Sometimes you just got ta believe theres. Something thatll give you really theres something thatll have what you need. What you need me were broken, its tragic were not all elastic, but maybe theres magic believe you could have it, and I know of sadness the anxious and panic the infinite vastness of all that is blackness Music. Tell me so tell me Music. Tell me Applause, please: Music, Music, foreign, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Ive, seen a lot of people who dont know what work is Ive seen a lot of people who dont know what thirst is Ive had a taste of evil and tried to cure the sickness, But I just keep my head down and focus on the facts. Im setting down gravel while you just follow the path Ill, lead them into battle, while youre just too scared to act Ill leave the knife right in my bag, so Ill keep hustling. You keep struggling Im, humbling, keep mumbling Ill, keep doubling you keep bluffing youve got nothing Ill, keep hustling foreign, Music, Music thats, what God Music inspired by thirst Im. Inspired by worth. I desire your worst, so you can just hide. While I work, I aint tired. You first all right. The second third verse about the lies. You go disperse, you never did. I know it hurts, but something deep inside wont. Let me tell me what I want Music guys.