I decided to pick up one of these because I was buying some some other tablets and goods of cube from the cube seller, and I said, okay we'll just just chuck in the battery pack as well, because it's relatively cheap, so let's have a look at it. Here you can see it comes in a rather plain looking package, but it's. The capacity of it is 10000 milliamp hours which isn't too bad. That should definitely be able to power some of your devices out there for quite a while. You can see that the output voltage is 5 volts maximum of a 2.1 amps. Both the the input and outputs are the same there, so the weight of it is 211 grams. Let'S have a look at it. Now they come in some very powerful. Looking colors, you got like blues and yellows, and this one here you can see is the fluorescent orange and that looks just like the same color as one of those high vis jacket. So you often see people wearing in warehouses walking around so ever see. It'S got a unique cube down here and the capacity of it it's made out of a plastic. I can feel – and it has a matte finish to it – like a rubberized matte paint job which actually feels quite nice in hand there and having a look at the back here, I can see. You'Ve got two cubes logo down here in Chinese of course, and the model of it as the 20000 M, not too sure what that actually stands for, because the capacity isn't it's not 20000 hours, it's 10000 and just a few outputs there on there too and there's A little button here, which ok that just tells you so it's got four status.

Leds are similar to other power banks that just tell you the percent of the battery, so here I've got 75 if there's any to lit up then that's, 50. Of course, okay and we've got two outputs there too, that obviously you can see that so let's have a look and see what kind of power can output I've just got a meter here now to test the output from it. So it is now charging my mobile phone there at eight point: seven watts, one point: seven more amps and just under five volts there. So that is the unboxing and you could say review because it really isn't much more to show you on this model here. So the boat isn't too bad, okay. Yes, it is a little bit plasticky and you probably find that what they have used inside here is probably actually two of the tablet battery cells that they normally put in their tablets and they probably have two of them. On top of each other and the thickness of it isn't as thick as some of the other power banks, we see out there, so that is a bit of a plus there. And yes, it has that matte kind of finish to it and I can see where really it's getting a little few little bits, a fingerprint, grease and stuff on there. But overall yeah solidly put together and the capacity is good that should be able to power. Most of your devices there and charge your mobile phone two or three times over charge.

Your tablet. Of course, we do have there yeah the two USB 2 outputs there, your full size, sorry outputs there and then the micro in there for for charging it. So the charge rate is slow. It takes about 6 hours to fully charge which isn't really fast, so there's. No quick charging it and it also doesn't support any quick charge. Outputs. Aside from that, it serves a purpose of being just a large capacity power bank that you can use to charge your devices. You just have to remember that you're going to have to plug it in and let it charge overnight because it does take a while there. Thank you for watching this review here.