So it could be long so be prepared to skip ahead. Maybe on the video along in. Perhaps a boring you are about to see is what it says. Obviously it's meant to say you're about to switch operating systems. I think now I've just resorted to using the flashlight and turning the lights off to try to cut down on the reflections for these videos, because it's quite troublesome Elfi light on the top of the ceiling reflecting all over the screen. So it's now booting into Android. Let'S just see how long that's going to take – hopefully not too long, alright, so there we are in Android and what a great things about this ROM as you can see that it looks completely Nexus like it has just completely stopped. There are no bloat apps where it was the blow. I mean there's, nothing that earring. There is pretty much all Google I can't. Okay, well ES File, Explorer they've added Facebook, but really it's, very, very stock, which I like to see. I don't want to follow of Chinese below it, so that is and that's very appealing. Okay, so that was the boot time now. What happens if I switch back into Windows? How long is that gon na take well let's? Do that now all I need to do is swipe down and click on OS switch here and is that registered night? Yes, here we go rebooting, you can just see now let's see how long it takes to switch into Windows, so the world of tix here at the top, something to do with the bias, obviously the by switching over okay.

I assume that reads: cube and I don't know any Chinese, but no to say that with this read, cube or let's see how long this takes there. We go booting into Windows that wasn't too bad. I will test this against the Beyonder and the cube to see which one is faster, it's switching, so there are avec into Windows here now and that was relatively quick, okay, so that's the video. If you liked it, please do give me a like and do subscribe.