I used a plastic opening tool here just to pry open the lid just went all around the outside here very gently and voila the inside of the chewy vi8 the 100 tablet. So you can see here that overall, the battery looks quite cheap and nasty. Well, I'm. Not really sure about nasty, but it definitely does look a bit cheap to me. You can see here we have the mono speaker, there's, the battery cell, so one battery cell there that it is relatively thin as you can see, and we have the RAM and Bay Trail chip is under this heat spreaded here I haven't actually pulled that off, but You have your RAM chips under there, so we have a 2 gigabytes of RAM here on this tablet, whereas most other windows tablets around this price range like the HP stream 7, I think it's, a stream 7 hell any one gigabyte of RAM around the same price And you can see here that we have the 2 megapixel camera on the rear there. This is that's it right there. The camera will focus, come on focus, focus, focus there we go and we have 2 connectors here. That is the antenna for the you can see it there, Wi Fi, Bluetooth and GPS, but I don't think there's, actually any GPS on board this. Well, you see here on the back of the case. Rick connects connects up right there to make a case, and we have here a little crab logo that is real tech logo.

That is obviously that would be the I would say that would be being Wireless and Bluetooth, and over here we have another real tech chip, which would be audio. I would assume that will be the audio that micro SD card slots here. So there's not a lot of space on here. It is a shame. It doesn't have a micro, HDMI, there's your power button, pull him up and down everything looks pretty good. I mean the PCBs not like one of those yellow horrible super thin PCBs. It doesn't seem too bad at all, and what we have here looks to me like a hall sensor, so maybe there's a magnetic keyboard. That or a case. I think there is an official case, actually that should we sell for us, so they'll probably have a small magnet on it. So when the two come together, that will turn the screen off really there's, not much else there to look at without me. Prying off heat spread here, which you don't really want to do. It'S best to just leave it in place was probably one of those, as you can see, it's a sealed unit. I think I can actually open that. So I have a go here. This is an unedited recording. So I wonder if it is possible for me to pry that open there's, a similar shielding that is around the CPU and RAM on the tip blast is, and it was easy enough to pull that up.

But this one seems to be more seems to be soldered. Me yeah, it looks like it's sold it down, so I hope you had want to go amazing with that. So there's, the internals of the chewy VI. 8E. Cheap Windows, 8.1 tablet thanks for watching my video. If you did like this video, if you found it interesting, please give me a thumbs up and please do subscribe to my channel. I have more tablets on the way and I'll have a thorough look at them. Benchmarks: gaming impressions, lots of hands on videos for you.