This is against the cube. I six switches on the right and on the left. Here we have the tech last x98, a 3G which you might have seen in many of my other videos on that tablet. So the cube is a newcomer and it is another dual boot tablet at first came out with just Android only, but it did have the Intel hardware and cube have adapted the BIOS, so it would work now with dual boot. So has that inside BIOS, which is a little system here, if I touch that it will switch over and to Aero Android, which I won't do at the moment. I wanted to show you: how is the difference between the emmc drives? You can see the speed difference there between them now, I've just run. This test actually got a higher score. Before on the cube by 6, I managed to almost get 180 and 70 right, but for some reason it slowed down a little bit. But you can see there that there the two scores – and there is a bit of a difference there when it comes to write speeds now the tick last has got a beat one driving it, which is not a very good drive, speed, wise it's, quite slow. I have seen a lot faster, which does make a slight difference when you're lighting up screens when you're loading up folders you go into the device manager, things will pop up and seem to pop a little bit quicker anyway.

I'Ll just go over the actual, build quality of the two units, so you can see they're both got the front facing cameras and different positions. Obviously black and white it's good to see a tear, but finally, in black one of these iPad clones with a Retina display. I have both in screen step on a maximum brightness there's, a couple of key differences to in the hardware the check last x98 air has a faster CPU owner, but it's only around 300 megahertz faster on single core. So when it's, a single thread, it's turbo it's down a bit of boost there, it's going to be a little bit faster. Now the beach differences between these two, basically next, to nothing really and and to two you get baby down a thousand or so points thousand one. Two thousand points more, which is and in real world, is nothing and 3dmark testing. You got a couple of hundred more so there's, nothing really another. Both have two gigabytes of RAM. Okay, so I'll just go over the hard work here on build quality of the tech class x98 ear 3G. So it has a plastic power, iron and volume rocker here on the left side of the unit and it's on the right side on the cube. So the cube keeps more of an iPad kind of layout and iPad air layout, and the camera has mentioned is on the left side, and the really interesting part here is on the bottom.

We have all the ports, so we've got the micro USB right here. The 3.5 millimeter jack, which is noise, free, there's, no bars of hiss over this, which is good, a micro HDMI out, which is one thing the cube, does not have so. This is a a plus for the tech last we have on the rear. The two stereo speakers, and here we have a micro, SD card slot and a SIM card slot. Now this is a normal sized sim club card and it is about the painters I have to use an adapter. I mean normal size, SIM cards and not comment any more than now to the micro sim. We also have the mic, so everything is all on this corner here, which is good in a way, because, if you're gon na use the tablet this way up, if you were gon na use it standing, maybe in with a keyboard, then you've got you've got the Ports free and the camera at the top there, and not down here so it's nice, so there's, nothing on the right side and there's, nothing on the top and on the back we have that five megapixel camera, which you can see there, I roll the quality, is Quite good popping, please with it for four months or so had this tablet. There are a few noises around here when using it. Sometimes around here is a couple of little creepy noises, just where the the plastics joined up here with the aluminium it's not like it's opening was putting up or anything like that.

No, no, no it's, it's good it's, a solid tablet and I will actually get the scales out here and show you how much it does weigh in grams and you'll have to convert there, because I don't know what that is in pounds. But if I just put the tablet here now down, it should weigh around 500 okay. So, just looking down here, it's 529 grams as the weight of the of the text like check last and then how thick it is. Well I've, just mesh that now with a gauge, so you can see the thickness. What that is I'll take it from the middle. Here, we're looking around 8, maybe just a bit over eight point, one eight point: one millimeters: there try not to scratch the screen because they're not scratch resistant or anything, so that is the x98 year. This will course comes in 64 gigabytes, which the cube doesn't at the moment that is – and I will get on to other key points like switching over the operating system. But now let's have a look at the hardware of the cube. So we've got that front. Facing 2 megapixel camera, and there is nothing on the left side. This is all free of any buttons or ports. The rear. We have a five megapixel camera and on the right side, is where all the action is. So we have a metal volume, rocker and power on micro SD card slot is right here, quite a nice little slot.

We have a slide out slot for the Micro SIM card, so that's a micro sim, not a normal size sim, which is good nice little tray. There that you put that into and the back we have a dual speaker setup, just like what the tikka last has and they're both selling it round about the same. Oh in the audio port, is at the top. So three point three point: five millimeter jack, they're micro, USB, the audio output from this jack is nice and clean too there's, no distortion, there's, no fuzziness or hissing noise. In the background and the bottom, there is a small, tiny gap here, which is your microphone, so it turns a hardware. It feels very solid. In fact, it feels better in hand than the tech last and it's got this nice grey metal back on it and it's good to have a different color than just white and silver from what we're, seeing from the onda and teclast range of dual boot tablets. With the Retina displays, because it's, a very nice display which I'll get on to you now, is the display difference, they're both set to full brightness, and if you have a look here, the clarity of the tick last is slightly better. Now just get the screen to focus on there and after you can see there we'll just look at the icons there. That is because it doesn't have that kind of grainy matte display that, although they're the same exact IPS panel in them cube, has done something here to make the panel they put like another layer over the actual IPS screen before the glass touch panel, and it seems To be like that, used like a matte coating over the screen, why they've done I've done this? I don't know maybe to cut down on like the layer outside.

