My name is eelwood and today we’re taking a look at creeper world 4, a brand new fourth installment of a surprisingly popular indie series that was requested over a year ago by one of our og viewers. So, as always, let us answer the ultimate question. Is it worth your time so creeper world 4 is a single player in the real time strategy, sci fi game set in a futuristic version of the galaxy you take on the role of a junior doctor, slash base commander tasked with taking on a mysterious galactic substance. Otherwise known as creeper you’ll be traveling between heavily infested worlds, discovering new technologies and threats on the way all while attempting to eradicate this unusual, blue mass, to restore hope to the galaxy so aesthetically. If you’re a fan of the creeper world series, you may have already noticed the game’s brand new complete 3d overhaul compared to its 2d bird’s eye view predecessors. I can’t relate personally because this is the first creeper world game i’ve played, but after checking out videos on the first three games, it’s safe, to say that the new 3d design of number four brings a whole new level of depth to the environments. A far greater level of devastation to the creeper and a far more immersive visual experience in general colors used are just as bright plain and distinct as before, yet really managed to separate the various levels of terrain with ease, while also making all important ground objects like Turrets and totems completely distinguishable from the ground designs.

Lighting effects are not bad, considering the inexperienced jump to 3d, but they do have some light terrain. Shadow effects, a handful of glow effects and plenty of other effects like explosions, smoke and beams textures and detail used are by far my favorite assets of the game. The terrain design is simple, the object textures are distinctive, but what really takes the forefront of the visuals for me is the creeper design, a vast engulfing sea of death and destruction. I feel the previous versions of the creeper could never truly capture the raw idea and nature of this unusual sci fi liquid, since you were basically looking at a static, barely rippling blanket of blue all the time. But thanks to this new 3d environment you’ve got extremely dramatic, pulsating sources of the stuff lighter and darker shades to identify its depth easily and a brand new sexy gloss effect that really brings the stuff to life, not to mention the far more satisfying visuals from damaging The stuff it’s such a big shame it’s only out for your blood and not your compliments. The ui is a bit on the busy side for my personal taste, since a lot of the information on screen felt quite congested and forced to fit in such small boxes. Around the screen, they could have provided a small tooltip description for the various structures and weapons to provide some extremely brief advice. If you’re unsure what is best used in a specific scenario, they could have provided a toggle option for certain screens that a new player wouldn’t need to see and even put certain information like objectives or time on a transparent background to aid congestion.

I also found certain commands like the own and destroy options quite hard to find originally and could have better utilized the free space available, but i suppose nothing to lose sleepover level. Layouts were fantastic, huge, varied terrain with some nice empty spaces in between to mix up the challenge provided and create an often cosy gaming experience. Once you start to get your base up and running ground clutter is practically non existent, which i prefer since you’re often zoomed out so far from the ground. It would only confuse the situation, character and enemy designs are purely in the form of your weapons structures. The creeper and the various hostile creatures that aid the creeper, all of which are brilliantly simple to the point and take up as little space as possible since the battlefield can often become very congested late game in previous titles, i found the structures and weapon sprites to Be way too big compared to the terrain and if anything took up far too much space on screen. This, however, has been remedied to perfection due to the far more realistic designs of these assets. Well, except the creeper that just overpowers everything overall, a brilliantly executed. 3D interpretation with the new creeper designs: definitely stealing the show Music Music. The osts in creeper world 4 are pretty good, very distinct gentle, yet powerful soundtracks that maintain a low tempo and provide an interesting blend of urgency and tranquility throughout. There are plenty of futuristic.

Fx sounds used combined with light orchestrated, sounds that slowly escalate to more powerful effects and instruments. The further each track progresses. This combined with a very distinct main melodies and simple composition to each track, make for an intense yet calming experience, but never once become tedious or boring, even when stuck on the same stage. For over an hour, each mission seems to loop, through a small selection of available tracks, to mix up the gameplay, but considering the entire game has such a small selection of osts available. I wouldn’t have actually noticed if i didn’t have to look it up myself. Everything else sound related is a bit more on the bland side, since the creeper, as well as most other enemies, are pretty much silent. The only sounds you’ll be hearing constantly are the canon and mortar sounds. There are, of course, other sounds like moving units completing objectives and getting your structures destroyed, but the majority of the time the general sound effects can get quite boring. But if you’re like me and zone out easily, when concentrating on the creeper threat, you probably wouldn’t notice them anyway, overall, a very impressive sound quality that easily maintains a high player interest, even with extended play now for the gameplay. So, firstly, creeper world 4 doesn’t have any difficulty options to choose from before you play. It is what it is, whether you like it or not, just like every good game should be. The lore of the game is pretty basic and doesn’t go into any real detail from what i noticed personally, but as mentioned you play as a junior doctor, part of some sort of space, traveling research team.

