So weve got the Jack animation. Weve got an iPad that flies in and weve got it sliding across some images here with our text animations flying up from the bottom um. So weve got three images right and you can utilize this with video or images, so lets go and delete this and lets go ahead and get started. Alright, so Ive already got my background built out. So Ive got my desk, my chair and my actual background here now. I need to add our animation so lets go ahead and go to our studio and then under characters Im going to search for Jack all right, so heres Jack here. If you havent downloaded your character, animation that you want to use, make sure you click the download icon in the bottom right corner there and then once its done, left click and drag it into your canvas all right. So I need to change the animation that Jack is utilizing right now, so right now hes using the wave. If I look down here in my timeline, so Im gon na select him come over here to my settings under action. One Im going to click on his first animation here, which is wave, and I am looking for his swiping tablet, animation, so Im going to select that so now, Im going to extend out his swipe your animation to be this about this far and now, if I Play him back youll see that he pulls out his iPad and then he starts swiping all right.

So Im going to do is Im going to reposition Jack, so hes about right here, so Ill, select him and then move him about right here so always readjustable later. If maybe you want to change his placement alright, so our next step is to add the images that will then swipe across the iPad as Jack swiping across his tablet. Alright, so lets go up here. Go to Media Ive got some save photos here now, Im gon na drag in my first image, which is going to be a picture of the desert right. Im gon na drag out this image to the length of the rest of my tracks. Right click: it rename it and lets just call it Sands of Time. All right now, Im gon na do is Im gon na go ahead and group this so Im going to right click, it select group and then lets rename this group and lets just call it screen and now lets go inside of here and then lets go ahead And take our sands of time here and were going to go ahead and add a scale keyframe animation to it all right now. The first thing I want to do is: I want to go ahead and scale this up a little bit more so Im going to go ahead and go to my settings, go to properties and lets go ahead and scale it up pretty large right because were going To do a scale out on it so lets set it about.

Uh 163 is pretty good all right so on the keyboard Im going to go ahead and hit the S key right and then on. My first keyframe here Im going to then select my in and out of my easing and choose linear and then with my first keyframe selected, again Im going to come over here and its going to stay at our scale 163. But I will then select our second end keyframe here, and I will change this to be 153. How about that? Well just go down by 10.. All right! So now remember the closer together. Your keyframes are the faster. Your animation will then play. The scale will happen if its farther apart the slower the scale is, were going to be so lets start about right here and lets just see what that may look like all right its a little bit of movement. We can probably speed that up just a little bit more there we go looking pretty good got a little bit of subtle movement there, its all about the the fine details right all right. So there we go, got some movement all right. So now, Im going to do is Im gon na go ahead and right click, this guy and I am going to group it, and then we will call this uh start from the top or from the bottom to the top right. So this will be screen. Three. Actually, all right so now I need to add two more pictures and Im just going to duplicate the same process.

I did for the screen three with screen two and Screen one um, so Im just gon na. Do this real quick on the fly so that we dont have to watch me, do every single step right, but the process is the same um for screen three as it is for it. However, many screens you want to put in there all right so now that we have all of our screens created. What we need to do is we need to add the iPad frame to our session here. All right so lets go back to the main timeline. Uh lets go back to studio and Ive already searched up an iPad, so Ill scroll down, and I will drag our Apple iPad into our session here. All right lets go ahead and pull our iPad to the zero line and then maximize it. So it is the length of our screen here now I can go ahead and rename this and we can call it iPad frame if we want right there, all right so now what Im going to do is Im going to group my iPad frame with my screen Group and then Ill rename this group, and we can call this iPad master all right so far, so good, so lets go ahead and double click inside of our iPad master and lets scale up our iPad frame right. So right now its a little small, so lets go ahead and just scale it up here in our canvas window, all right so so far so good and I can go ahead and bring it up a little bit.

If I want there, we go all right. So now lets go ahead and click on our screen and then Ill click mask in the right corner. Here. All right so Im gon na have to do is Im gon na need to to drag these down a little bit Ill round out my edges right and then I will go ahead and just scale down my images here right. So that way it fits within the iPad window and then were good to go all right. There we go. I can even zoom in a little bit look at my Corners if I need to – and you can see that theres a little bit of white right there. So I can just kind of pull that back up right there and then lets see what we got down here. Looking good there and looking good there. All right so were pretty good, so weve now masked our screens to our iPad frame so were looking pretty good. So now lets go back to our main timeline and see what we got so look there. It is right there weve got our iPad and then we can always move this around and put it right here for now just to keep it um out of the shot there. So we can see Jack all right. So now I need to create some keyframe animations to make the swipes across each picture happen right, so lets go back into our iPad master and Im gon na find actually Im gon na go back to my main and find the part where Jack actually swipes.

