Today, we’re gon na be going through the best deals of amazon prime day in 2021, and not just any of the best deals. We’Re gon na be looking through the best deals if you’re an electronic enthusiast or if you’re, a streaming lover, we’ll, be looking at the best streaming devices that are on half price 75 off and the best accessories available on amazon prime day today, we’re not just going To be looking at any deal, we’re going to be looking at multiple different countries and seeing where we can get you the best deal possible, like always guys smash that subscribe button down below. It really does help the content out a ton. Give this video a big thumbs up if you enjoyed it and make sure you click down below right at the beginning of our description, we have our three different channels make sure you subscribe to them, so you can get all the most up to date. Information on everything we’re doing let’s go ahead and get right into it: Music, all right guys and the place to start if you’re looking for the best prime day deals is in the uk all right, so they have some of the best deals right now that i’ve Seen out of most the countries um, unfortunately, canada, so if you’re in canada and you’re watching this, we don’t have prime day deals this year for our specific country, um, so you’re kind of out of luck.

I heard they are putting it off to a later date, but right away, if you’re in the uk, but the fire stick it’s on sale, close to 50 off and it’s, not just one of them, it’s all them. They are an amazing deal and guys if you can pick up a fire, stick this cheap, it’s, ridiculous, like 20 bucks for a fire stick light less than 20 bucks. Now, obviously i would just go with the fire stick or the fire stick. 4K. If you can get your stealth one and the fire stick. 4K is on sale as well, so for 26 pounds so that’s, roughly 35, canadian, i believe, or around 30 american. I think around there. That is a ridiculously good deal and you can even get this adapter with it if you choose to but that’s up to you, but that is about as good of a deal as it gets. But let’s show you one even better than that, so one that even takes it to a whole nother level. So the next deal is even better than that, and not just a little bit better it’s about twice as good and that’s the amazon fire cube. Now the amazon fire cube is actually a little bit of a hidden device but it’s on sale for 70 pounds. Now, i believe it’s, usually around 100 110, but the amazon fire cube is actually a little bit of a hidden device. It’S probably can compete with likes of the nvidia shield in a lot of ways when you’re just talking about pure streaming.

So the fact that it’s, that cheap, guys hop on get yourself a fire cube if it’s on sale in your country for amazon prime deal days – or i think you can use a proxy to still buy from a different country, so definitely go pick yourself. A fire cube, let’s go ahead and keep moving on with the newest best deals on amazon prime day 2021, all right. So the next deals i found in the uk before we move on to some more us stuff. Pretty soon here are the fire tablets. Now, if you didn’t know the fire tablets can actually be set up. A lot like a fire stick or a fire cube. You can put the exact same apps on them. They just have to be set up a tiny bit different. I do have a video on that. You can check out just search fire tablet on my channel, but they’re once again, like 50 off and it’s crazy. That amazon does this and really does give you a great deal on these devices, especially like a device like the fire hd 10, that is still quite expensive. You’Re, getting you know, you’re getting a 50 off for a really high quality amazon tablet, so i would suggest going and picking up a fire tablet. If you already have your fire stick um, you know it’s well worth it um, so make sure you do that. Get yourself a fire tablet: you’ll be good to go in the future, all right, so let’s move on and look at a few more things and then we’ll look at some u.

s stuff and see what the us is offering in terms of deals. Now in the uk we also have some pretty good deals on android boxes. So if you just want a generic android box and a high quality one, there is actually some pretty good deals. Still like q plus giving us two bucks off. I don’t know i don’t know why they’re doing that um, but like this guy right here, is not bad in android what uh android 10 um it does have a rock chip processor, which i’m not a huge fan of but 128 gigabytes of raw. It could be a decent device um, so there are quite a few choices in terms of generic android boxes. If you want to pick up something super cheap 21 bucks, one gigabyte of ram, probably stay away, but that’s up to you. If you want that super super good deal other than that that’s pretty much what they have in the uk, they do have the roku express which, if you have roku i’m, not a huge fan but for 16 bucks or 16 pounds you, you can’t, go wrong right. That’S cheaper than a fire stick um. So this is the day guys to get the stuff. I have all the links down below in the description of some of the stuff i talked about in the video, so make sure you go and click those links and purchase, and it gives me a tiny bit of a kickback not much.

But if you guys are going to purchase something, you can do that to help me out so let’s go ahead and move on to the united states and see what they have to offer on prime day in 2021. I know if you’re in the united states, unfortunately for whatever reason, they’re just fully unavailable on fire sticks, so i don’t know if that means that they sold out that quick, but they really just do not have anything available except for yeah. You just can’t buy anything. So you can’t buy any amazon fire stick um. They do have the fire cube. It looks like unless this is it yeah, for whatever reason they’re just sold out of every fire stick so it’s really weird. I tried to figure it out and i think they just must be sold out or unavailable, because every prime they always have half off. Fire sticks, half off fire cubes, so it’s really weird so let’s go ahead and check out the fire tablet and see. If that is available, i was trying to figure this out and it’s the same thing they’re all unavailable. So i wonder if they’re waiting for a certain time to unleash that deal. So if i were you guys, i would check back if you’re in the united states in a few hours or every hour, to see when they activate those deals, because that would be my thinking is they’re, just not activated. Yet now, if we go to android boxes, android box, there aren’t much for prime deals either so, unfortunately uh the uk seems to be the spot to get these kind of products uh.

They do have one deal right here, which isn’t much of a deal but other than that there isn’t much. The one thing i did see in the us, though, was roku, was doing a bit of a fire sale which was nice for roku, which are now unavailable too guys. This is turning out not to be great, so let’s go to today’s deals and let’s check out what they’re offering for prime um. So we do have some little micro usds sds, which can be pretty helpful, but unfortunately it doesn’t look like there’s much for the streaming world in terms of deals for streaming devices, which is really unfortunate. There was a good roku deal but i’m, assuming just as the day goes on you’re going to see some good deals unleashed. But if you need to expand your external storage, definitely pick yourself up a good micro sd. Like look at this for 250 gigabytes, sandisk ultra uh 28 bucks. You can’t really beat that um there’s, some really good ones, uh this one’s a very, very good sd card. That is super super fast um. So if you’re looking for a good sd card, now would be the time to buy it for sure all right. So now another section i found that has some really great deals. Are these chromebooks slash laptops, they’re around 25 to 30 percent off, almost all of them up to 50 off and there’s, some pretty good deals, and these can also be used as streaming machines, of course.

So if you would like to purchase one guys, it’s actually not too bad of a deal, hopefully this video was helpful for you today. I really wish there were some better deals, uh in terms of the united states. A lot of this has to do with covid, and it really seems like the sales are not quite as overwhelming as they have been in the past, so that’s kind of unfortunate, but other than that guys.