This is a Linux, Mint and it's the cinnamon build, and that is running here on the cube I seven book now. This was just a request from the channel. Someone asked me in my review comments. Can I run Linux now? Normally I don't do these kind of requests I don't normally mess around with emulators or Linux or other operating systems, because it's just so time consuming and honestly. I don't really have enough time, but I will quickly show this one because curiosity to get the better of me and I decided. Ah you know it's about time. I had a look at a Linux image and here we can see that yeah, most of its working as each stylus is working the hover on the stylus. I have checked out Sounders working touch, so just doing this is a live in store. I haven't actually installed it onto the desk I'm, just booting it off a micro SD card. Here you can install it. I think, and set it up as dual boot. I'M no expert I've been so long since I've installed and run Linux, but I did do it. A long time ago, so the only thing I can see is being a problem is the display the display drivers, aren't, working and there's no way to scale it up larger that I can see again I'm a complete completely new to this. I really I don't know how to do that, but there's no way to adjust the brightness that I can see sounds they're everything apart from yeah the display for some reason I can't get programs to launch here.

I want to go to Lord Firefox and it just spins, with the loading icon, but doesn't actually load up. Is that probably something to do with the fact that I'm running a live version of this instead of a proper full install and no touch projection either? That'S? Not working so you can see the hover, it works, fine, you can hop around the whole menu and everything which is, which is handy, so you know without having internet. Yes, sorry just to mention that as well that often that sort of a problem but drivers, it seems for this Intel wireless AC, 3. 165, not a problem, it's! Picking up all the wireless networks is even showing the strength there of my network, so that is working. Just fine, but without being able to launch programs, I can't really show you internet or how that performs. So this is just gon na, be a very quick video just to basically show you that, yes, you can boot it up on there and obviously you're going to have to mess around a little bit and try and get the the display correct, display drivers. So you can adjust the brightness and if there be a way to adjust the, I think you can. You can lower the resolution, of course, to make things look bigger that as under, whereas at under settings and the hardware, I think it is or display or something where is it desktop? No, not that one yeah I'm.

So new to this now it's been a long time. Startup applications, Windows, notifications, I think it's under hardware, okay. Here we go yes hardware, so you can lower their resolution. So if I chop that down now to 720p, then things will look a little bit bigger and a little nicer on screen. Oh okay, it's not going to stretch it out, keep this configuration okay for some reason. It didn't select. The resolution I wanted. Perhaps that was my fault. I went into sixteen by nine there. We go. Try that again, oh now, the touch is completely it's calibrated there we go that's better. Keep this configuration now that's accurate things like a little bit bigger on screen, so they go. That is for Brad there in the comments and forgot who the other person was. That asked me about this. They had done a Talon name or something sorry can't remember who are thank you for watching this quick little clip err. I will be you back with a copper mod on this particular tablet.