Yeah 11 frames a second and I'm dead, but I've been playing or trying to play for about 20 minutes or so just to really test the temperatures on the unit to see what it gets up to, and I just switched to the desktop now and we'll have A look at the maximum temperatures, so I just run in Hardware in 532, and you should get a seek here that I reached 74 degrees, so that's quite warm. That is definitely hot, but then the actual back of it I'm. Just touching here on the back of the unit it's a slightly warmth, nothing that's, worrying there, like the system's gon na melt or anything like that, so it's attending the game, temperature wise, it's really struggling to handle it. Actually, the system is, and the temperatures are showing that because it's just it's pushed to the absolute max counterstrikes on a lot of settings there, but it's just unplayable. So that is the temperatures and you can see the maximum speed here on the course here. So it got up to 1.