I help video we’re so excited that this is going to be the first episode of our new series, creating the ultimate gaming setup. So thank you for joining us and let’s get started, so this video is going to be about ipad gaming, so we’ll be using some ipad apps that are really great for gaming. So one of these apps is 3d chess, pro there’s, also 3d chess, which is a free app, and it includes ads. We’Ve purchased the 3d chess pro one so that it’s ad free on the ipad pro with a 12.9 inch liquid retina display it’s beautiful to play this game on, because you have a full size chessboard, basically not exactly but almost, and then we can do many different Modes, beautiful ui with computer animation, so there are a few different options that we can choose. We can do a player versus a computer, so let’s select that mode. Now we can enter the plane Music, so we can customize some really great settings like the difficulty. I am not really at level five, so let’s just move down to level two i’ll get better. As i go on and player, we can just call that player and rename it artin Music versus computer i’m, just going to keep that as computer. And then you can switch up the different notes, so i’ll be the white pawns and white characters and then the character will be the brown pawns and the brown characters, and now we can just click new and will automatically load it.

Look at this beautiful ui. We can change it to 2d, which might be more helpful if you would like to see both sides. I like the 3d because it’s called 3d chess pro. We can resize it and with this beautiful, 120 hertz display and you can move our characters just like that. So great Music and the playback is almost instantaneous with a great a12x bionic chip. If you haven’t, if you haven’t heard what that is, let’s talk about that. So the ipad pro is a beast for gaming, because it has an eighth course cpu and a seven core gpu that is just amazing, it’s great for graphics processing, so let’s continue on you can switch. Everything up looks like it’s a little bit difficult. There. We go now. We can switch sides it’s great, to play like this. This is basically better than the 2d version, even though it is more 2d. You can play it from a side angle, which is really fun to play with. We can even customize some settings like the color of the ponds, can even make them red that’s. Just great. You can customize absolutely everything, even the chessboard just to fit your needs. We can turn the characters around. We can do so many cool things, so those are some basic settings in the 3d chess pro app Music let’s go back and we can reverse our moves, especially if you’re a chess rookie. This is really great. We can see our time right here.

It shows some highlights around my pawn because it is my turn. It shows my time and the computer’s time let’s go back here. We can see what the computer did and replay the move. We can even pause the game so here’s some basic settings. You can save the game, choose a new game for your choose, a new name for your game. Name, your game, um let’s call this. I help Music, sorry about this, but she’ll be saved as a new one, so everything we’re doing is being saved. So we can go back to the main menu. This is basically all not apple ui, but some basic features are. You can load our previous games, so this one today 329 open it up, and it goes right back to where we were. This is a great game to play on your airplane, but there’s. Also the app store so let’s open that up there’s limitless games there. Our partner joshua, will be making a great video on that soon. So let’s continue on and see some great games that are already here. We can see some top apps and let’s see some arcade games, so this is apple arcade. It includes so many different games. Joshua has purchased that so he’ll be able to make a video. We have one more game, probably very popular right now: we’ve played this game on live stream before so it’s, really great let’s open up among us one of the most popular games of 2020 and 2021 Music, and it has a very basic ui, nothing 3d.

Here you can do a local game as a host. We can go back online and then we can choose all of our different settings. So we can do a public game, a host game, private game we’re not going to be going into any games right now, because i can’t include you guys so let’s go back there’s some purchases that you can make right here. You can try things on. You can even restore your purchases from your icloud account. You can see. Some basic things looks like inner. Sloth is a very small company, so only a few people made this game Music. We can customize settings very simple. Like the data we can customize the sound and the touch wait. Everyone watching this video, please subscribe right now, let’s get back to the video, so those are some great settings in among us. Those are some basic games. We can take them further with some apps. That act like games like duolingo, which are really fun to play with playgrounds, is another example: is a fun educational game there’s, so many apps for ipad and we’re so happy to have you here in using ipad and doing great things with us.