You communicate with the chief of the team and report. First sightings of the strange substance known as creeper. Initially, your goal is to make it back to mars and escape the creeper threat. But as you progress the game you start to take on some passengers, discover new technology and decide to attack the creeper head on. Instead, the story i’m talking about is basically experienced in the form of information pages before during and sometimes after a mission, there isn’t any additional features like voice, acting character faces or any evidence of your humanoid character’s appearance whatsoever. This caused the plot to be very boring for me and lost my complete interest by the third mission. Fortunately, the law is so basic anyway. I doubt i missed out on anything spectacular keep in mind that some of the greatest games of all time have little to no law anyway, so it didn’t really hinder my actual gaming experience. Personally, when you first load up the game, you’re presented with a lot of options to choose from these become unlocked pretty quickly once you progress through the story mode, a bit, some of which include cron emissions that become available daily, a random mission generator colonies for taking On custom missions created by other players and a mission editor to obviously make your own, the farsight expedition option is what you want to click to progress. The main story in the form of progressively unlock levels that involve completely different planets, with completely different layouts.

Once clicked. You’Re presented with a very short intro cut scene, with a few pages of information to introduce you to the game’s plot, then take control of the battlefield and play the controls. As with most rts’s, are your up down, left and right. Camera controls a camera rotation button and your mouse for clicking. You also have the option to edit hotkeys and keybinds, of course, but for the average player these are all the controls you will ever need. The base objective for pretty much every level of the entire game is quite an obvious one: destroy every last drop of the hostile creeper and nullify all creeper related organisms to prevent the substance from manifesting again. This can be done in many different ways, but your bread and butter methods of cleansing include setting up a variety of weapons to shoot spray and blow the stuff up. The only problem is the creeper will often spread and destroy faster than you could actually remove it. That’S, where the rts strategist inside you comes into play as the creeper has pretty similar physics to a thick dense liquid it’s your job to position your weapons correctly push control over certain areas and use the layout of the terrain to your advantage. The creeper also has a few tricks up its non existent sleeves. However, these include many different creatures that ooze out the stuff in various ways, cannons that fire orbs of creeper long distance and can seriously disrupt your controlled areas and usual sled creatures that self destruct into structures that also push back your position and much more a few Things to keep in mind your starting base of operation is this mini pyramid structure that you can relocate at any time pretty much anywhere on the map.

All structures are built, all weapons, reloaded and all objects function. Only when connected to your main base directly, this is managed in the form of pylons and towers that you place around the level to allow communication between your base and everything else you wish to use don’t forget the further away. An object is from your base. The longer it takes for communication signals to be sent and received, you can pause and speed up time to create tactical movements easier or simply pass time quicker. If you’re waiting for something on the map, you can upgrade weapons with urns found around the map, set up missiles and snipers to counter specific threats. Terraform terrain to your advantage, use orbital weapons for long range effects, build mines and refineries to get faster communication speeds and to collect special resources required for certain objects and weapons. There are many standalone objects on the terrain that can be utilized or deposits that can be collected and stored, a nullifier weapon for shutting down creeper organisms, while in close proximity and much much more. There are many other mechanics i’ve left out, but that should be enough to get you started from my personal experience. I found that pushing back, dense masses of creeper involve setting up a strong defensive position, then relocating multiple weapons, behind enemy lines, setting up towers and pylons quickly to hold down the new position before the creeper can overpower. You i’m sure. There are many other efficient ways of taking on the creeper, but without looking up any videos on it.

This is what i came up with as my most consistent method of reclaiming the map. Be aware that if the creeper takes out a single tower, where you haven’t set up any backups communication is severed to your entire front until you build a new one, this often cut off my progression quite a few times on multiple missions. I also found that relocating your base to a more centralized location to your entire setup was a very efficient move, provided you could get to the new position before your weapons ran out of ammo because, while mid air, your base ceases all communications with everything else other Than that, the gameplay experience is pretty self explanatory and would need to be enjoyed firsthand to get the grips with the true nature of the creeper, especially on the considerably harder, later stages. Overall, an interesting gaming experience that consistently keeps you on your toes and loves to disrupt your carefully calculated advances. So for the ultimate question. Is it worth your time it’s to the point, visuals good, ost and simplistic gameplay make for a challenging yet relaxing 3d experience that really brings out the new and improved creeper physics perfectly i’m, going to give this game a 4 star or 82 out of 100.? It definitely feels like the kind of game you can check on play for a couple of hours and turn it back off. The only problem is you just about make it past a mission or two depending on the difficulty, since you need to take your time slowly.

Advancing on the creeper, because the game will often punish you for overextending early or pushing too hard. I feel the story aspect could have been miles better if they wanted to create more engagement, such as a few character models or, at the very least, a few animated. Facial sprites to identify who is who, because reams of text before during and after a mission, is simply boring. The ui has a definite pc, only slash indie game, vibe to it on all screens and could have been a lot sleeker and more often animated. I enjoyed the enemy, mechanics and the challenge they provided dealing with each threat as efficiently as possible, but, most importantly, i found it very cosy. The missions where you would have large spaces of nothing between the little island like terrains, really give me a strong feeling of comfort and joy for some reason, setting up long range pylons, creating distant outposts and finding gaps in the creeper flanks was very satisfying and made Me feel like a kid with toys again and thanks to the additional modes like community stages, daily missions and a random level generator. The game reeks of replayability for its price tag and is easily a must play for the existing fans of the creeper world series. Well guys, i hope you enjoyed the video if you did leave a like subscribe if you want to see more games i’m supposed to be reviewing each week and thank you again tablet brothers for the game request from an entire year ago.

I hope it was everything you dreamed of make sure you let me know in case i don’t upload another review before the 25th, a big merry christmas from me to you bunch of headers. I hope you all have a lovely time and remember it ain’t christmas.