I can't draw alright now right on the edge of this of the screen. It is definitely improved and I'm not having any issues with that on all points at the screen I found that everywhere, I've used it, it it's, just fine it's, not it's, not causing any problems for me. So I am writing off the screen. Just then now I don't know whether it's, because I got a really good unit here or let's Hardware on some of the units I think it's down to software. I think uh something to do with the Welcome drivers and probably the fact that previously, with the the current Windows image, that they were leasing cube on this model, that it doesn't support that. So once you get to anniversary, update the latest Windows updates there and and turn on that feature to disable touch when the pain is detected. So you see that yeah that's working just perfectly find there for me really good now, I'm, just going to quickly have a look and windows. We do have another couple of the little features that you get with it now there is this, what they call the Windows: Inc workplace. You start that up, so you can literally now you can sketch on the screen too, which is something like what you could do on the the note series of mobile phones now I'm able to sketch on the screen. Now you can completely draw and say: hey, you know, look at that! This is my problem, whatever that is handy and the little feature there and I've noticed too that Cortana with this update, you can't seem to disable Cortana, so that's being forced upon us by Microsoft.

I'M, not particularly happy with that, but anyway, now the other thing. I noticed that chrome crashed on me. It just froze up the whole system, otherwise everything seems to be working. Fine. One thing that did freak me out a little bit that when I was installing the Windows, 10 anniversary, update to get the pin disabling feature here. The palm rejection issue finally solved is that when it was updating going through that process, it all came up in Chinese. Probably because the base installation of this Windows image is Chinese with English language pack added to its and that's, why that happened, but uh thankfully, once it finished doing all the update and I finally got into it. It was back in English again, but there's, some Chinese that has popped up when I start up and restart you can't get rid of that. You just got to go back through the language settings and make sure you sit if we think in there to save all the new accounts and settings to English. So when you reboot up you're, not going to see it saying, shut down in Chinese, so there's, just a minor thing that you can quite easily fix a aquick Lee just show you paint so paint. Also now has palm rejection because of that feature that just works all over windows everywhere and just spin it around again and I'm just quickly. Well, I'll just show you there so it's hovering the stylus, and if I move my finger there, you can see that I'm not being able to draw in there.

But if I put the stylus down here and then I can draw so to me now – this stylus performance on the i7 book here is pretty much perfect. Okay, maybe not the best stylus, because, as mentioned just before that, it doesn't have that rubber tip on there. But if you can find a welcome stylus, I don't know if the bamboos, serious ones or ones that will work on here that does have a rubber tip on. There will give you a quite a good writing experience and it's, really quite good now now battery life, it seems like it might have improved slightly, but I've literally only had the anniversary update on here for about 24 hours, and I haven't had a chance to gauge That correctly, but I do think it looks like it's, giving a slight boost to battery life. So when the Windows 10 anniversary, update now I'm really quite happy with the performance now of the cube i7. Well, those faults that were in my review, the major fault being the heat. Now I have fixed that with my thermal montt. There is a video of that that's. Hopefully there should be a card popping up in this video now that you can select to see that film or might I did that – will fix the tablet getting up to 97 degrees boost performance, and now the Palmer addiction issue is completely 100 solved now. So that is good only leaving a hardware problem, that is the speakers, so those speakers on the side here we have both of them, so stereo separation is very poor because they both on the right side and the very tinny speakers – and I did install a program Called FX Audio Enhancer, and that does help a little bit with the way the speaker's sound, but it's it's not ideal these speakers and not premium speakers that are in there and they do not sound anything.

Like my surface pro 4 speakers or even the speakers that were in the show me me pad 2 or a hell of a lot better, but even with those, because this has become now a very all, rounded stylus tablet and I think definitely one of the best Out there for the price that you can get at the moment, I really do like the keyboard dock too. As always. Thank you so much for watching this video and hopefully I will catch you back in the channel.