They'Re excellent, either graphics school here, but this actually gets is fifty nine thousand, almost close to sixty thousand, which is about the same kind of score, and this benchmark. That of my surface pro 4 got so not a bad score at all. They'Re crazy kind of scores and has the club get one point one score: I stomach stream and the Geekbench three scores so very good benchmark scores here. This system just flies. This has to be one of the fastest core teams I have used now. The only thing I have done here to get those graphics scores was disabled us here. So this is the Intel power saving so extended battery life for gaming, I've, just disabled that were that enabled these are the kind of schools you get with that enabled. So you only get Iceland one point, one you only get 15000 and when you disable it it goes right up to 47000, which is a crazy score, but it's also giving crazy temperatures. So ever look here just bring that up to the camera, so you can hopefully see these these details here. You can see so it's getting up to 97 degrees on the GPU, which is just way too hot, so there's definitely getting really really hot around the back. Here it gets up to about 40 45 46 degrees that I measured with my thermal probe and the core temperatures of the CPU up to 93 degrees, and this is after I've been running this for 41 hours and I have been benchmarking over and over again just Looping it charging at the same time trying to get it really nice and hot.

Now, if you keep the stock settings enabled, which is how it comes out of the factory, if you keep this extended better life for gaming and enabled, then it will not get this hot, I will only get up to about 82 degrees maximum I found so nowhere Near as hot, but still not really good, to see em, probably a good candidate for my firm or mod, I may do the thermal mod on this. I might actually open it up see if I can put a piece of copper in there. Perhaps a larger thermal pad transfer more here onto the metal rear housing away from the chipset could in fact improve things, but those scores there that I have got they're the same as when I did the copper mod on my cue by 9 and I increased the Power limit so it's actually phenomenal, really the the speeds it's getting very good, very fast and the whole layout how it is with the the transformer style doctor that now has does remind me very much so of the Dell Venue 11 Pro that I had, which was The first two and one tablet for me that really got me started into this kind of form factor so using it. I found that the keyboards really good, once I adjusted to the smaller ten point, six inches for coming from my surface pro 4 or my cube i9 I find typing experience is quite good now. The shift key on the right hand, sides a little smaller and where the function key is there with the arrow keys that could irritate some people but there's.

There is no flex, no bouncing this keyboard. It is very solid, very well made and definitely premium in terms of build quality. Now the screen I found is quite good. The touch accuracy in response excellent and the calibration that comes out of the factory is fine. The blacks look good, their whites they're, not they're, not called white or warm white. It seems to be somewhere in between there and I do like the colors of it and really I do have no complaints with this screen, which is a samsung 1080p panel that used to be the surface pro 2 screen, and that is quite good, so they USB 2, ports, they are all working and the USB 3 port will all power external hard drives without any problems. I will just quickly show you the drive speeds that I did get. I have benchmarked them. So this is the internal internal storage here. So we have the the C Drive so 500 reads and about 170 sequential writes 4k is a little low on the read, but the the write speeds aren't bad there. Now this is only 64 gigabytes. Is his decent not entirely large? Here now these beats here were my hyper X, flash drive, which is probably one of the fastest ones. You can get now and really good speeds apart from the okay right, but that is a characteristic of this actual drive. Now the microSD card slots seems to only be wired up of via USB 2, which is a little annoying.

I would have liked to get the full speeds, because that is actually a hundred twenty eight samsung pro plus card in there that can normally get around. Seventy read and write, if not more so that is definitely low, they're, not getting the full speeds, but I didn't have any problems with it disconnecting or just disappearing from and having to reinsert it. No problems with that, which is, I guess, a positive and other things to report on that. The battery life is around about four and a half to five hours, so not very good, but that is about the same more or less of other corium devices. I have tested out you definitely don't get the kind of better life that the atoms can get atom. Tablets can get up to about nine or eight hours. I have seen on the Chile H o twelve and charge times around two and a half hours and yes, it does charge with the type C port. So the type c USB 3.1 type C on here does output display. I have checked using my USB type c hub charging display out USB ports all working, fine, it charges about 1450 watts as well, which isn't bad at all. Alright. So the people asking about what the cons out of this tablets are so far. It'S just been the heat that their CPU is producing, while mainly the GPU there when gaming and pushing it hard on benchmarks, and the other thing too, is these speakers they're not particularly good.

I will just quickly demonstrate them now, so they are definitely not very loud and I've noticed that when that you have some tracks, I have a little bass and them they seem to have I'm almost like a distortion vibration within there now. The good thing is that well at least, we do have the 3.5 metre headphone jack, of course, and the output from that is loud and very clear, there's no static or hiss on that. So those are the two cons I have discovered so far. So this is only a 40 out 48 hours later impressions of the i7 book here the full review.