As you see, I have a Crompton Optimus 100 Desert Cooler. I have already uploaded the Unboxing video of this desert cooler on my channel. I have been using this cooler for the last 1 month. You guys have asked many questions related to this cooler, such as what is the height of this cooler. What is the size of the honey comb pads in this cooler? Lots of such questions? All of you have asked. In today’s video. I am going to give you detailed information about this cooler as well as show it by opening it as well. Like how its fan is made of plastic or it is made of metal. Similar information is going to be available in today’s video., So first, I show its height by measure Let’s check the height of this cooler. So I have taken my measuring tape and now I will measure the height of my cooler with it. I will measure its height in feet. I have measured its height and its height is 4 feet. I have been using Crompton’s cooler for the last 1 month. No problems in this cooler so far Its build quality is premium Made of very good plastic and also very strong. Color combination is also very good, Looks great, But due to the white color, it gets dirty. Very quickly., Even touching a hand makes it dirty. You have to work again and again to clean it, But the quality of the cooler is excellent And the best part of it is its power consumption.

It has only 230 W power consumption.. You can also run this cooler from your inverter. And enjoy the cool air Honey. Comb pads are placed on three sides of this cooler. Honey comb pads are also of excellent quality.. Apart from this, the best thing you can see here A mesh is mounted above the honey comb pad. The advantage of this mesh is that it will prevent dust and insects such as mosquito flies from going inside this cooler.. You can also remove this mesh in this way. And after cleaning you can fix it again. I also show you its honey comb pad.. This pad is mounted here. You can see. The quality is very good, Even though I have been using it for the last 1 month. You can see that this pad is completely clean. The dust has not penetrated it yet, And this work has been done by this mesh due to this mesh dust and fly, mosquitoes are not able to go inside the cooler. In this cooler. We have also been given the option of autofill and auto drain. Here. If you connect the water pipe, Then whenever the water level in the cooler is low, then the water will be filled inside it. Automatically., And here is an option of auto drain. When you have to take out the cooler water, you can use the auto drain feature.. If you do not want to use the feature of autofill – and you do not want to connect pipes to it, then you can also fill direct water in it.

In the top side of the cooler you can see the ice chamber. Open it, And from here you Can fill the water Now you can fill the water inside it with any bucket or pipe.. If you want to increase the cooling of this, then you have to add ice to its ice chamber. This will make the cooling of this cooler even more. And when you feel that its mesh has become dirty, take it back and clean it. You can clean this mesh by washing it with water. After cleaning fix this mesh again Now, I also check the size of its honey comb pad The honey comb pad in its back side is 53 x, 53 centimeters in size. And on the other side of it the size of the honey comb pads that are installed There is 53 x, 22 centimeters., So this cooler is quite good, but inside it I find a drawback that it is very difficult to open it. If you want to open it, you have to work very hard. You see there are a lot of screws here. We have to open them all All four sides have screws. You have to work hard to open them. I got my screwdriver. I open it up. How is its fan? How is its motor? How is its pump? I show you everything. I open it now. I have opened all its screws and it is open. This is its honey comb pad.

You can also see its thickness, So this cooler from the inside looks like this. On this side, you can see some pipes are installed. The auto drain system is also installed at this place., And this pipe is connected to its pump, And here it has a fan in the top side, And you see this whole structure. It is completely made of plastic.. Its fan. Wings are also made of plastic.. Most of this cooler is made of plastic.. The advantage of being made of plastic is that it will not rust and will increase the life of the cooler. Crompton Optimus is a great cooler. If you want to watch the unboxing video of this cooler, then you get that video Link in the description below. And if you want to buy it, then the Buy link is also given in the description That’s.