Now this is an extended cloth, uh fairly large gaming mouse pad. So for those of you that want something that’s going to cover again a wide breadth of area and then, if you’re into the rgb you’ve got it. This is a brand new offering from corsair, of course integrates with their iq software, something that i’ve been utilizing for years, and it just recently got a refresh so hopefully that’s going to make this even better. I think i paid about, i think it was 70 somewhere between 60 and 70 us dollars uh and it hopefully will fit the bill uh. You know i have a traditional mat right now and you know i’m was looking to upgrade it and when i saw that they just launched this that’s when i said i’m going to give it a try. So, as you can see, 930 millimeters by 400 uh by four and you know the rgb lights, some of you are into it. Some of you, aren’t it’s, really a matter of personal preference, not a whole lot else to show you other than the fact that it does have a usb passthrough on the wired module, because, of course, this does need to be hardwired for the rgb lighting. So if you want to connect a mouse headphones whatever it may be, you do have two usb ports uh beyond that not a whole lot to tell you other than that yeah it’s expensive, but god knows that their regular branded, extended xl mouse pads like this gaming Pads, i should say, are also pretty expensive without any rgb lighting, so let’s go ahead and get this out of the box, you can feel the texture there through the hole, and hopefully it fits the bill for what i’m you know looking to upgrade to now.

Did i need to have the rgb? No, i didn’t have to have it, but it doesn’t hurt. I mean in the event that you want to, you, know, get funky you’ve got the capability let’s see if i can figure out how to open this and again it’s. Just so close in price to what you would traditionally pay for their regular uh gaming pads, which i’ve already purchased in the past – and you know, i’m, not a huge fan of those they’re, pretty drab as a way of putting it. I would say pretty you know they’re if i wanted just a flat subdued one i’d go with it, and this is actually more subdued, even though it has the rgb lighting, so we’re going to see if it’s a winner, i’ll, keep it. If it’s not it’s, going to go back after all this wasn’t sent by the manufacturer, this is something that i purchased in the hopes of it being a winner, but we’ll see it’s kind of like uh their new 60 mechanical wire, uh wired gaming keyboard. That i’m, hoping is going to be something that becomes routinely used, but if it doesn’t it will go the way of the dodo as they say so. Let’S go ahead and well. I was going to use something sharp, but you don’t have to it. Is user friendly? You can thank larry david for that, and here it is what else do we have inside here? Besides the junk that i threw in there are some accessories in there, so don’t turn it into a garbage hole like i did so warranty information as well as the usb cable.

It is a braided cable, surprise, surprise, let’s, see if i’ve got the correct orientation here. I do not, and this thing is massive, as i noted hold on i’m flipping it around let’s, get it to the correct orientation there we go, and i can already tell you from a size perspective. It is what i was looking for. Um, the only branding is right here, uh corsair i like that, and of course you could just get yourself. You know one of these in a flat black color uh or whatever color you desire. But again, if you were waiting for something from corsair, that would sync with iq which will be beneficial for me, even though i do also use logitech for referrals as well right now, my g9 15 light speed as well as g502 light speed, are my go to So they’re not going to sync with this, but you never know when things are going to change in the peripheral world and i’m kind of waiting on corsair to match those wireless gaming, keyboards uh gaming keyboard as well as the mouse. They never really have. I mean i’ve used corsair mice for many years, but they generally haven’t been my favorite. The keyboards have been logitech and corsair have always been vying for my business, whether they knew it or not so type c type. A of course up here is the module that controls everything, so your type c is going to get connected right.

There, of course, do remove the plastic that’s wrapped around this i’m. Assuming this is the power button uh, but it may just be a sink power. Button makes sense, and then the rgb is literally just this plastic tubing or piping. I should say all around the edge, so i think it looks good. I didn’t of course, show you but there’s the type, a port right there, it’s blending in with the black background, but you’ve got two there. I likely won’t use those because i already am not in love with the fact that this has to be hardwired. But for those of you that do need the additional ports, because this is going to occupy a port somewhere on your desktop or laptop, depending on how you’re, using this, i think, it’s smart – that of course they gave two additional ports, but that rounds it out again. The mm 700 – it is arguably, i think, one of the most attractive options right now, if you’re in the market, for a gaming pad like this, that can cover your entire play space workspace and then, if you want to get funky, you’ve got rgb capability and you Can tie it into you know the iq suite which my custom uh built system is really centered. Around i’ve got iq lighting tied through the entire thing, so it’s just kind of a no brainer any questions or comments. Actually, before i do that, let’s see if i plug it in, if it just it comes to life, let’s see i’m going to try to plug it in right now, in fact, rather than using what stock.

I did this last time with the corsair keyboard and it didn’t, like it i’m, just going to throw a 65 watt in and see if it starts to cycle and it probably won’t and it doesn’t. So it does need to be hooked up to a pc it’s. Not going to just light itself, which is unfortunate because it would have been cool if it did, i can see. Let me see if i can make it reach just for shits and giggles let’s, see if the braided cable, that they include is long enough to make it to the port that i needed to get to, which is my desktop. Let’S see right now, if just upon connecting it ends up lighting up, but i don’t think it’s going to. I think the computer has to be on, which is not something i’m going to do right now, but at any rate, looks nice it’s, not too warped. It’S, not lifting at the edges, which a lot of inexpensive pads do out of the package, so we’ll see i’ll know within a week whether or not this is something i want to keep or, of course, take back to best, buy any questions or comments.