2021. Happy wednesday to you, um. I am here at my back office of crypto tab if you are not familiar with crypto tab. Basically, this is a mining software. You can run either on your cell phone laptop pc, uh mobile device tablet. You know things of that nature and it will mine a cryptocurrency called monero for you, but they will pay you in bitcoin satoshi. As you can see here, i have 296 satoshi sitting in my account: um that’s worth approximately almost 1.60 usd right now at current bitcoin prices, i’m gon na actually refresh this and see if i have an updated amount. Okay, slightly more so a hair over 160. um. Now this is a combination of my own mining efforts, as well as the mining of my referrals. When you get referrals on this program, you do get a percentage of their earnings. It does not take away from their earnings but it’s, just a commission. On top of it that they give to you for referring people into the system, as you can see here, looks like i have 507 total referrals into this program, 482 on my first level, 23 on my second level and actually two on my third level. I forget how many levels it goes down. I want to say it’s about five or eight or something like that uh, but obviously you earn a little bit more from the top levels than you do from the bottom levels, but it is still nice you can earn from those as well.

I was like right now. I have seven active in my first level and one active in my second level that are actively mining at this moment, but that’s pretty much how the um the software works, guys pretty simple um if you use it just by yourself. I will be completely honest with you and tell you that you will not earn that much um now i haven’t run mine as much recently here, because i’ve been busy using my computer to film videos and stuff, and i can’t really be filming videos, while i’m mining At the same time, uh, but if you’re not filming videos uh, it really shouldn’t, be that big of a deal to you and you should be able to run it. You know quite a bit without really much of a problem at all. Now the withdrawal minimum of this site happens to be 1000 satoshi. As you can see here, i definitely do cross that mark and i usually try to withdraw these on wednesdays, but i know it’s been a few weeks since i’ve done that i’ve just ended up having stuff come up on wednesdays. Okay, i get it and i haven’t been able to do those, and for that i apologize now. I am still going to go uh with my normal route. With this i’m going to withdraw to a bitcoin wallet over here in free bitcoin uh. You are most likely familiar with this site if you’ve been following my channel or just on the internet in the crypto niche all uh, it is a faucet where you can collect a little bit of crypto coin, every 60 minutes, uh it’s, actually one of the oldest And most trusted faucets online, a faucet cryptocurrency faucet is a website where you can go to, and basically you can either click a button or do a capture.

Whatever the case may be, some simple little action and they will give you just a little bit of cryptocurrency for doing that. Often it is less than one cent usd value uh, but you can do it many many times a day and uh. If you have referrals that are doing the same thing that can get pretty profitable because you do get a portion of their earnings as a commission as well again, it doesn’t take away from them, but it’s, just extra that you can earn the reason we’re sending it Over here, though, is uh because they have an annual interest rate of little over four percent, not amazing uh, but it does add up over time. Let’S see if i scroll down. Why isn’t going to show me what i have hang on here. There we go. Uh looks like i have been earning about 11 satoshi every day, just for keeping a balance um today i happen to earn 12 satoshi or actually that was yesterday on the 20th. Sorry about that earned 12 satoshi, so i might be earning 12 satoshi from now on. You do have to have a balance of over 30 000 satoshi. As you can see here, i have a little over a hundred thousand, so i’m definitely uh qualified to receive that. But um i don’t know it’s just a nice little thing: it’s, not like a lot of rev shares where you have to worry about ad packs, expiring or anything like that, and this website’s been around for almost a decade.

So i that’s like a lifetime and a half in internet years, so i trust them quite a bit, but anyway, i’m getting sidetracked, we’re gon na go over here and click the deposit button, because that is the wallet address for our amount right here. That is what we’re going to put our crypto tab, withdraw into so i’m, going to copy that go back to crypto, tab i’m, going to make sure that’s what this one is and then i need to enter the amount um now, usually when i withdraw from here. I usually do one satoshi less than what i have. It just makes the process a little bit smoother. In my experience, i can’t speak for everybody that’s, just how i do it. I get a lot of questions on that. I feel like i got ta repeat it. Every time, but i mean you can do it, however, you like there’s, no real, set reason to it all right and then once we have done the captcha, we are going to go over here and click withdraw and they are going to send you. I don’t need to go to my email right now they are going to send you an email for which you do need to open and click the confirmation link to tell them that. Yes, that was indeed me who requested the withdrawal to that address. Uh. Please do go ahead and send it, and i have received pretty much every single one of my withdrawals from this company within 48 hours.

Um, regardless of when business day is, i think they say within one business day, is uh what they uh promise you. You know what they try to say they can do it under um that’s. Just my my experience has been in under 48 hours, pretty much, no matter when i withdrew it. So obviously i can’t promise what your results will be. I can’t promise how quickly they are going to send your withdrawals, but that has been my experience so far, but anyway, guys that is uh how crypto tab works, how you do a withdrawal? If you have any questions, you can go ahead and leave them down below and i’ll be happy to answer those for you to the best of my ability as soon as possible. Please make sure you leave this video a thumbs up. It does help the channel. Quite a bit – and i appreciate it a lot myself – i hope you are subscribed because i don’t want you to miss any tips, tricks, strategies or updates. We go over here on this channel and there are quite a few but other than that guys. I appreciate you watching and i will talk to you in the next one.