The casing offer got around here with a guitar pick all around this outer edge it's very easy to do, and you can quite simply just pull the back cover off and we can have a look at the internals here of the Q by 6. So not bad. At all the build quality, as you can see, the materials they've used in everything it's really well put together. I mean you'd open up an iPad here and it would look pretty similar to this. So we have the 2 slim battery cells. Here they look to be the same, that it did I've seen in the tech last Expo night, air 3G and the back of the metal casing as well has a little bit of a heat spreader there on the back there to help with the heat on the Top up here, of course, is plastic, so we have bit a signal there for the wireless antenna. We have the GPS antenna to show you now at the top. Yes, we've got the GPS, and Wireless is right here and let me have the GSM antenna. Everything'S taped down, we have this little uh pressure pads around here as well to keep pressure on the the screen to keep it held against the plastic surrounding tear quite well. The heat spreader here is covering up the Intel Bay Trail system on a chip it's just right here now: I'm, not actually gon na pull that off because I'm quite happy with the thermals on this.

This tail that has not even gone over 65 degrees. Yet after gaming, everything it seems to be really really good, one of the best I've seen so far so under there. We also have, of course, the emmc Drive in there, which is our internal storage. We have RAM chips on here, which no doubt will probably Samsung or hikes just along. Here we have the realtek audio chip set by the looks of it. It could be the good bit Wireless. We do have the modem here. This is cables that are going off to the speakers right here at the top here, that's, the rare 5 megapixel autofocus camera and your USB micro USB port. Here you can see that they have got a screw down either side so should be having they're quite strong. Last thing you want is that to break off, because that is very common, for sometimes they do have had failures with these ports, because that is the most used. Thing is a lot of stress, sometimes on that as well, but that is quite good there. You can see the battery. We have the positive and negative connections right up here, slightly different design there to to the to the teclast x98 ear, of course, but the same kind of build an hour, maybe even actually a bit of build quality. I do write cute slightly higher in terms of build quality than tip last looking at their tell us the insides of them, and they just be there materials they use.

They just seem to be slightly better, so that's the internals there off the the qy6 not really much. I also I can show you without actually pulling that apart there, but I will actually put some photos of those two up on tick tablets. Calm. If anyone is interested in that, as far as it goes for room for modifications or anything like that, you don't really have any space. I mean the battery, tells you can't, put anything bigger in there, so not like the under v1 one 6w that I opened up. It was a lot of space. You can put some more things with it there is it don't it bit of space around here. If someone wanted to try and do a bit of magic and relson, maybe a USB to flash drive in there or something even might be able to put it in there, but you'd have to have a look around and see if there's any and used like a Usb to heaters or somewhere on the motherboard, but I wouldn't personally go digging around into that. I know some people have done that with the Dell Venue 8 Pro and they've done some pretty good things for that there's. Some thread on that hunt on the notebook forum chip. I think it is and yeah it's quite interesting there anyway, so not much yeah that will microphones down here as well, that's, fun and I can point out and that is it really the internals they're off the qi6.