These are some games that was requested to test on this tablet, but I never got around to actually getting around to doing that which I'm gon na do now. He observes testing League of Legends here, show the sitting so we're in 1024 by 768. Now I have the graphics things to medium low gear and you can see the frames per seconds just right up here and it seems to run fine now. This tablet has these items in 37, 36, no C 5 sites. So it is a little bit slower than say the tick. Last x98 err 3G. But there are some that think that, because it doesn't turbo up as high that it should run a little bit cooler and therefore wouldn't throttle as much and you'd actually get high frames per second out of it. So I am running anxious W info in the background here, just to check the temperatures and see what it does get up to up to some gaming kit. So you can see it runs again. Fine Here I am playing against the box here. So maybe that's tying up the CPU, probably a little bit more than it would in say game that you can playing actually against real human opponents instead of just you know that the CPU here so you move around the map. Looking up here, you can see what's going on yeah. I do have three bots in total here, so one ally in two enemies.

Then, obviously you can be playing with a lot of bots or practicing a lot of enemies and online game. Then it would probably affect the framerate somewhat there, but very playable there, those things and just remember, to keep it probably down on this kind of resolution here 4 by 3 ratio. So first, this green scales perfectly looks good and runs well there, a little bit of extra I gave on here. This is running the native resolution. I advise xbox360 controller, see it's definite little bit baggage here in this game, so from the abyss below the screen resolution River, so something fortress 2 here and the sittings around the last I'll just quickly show those right. Now you can see there 1024 by 768 low low don't, know everything's flood lost possible just to keep those frame rates up did already didn't take long, so you can see struggling there. A little bit with the frame right. Just up here see it's getting extremely low. There so quite demanding civil, how many players are online there's, quite a few, this it's almost a full game and I'm dead. Now some Counter Strike global Offensive here on the lower settings 1024 by 768, so 43 ratio and frame rates up there and see it a little bit low and it's lagging a little bit that's. My network connection – I was here – I think, it's closing the leg day and a little bit of dota 2 here again on the last sittings running in 4, by 3 ratio 1024 by 768 frame rate is dipping down a little bit, but it does seem to be At least piebald is scrolling around the map here, and it does kind of stutter and lag quite a bit.

They'Re just moving around here seems dropping down below 20 frames per second, which isn't ideal, but overall too bad. If I just drag around the map here quickly. At dancing to work yeah, the 15 frames per second there, sir a little bit slow there, no really. The best I mean you can't, really go any lower on the sittings that I do have. I just quickly show the sittings here for any sittings. I don't want to cut out of it so Bloods coming out of the video. It is quite dark. Actually, so everything in the Advanced tab here is all disabled. Hopefully, you can see that that there's, no like ticks or anything on here, I can lower the resolution down a step further. Maybe 800 x 600 see if that's gon na help boost the frame rate zones do that now, because that would probably should have the Mac bit of a difference. Also in this game. Here I am playing against bots, so that is taking up some of the CPU resources. So if you're gon na plan and online multiplayer against other players, then maybe what these taxing that CPU so much there. So it doesn't seem to make much of a difference there to the framerate, like the resolution, it's, probably because the CPU thing tests quite a lot they're starting to lag a little bit more okay. So next up of this try bit of half of kicks off, just so they're sitting so I'm running with here so trying to Leah filtering readings on the lowest a jump on to 600 just to try and keep that frame rate as high as possible.

Here and of course, it's, a 4 by 3 ratio just get jump into a little bit of the game here and see how it handles. So if you must us on screen and whatnot we're gon na get any slowdown okay, so it does drop down somewhat when there's a lot of baddies on the screen there. So all the monsters – and then it is definitely cutting the framerate down a bit – seems to a little bit jerky as well. If you're noticing that on the video it seems to be got on stuttering, but not really affecting the framerate too much according to the fraps. On to the stuff here could be Internet related that maybe I don't know, although shouldn't be because I'm, not downloading anything in the background, and I am connected to a European server, alright, so done with gaming nail testing on the system. Let'S have a look and see what the qi6 has got up to temperature wise, so he's gon na exit out of this, and go straight on to to stop here and take a look now a lot of the plague path of Exile. I have to see the scaling to 100 sense. Everything looks real real small on the screen at the moment, which I'll show just adjust now so can actually see things here. I turn the scaling right down to it just want her to be sent there. Otherwise I have problems. Okay, so that's been answers for everything back up again, so old jump I've been down to HW info.

We can have a look, so you can see right here. The hottest it got is 65 and that is actually excellent. Those are really good. Temperatures now I've been doing gaming before on this system. The thermals on the list on this CPU, the Z, 3735 F, are really good, like I have seen the sin. 35 36 F, which clocks up to two point 16, get up to about 88 degrees. Now my surface 3 that gets up to around about that figure as well around about 85, 86 really hot. But you can see here. I don't know what cube of done, but maybe you've got the actual. The CPU cores touching the middle backing of the tablet, and that is having to call it down, but even then there's touching the back of the tablet which I've done before it is not hot at all. It'S not warm slightly warm but it's, really very, very cool it's one of the coolest running tablets and regards to thermals. There does a really good job, and I mean you can see dry there 65, that it's really really good and the average temperatures there too around in the 50s, so done an excellent job there of keeping their teller pulled whatever they've done, the copper heat sink or Something you're using on there seems to do the job really well, okay, so there was just look at gaming and the temperatures.