I want to talk about this more so about how i think this is going to affect djs and the dj community as a whole. So there’s three things that i found interesting and kind of stuff i want to focus on first thing is the apple air tags. Uh 29 is ridiculous for this thing, but all right, it’s apple, so, okay, i’m, not even gon na, be mad at them. For that, this is the type of thing i would open up my mixer and put underneath just in case it gets stolen, or something like that, like i probably we’re, gon na, be going forward in the future, where everybody’s going to have some kind of rf type Tags on everything they have or everything they do just to keep track of things for the future and i’m, not surprised at this at all we’re in a brave new world as it stands right now, so this is probably going to be the future. I have a feeling people are going to put this in their backpacks and their controllers, or you know stuff that can that’s got legs that could just walk away. If you turn your back in the dj booth or whatever, it makes sense i’m, not mad at it. They said they got super security, kind of thing and privacy stuff, so uh we just got ta take apple for the word, for it right now. So, okay, all right. The second thing that i want to talk about here – and i think this is the most probably the most fascinating thing to me – is that they’ve included the m1 chip in the ipad pro.

This is a huge deal. I can’t stress how much of a deal. This is because the current software that everyone’s developing for m1 chips and the max right now is scalable. There is no reason why you couldn’t take tweak a little bit of code and put serato full serato on a tablet. There’S, no reason why you couldn’t just make it slightly some things touch enabled, but everything else is fine. Uh only things i would make touch enable is probably the playlist or you know your library area and maybe start and stop everything else. You kind of leave, as is because most people are going to plug this into a controller or a mixer, or something like that, but there’s absolutely no reason why this couldn’t be a possibility, and again this is one step closer to your computer, less world where you’re Djing back in the old days, without any extra gear, with a keyboard and a mouse, you know saying like this: this concept is very real and a very near possibility, and also, if you really think about it, there’s, no reason why you couldn’t scale down a serato Version to fit on your phone, because, if we’re only using our our phones or our tablets to download music off of the internet and we’re just using it to plug into a controller or a mixer. What what’s? Stopping you from doing that, you don’t, need all the information on the screen. Like you, your screen could literally be two waveforms going across and you press a button pulls up the library pick which one you load.

It goes back to the two waveforms and maybe uh a thing to show you what cue points are on the screen. That’S, all you need on the phone and you could you could make this thing happen if you’re still downloading the music off the internet. What is stopping this from being a reality now i know that some people are gon na, be like ah you’re, not real dj, because you don’t have a laptop or whatever, but like i’m, not using my cell phone or my tablet like a laptop i’m using it To gather the songs or whatever, from the internet or off of my memory on the phone or a tablet, i don’t think that that is that far as a stretch of a possibility now would they do it? I don’t know, i think it really come down to actual support from the audience and and the djs around the community tractor had a really good app. That was on your phone, but stopping you from plugging that into your controller and just making the thing work on the fly for me personally, i don’t i don’t look at this kind of stuff as you’re, not a real dj. I don’t i don’t subscribe to that nonsense. If dj cuber pulled out his iphone and plugged into his mixer and started cutting, nobody would say jack about it, because your skills make you pro dj and where you’re playing and how you play, make you a pro dj and i’ve i’ve made this argument before and I’Ll reiterate today, if you get paid to be a dj you’re, a pro dj in the discussion for me that’s as far as it goes for me now how good of a pro dj you are that’s up for debate but to say somebody’s, not a pro dj, Because they don’t have a macbook or whatever it’s, just stupid, that’s that’s idiotic, and where did you buy teams like caveman thinking? I can’t remember anyways anyways.

I digress. I think that by apple putting the m1 chips in the tablet, they’re already transcoding the code from apps on your phone into the pc quote: unquote pc experience. You can already move your apps from your phone to m1 computers as it stands right now, it’s in a tiny window, but why can’t you move it from the tiny window to the phone everything’s scalable. I think it’s a very real possibility and i would like to see something like that going forward, because that will open up doors and a new area for djing that, if i’m doing all my preparation for my library in title or beat source or or whatever and All that stuff is in the cloud you don’t need the big laptop to do these things anymore like this is. This is huge. I think this is a big deal, um what’s, the other thing i probably shouldn’t end off with this, but the other thing i found interesting is the handoff between mac and your phone, iphone whatever to tablet to computer, is better than i think it’s ever been for Computers as it stands right now, if you’re on chrome on your phone and you pass the chrome to your tablet, the tab – you know your bookmarks saves are all there whatever, but the implementation for. I can copy something on my phone transfer it to my tablet or to my pc and continue on like nothing ever happened, that’s that’s, incredible to me.

You could get so much done in a situation like that, just being able to share and continue the experience from the different sizes of stuff and that’s. The thing that i really want all of the libraries for the dj software to get into that frame of mind. Where, if i want to edit my playlist or whatever for serato, i should be able to do it on my phone and then push that down to my computer or future tablet. You know who knows uh and still have the same experience, because we have our phones with you all the time and a lot of times. People don’t want to pull out their laptop or whatever so i’ve been basically putting together, playlists and stuff like that. From my phone for title – and i mean this is that’s a game changer for me and how my thought process works, i can’t count them on times that i’ve been out – and i heard a song i’m like oh that’d, be perfect. If i put this here whatever now, i can do that basically before that i would make a a note or do the shazam and then take a screenshot of it. So i can remember that it happened there, but i could actually fix my playlist now on my phone. So i want to hand off from my phone down to my laptop or tablet, whatever the hell i’m djing on to be as seamless as possible, and i think that all of these dj software, serato tractor, you name it hams and eggs whoever’s, making dj software.

I think that you need to have a mobile app so that i can have some kind of functionality on the road. Now you could maybe just do a texting or i can just upload my playlist to the cloud or i mean i’ve talked about mixo and it kind of does the same thing. This is the same concept of you. You work your thing on the cloud on your phone or your tab or whatever, and then you just export it off to your computer or whatever you plan to dj with uh. This is the future here. I like this, take inspiration from different things, and this is why um i’m – a fan of these, the technical stuff from the computers and websites and this kind of thing, because there’s so much interesting things that are happening behind the scenes that i definitely think could be Transferred over to dj community, but you know what let me know what you guys think about this. If you like to support the channel, you can buy something from my t: shirt shop, that’s, dj, kheo, dot, store. I simplified the address. It made it easier to find as well as you can buy something from instagram. Dj, kill, underscore uh, my store is there as well as on my website. I appreciate everybody who supported the channel through the years and got new designs and new stuff is coming soon.