For the first time, which is right there, so hes does a little swipe right about there. So now go back into my iPad Master. Go back to my screen and on this first picture here, Im going to go ahead and select uh P for position and on the first keyframe its going to stay the same for my properties right on the second keyframe Im just going to drag it across the Screen here so lets add a site all right. So now what I can do is I kind of see what the timing of that looks like. So that looks pretty good now. What I can do is. I can then put my cursor right as that. Swipe ends right, maybe about right here and I go to screen two and then I can see where my scale animation is happening right. So maybe I can start it about right here. That makes more sense right. So now, when I go back to the main timeline, youll see that jackets and stuff together and he swipes across and then weve got some motion going on there. And then the next animation is going to happen about right here, right, hes, going to swipe his finger across so Ill find that spot right before he does it go back into my iPad master and then go back into my screen and then again on screen two Ill add a p for position, keyframe animation and its going to stay right where it is there for the first one and on the second keyframe Im gon na again position him off screen again this way all right and then what I can do is.

I can go into screen three now right and then I can pull my scale animation to play more when this is gon na happen. Now right all right. So as I can already see, though, in this one, that we are a little bit to scaled in there. So what I can do is I can select my first keyframe here and lets scale this up a little bit more, so that way weve got room to grow. There am cool all right. So now, if I go back to the main timeline, we will see that Jack then swipes across and she should swipe right this way and then hes scaling in there, which is nice and then weve got some animation there and its looking pretty good all right. So now we need to add a little bit of Animation to our iPad right. We need to fly in so lets, go ahead and move our cursor down to the beginning of the iPad master and Im going to select iPad master and lets, go ahead and select, add animation and then were going to select position and rotation all right. So what were going to do is on that first keyframe Im going to select it and Im going to come over here to my properties, all right and Im going to go ahead and just punch in some manual positions right. You can drag this off screen. If you want to but Im just going to go ahead and on my X Im, going to go ahead and put about 1603 there and then on my y Im going to select 65 all right and then what Im going to do is Im going to change.

My rotation to three all right and on my 3D rotation X, Im gon na make it uh its gon na stay zero, but my Y is going to be 30. all right and then once I hit enter there, it changes my perspective and it changes it to About 88, which is fine all right so now Im going to select my second keyframe, all right and Im gon na go to my properties again and under position. Lets go ahead and go 466 and then on my y Im, going to go ahead and choose negative 56. all right now, I can adjust this later as I need to um now. What Im going to do is Im going to go to my rotation, its going to go to zero. My 3D rotation X thats going to go minus 24 and then my 3D rotation y Im going to make that about minus 18.. All right, my perspective is going to be about 18 minus uh. Sorry, 88. All right now, Im gon na go ahead and drag this so that my first endpoint is starting right. As my animation starts and lets kind of see what that looks like there, we go looking pretty good right and then he swipes and weve got some good motion going on. So what I can do is I can select this still too. I can take my my first keyframe here. I can move these over and select it and then maybe or actually lets go to that.

Second one. Maybe I want to move this up just a little bit right like just just a hair right. You can always readjust it by doing that right. So now, when I do this there, we go its looking pretty good. All right so now lets add. Some text lets create a shape and lets create a rounded rectangle here. Im gon na go ahead and change the color of this to be black and then Im going to change the opacity to about 38 and then lets go ahead and scale this down manually and then have that fit inside of our iPad frame. Here, all right. So once weve got a good sizing here, lets go ahead and add some text so Ill click on the text here in the top and then lets go ahead and move this down into our text box here and lets line it up. So its centered double click. In here and its going to stay in the Neato and then were going to keep the weight black Im going to change the color to white, though, and then our line height lets make it about 105. all right. So what we can do is lets rename this to be uh. Well, just call it um well call it text one, and then that way we can just duplicate this to create the same thing over and over for the next few slides right. So weve got text. One in there what we can do is we can even scale down this box a little bit, so it fits our text size here, so its not so much extra space, all right and then now we can do.

Is we just add some quick motion, animations right? So to the rounded rectangle were gon na go to motion were going to go to scale and Im going to go to elastic up all right and then on my out under motion out Im, going to go to position and were going to go to bottom. All. Right so now I can just copy these and then paste copy and then paste and thats command, V, so command C and then command V on the keyboard right. So now it as it comes in well, have the text fly up so well? Have it start about right here and then it will then, as that disappears and swipes away the text, one is going to fade away, so we can go ahead and then just do this right here right boom and looking pretty good all right. We can even speed that up just a little bit there we go looking nice so now. All we have to do is just duplicate these and then line them up for each additional slide that we have or, however many pictures you may have, and then we can then uh solidify the animation all right. So let me go: do that real, quick and Ill come right back all right, so now that weve added all of our text and duplicated them for text 2 and for text 3 here and line them up properly. We can now play back and see what weve created here all right, so weve got our iPad sliding in weve got text one popping in and out text.

Two weve got Jack swiping across his tablet and then weve got our text 3 animation text that comes in right. So that is how you can create a really cool swiping tablet, animation inside of create Studio Pro.