This is season one episode three. So this is the third episode and today we’re going to be focusing on mobile gaming. So mobile gaming is a very good opportunity to bring your gaming anywhere instead of using a big computer, a desktop a pc it’s using basically a laptop ipad phone. Anything like that, so let’s go right into that, so guys we’re going to be using my ipad air 2 um with 64 gigs of storage, my air pods and this battery pack right here so that we can charge it because mobile gaming actually does take up a Lot of battery a lot more than it probably should um so yeah um. We have a very nice little just three things and of course, to carry all that we need a bag. So we have this small, pretty quite big bag. That has a compartment for our laptop in here to do some work or even the game on that, and then it happened, which we can definitely use for a lot of like the ipad charger stuff like that, so there’s our bag and yeah, okay, guys so um. We have our ipad airplanes and battery pack um we’re, also gon na need to bring a charger at all times so that we can charge, and this one’s a two meter charger, so six feet same as social distancing. So if you want, you can use that to measure social distancing. Oh my god. Oh my god, remember to wear your mask and social distance.

Everyone to keep people safe, um and yeah, so that’s, our very basic setup, with four items. Only we’re gon na put that to the side so that we can find a little more things and figure out what apps we’re gon na use. Okay, guys, we also have this backpack um, which we’re gon na use, um i’m gon na show a little clip of us, putting it together, putting it back together, um it’s, a very big backpack it’s about four uh it’s about 20 liters. I think so really large um yeah. So, as you may remember, um normally we have our macbook here. I don’t have any monitors or anything, so it makes it hard to do school and stuff like that. So we’re gon na have we’re, probably not gon na bring our macbook, because that is not really all the gaming, so yeah we’re going to bring our ipad airpods battery and charger um and, of course, backpack to hold all of it. So now we’re gon na put some stuff in the bag. Okay, guys we have the backpack on the desk. We have all the materials let’s just put those in and if you’re wondering how i’m holding my um phone. I have. This really cute, like handy little um like it’s kind of like a selfie, stick thing, but not quite it has um an extendable arm on it and it’s just really helpful, and it also has like this little remote.

Let me take it off to show you guys. Um it’s just really easy to use um for triggering or triggering your camera. If you don’t have um an apple watch and it connects by bluetooth, so that’s really good um yeah, and i also well getting the backpack up and everything. I also decided that maybe we should bring the light so that we can record ourselves if we need to record an i help, video or get on call or anything like that. So we’re gon na actually just take the base for now because we’re, using the light right now to record so and so we’re gon na try to find some more things in the gearbox. Okay, you guys we have the box and we’re just gon na take some stuff from mobile, so um you can just look through see what ones you would bring. These are all audio. This is also audio. These are cables and these are battery cuts and dongles. These are just like phone and computer stuff, or packages um. I think we’re gon na bring these lightning earbuds by beats and they have like this little magnet thing so that they click together and, as you can see, they connect by lightning right there, reversible and everything. So we’ll put that right there then i think we’re also going to take. Maybe we should take just one more thing. I think this in case if we need to import any things from an sd card for now i’m filming on the phone, so i don’t really need this, but i’m still going to learn it and that’s, basically it because we always use this box.

Okay, we also have this little box of led lights. These are already installed, so we can’t use them today, but um. We just have some books and stuff like that. This will have this box packaging, for i can’t believe um. Is this weird lip thing solid, metal, um, yeah, so we’re gon na bring all of those things, including the stuff in the backpack. Of course, i’m gon na bring these two things. They’Re gon na be packaged in there and then we’re going to go to the app store and check out some really fun games. See you there wait everyone watching this video! Please subscribe right now, let’s get back to the video okay, guys um! We are going to head on over to the app store to look for some apps to play, games on um yeah, so we’re just to open up the app store there we go um. We have the today view pretty cool, pretty sure everyone knows what that is, though, so we’re going to go into the games tab if you don’t know how to play how to use the app store, go check out our video on how to use the app store For more information, so of course we have all the great games, but i think i’m going to check out some apple reviews, because i actually own apple arcade, um we’re working on a video about it pretty soon so we’re going to look at some apple arcade.

We have all the new apps, including sneaky sasquatch, look at a better angle, for you, guys um, so sneaky sasquatch guys is a really fun game, an adventure game and yeah. So i think nba 2k 20k arcade edition that looks really cool so but it takes up 3.8 gigabytes. So i don’t think i have enough storage for that so i’m, going to check out the oregon trail. 1.6 gigabytes still a lot. So i think oh fruit ninja classic. I love this game and it only takes up 100 megabytes. Perfect let’s just go ahead and get it so i’m going to put the camera down for a minute, because it’s going to ask for my apple id um but anyway started downloading um and it downloaded really fast when you’re on a fast wi, fi and everything. So i have that but i’m only on four percent right now so may die as well as downloading it, even though it’s charging, but you can also see the ratings only 45 ratings, so we’re the first few people to play this. So oh it’s, going to three percent let’s see if we can download this app before it dies play okay, so this literally looks so fun, especially because, like we saw this game in a lot of different places, has a little animation, cath brit, so cool fruit, ninja And you can see a little airpods moved new game and let’s go ahead into a screen recording, so you can see better okay guys! Thank you guys so much for watching this video.

I hope um looks like our ipad. Just died. Sadly, um we’re going to go over some of the accessories that we use is this battery pack, which actually died charging our ipad. So thank you for purchasing our ipad at least a bit um. They have our little dongles and we’re gon na just gon na. Take a last look inside of the bag. We have our um charger, our long charger super long charger. We have our big battery pack for big things. Like i don’t know an ipad or a phone parking twitter. We have our airpods. So this is the lineup and i know it’s not for gaming, but we’re, probably gon na bring this orthodontic wax because i haven’t expanded right now and sometimes it hurts and sometimes things help a lot. So we’re gon na bring those and definitely our iphone. But, of course, we’re recording on that right now, so yeah um. Thank you guys for watching i’ll, see you in the next. I hope video or series video um don’t forget to check out the apple event that’s coming really soon um. We have a video on leaks for that it’ll be on the screen right now. Um see you guys in the next.