I can report that outside you can actually see it a little bit better than the tick last, but who's really using their tablets in direct sunlight I'm. Not not me anyway, so the view angles are both of them are the same screen. Brightness is basically this same. Maybe a little bit brighter on the tick last. This is, of course, running a dual boot to BIOS here now, so screen was they're, pretty much identical and the tickler does have actually a little LED indicator here that i forgot to mention, and there is a ambient light sensor, but that only seems to work and Android, so what i do now is try and put them both into android and show you how long that takes now because of the system on the tick last is different. I need to actually power off. I can't just directly boot straight into android, which is what i can do here on the queue so i'll just try that now, as i need to power this one off and try to do it about the same time, so at least you can kind of get An idea of how long it takes both for them: okay, so they're, both shutting down, see how long this takes and I've left that too long about that on before. Okay, so we're into the screen, let's take a little while to power down, even though the screens going off it's still powering down, sir okay, so we're an Android now with the cube, and if I wanted to go back into Windows, I just simply just click there From the pull down menu and the brightness so just mentioned before there is this light sensor there so it's on order at the moment.

So what I do is just try and I just put that on maximum actually, no and the cube. Sorry, the x98 aired now, of course, is an Android, and what I can do is just show you the roms, although not a fair comparison. This is the stock rom. That is very much like a and NYX is kind of arrangement. It is a very stock Android it's, really good. There was no blood, there was basically just ES File Explorer, which need anyway follows for a Facebook, and that was a everything else was gon na stock and all that I'll bet. It is real racing, 3 cents, a box and enter new benchmark. Now I haven't actually had time to run into two on the tick blast, but this wrong here is a custom ROM, so that's not actually these stop T classrom, which I find quite bloating horrible. This is one from Marek 194 mixed air forums, so it's a stock rom there and I'm. Just wondering for the score is on there. No, my old school, somehow hasn't been saved there, so they're both running android 4.4.4, and there is a difference in DPI here that's. It to 320 and this one is set to 264 – I think which runs better because that's the PPI of the actual screen. So it looks nice and sharp and tends to be a little bit smoother. Ok, so that is just a comparison of the two tablets. So what are the which one of the two is better? Well, it kind of depends on your needs.

If you want 64 gigabytes, then you're gon na have to get the tick blast, because that's the only one that comes in 64 gigabytes and less, of course, cubes. That producing this one, one 64 gigabytes don't know if they will and maybe they will and then, if you need HDMI up, then this one here is the one to get the tick last. The other reason maybe you're a little bit fussy. We do screens tiny a little bit of kind of grain, but you get used to it. It'S, not a real deal breaker for me, so maybe don't like that too. Then you go for the tick class, but if you want to sit hero, build quality way, better Android ROM that you don't have to flash custom roms or do anything like that. Then this is probably the one to get for you. If you don't mind that 32 gigabytes of storage – and I would just leave quickly – show you getting back into Windows, how fast that is on these machines, so I'm gon na have to power off this one by holding it down because they're custom, ROM doesn't have a Power off button, it's missing they just reboots their airplane mode and silent mode. Okay. So if I quickly powerless one back on and just do the switch here so just pushing it now, it's gon na reboot into under windows it for me, so I said like no one does so.

I was a very different system. Neither really has an advantage in speed, but of course it is nice to have that option just to reboot straight into the other operating system, without having to do the power off and power on and selector with the boot selector. So maybe maybe the cube system has a slight advantage there. Okay, so the qi6 is back in Windows and sells the tech glass so speed, wise, they're, very close it's, not much in it slightly advantage, maybe to the GT cube and for some reason there. The Q screen looks a bit brighter. I will have to test that out, but the full review of this tablet will be up on tech tablets comm shortly and the review of the X on it. It has been out for three months or so now, if you're interested check that out definitely worth a look if you're considering these two tablets so that's the video, if you liked it, please do give me a like and do subscribe. I'Ll have more videos up and coming of the cube by 6 I'm, also waiting on other tablets like the people, W 3, if which console the keyboard, and I might actually be looking at the core M tablets that are starting to come out now, as well as Their new, obviously any new tablets that are coming out from China. I will try and cover those as well thanks for watching the video bye for now.

Well, don't go just yet. I completely forgot to weigh the queue by 6 here and measure it so we'll just check the way to that now and that comes in at 509 grams, so that's a lighter quite a bit lighter than the tick last x98. 508. You could just see that f5 away and I'll just to check the thickness as well compared to the X 980. I think it's slightly thicker seems to be a little bit fraction thicker and I just find out now. Ok, so that is coming in at around 10 millimeters versus the 8 millimeters. Just actually just a bit shy, so that's it up 9 points something millimeters compared to the around up 8.1 off the tick last six, nine eight years so there's a little bit of difference. But in the hand, you don't really notice that, at that difference and the weight difference, you do notice just feels tiny a little bit lighter than the x98 ear.