It needs to support a full atx motherboard because of the nature of our work here at mob house. I need all of the connectivity options that come with a full atx motherboard number two. It needs to be a mid tower or smaller, because i need all the desk space. I can get for all my full size keyboard like this corsair k100, as well as my control surfaces for my color grading, as well as my walk on tablet and all that good stuff. Number three good airflow, now here’s the thing we run a lot of heavy workloads here at the office like video, editing and stuff like that, but i also record a lot of video and audio around my desktop pc. So i need my chassis to have good airflow to keep the temperatures under control while running the fans slower and quieter at all times. I think i might have found just the right chassis for me and today we’re going to be reviewing the corsair 4000d tempered glass atx case let’s see how it stacks up. So it has been quite some time since we reviewed a pc case over here at mob house and that’s, because things have gotten a little bit more hectic over here. All thanks to you guys the support and our sponsors, as well as all these new releases in the past few months, also because reviewing a pck is actually quite time consuming, since we need to build a pc into it and all that good stuff.

But today i want to take a look at a computer case that immediately caught my eye when i first laid eyes on it because of all the little details that corsa has added to the aesthetics and the exterior of the case and of course, i’m talking about The corsair 4000d airflow now this chassis is priced at 359, ringgit or 79.99 us dollars, and i think that is a pretty fair price for a mid tower like this, provided that corset does indeed deliver on the airflow part of the 4000d airflow, but first let’s take A closer look at the aesthetics first off the corsair 4000d airflow comes in two colors black and white, and what we have here is the white version. The entire chassis is wiped with a grey trim at the front, unlike the black version, which is completely black. This could be polarizing if you’re someone who wants an all white build, but i feel that we’ve been getting a lot of all white chassis lately, and i think this is a refreshing design choice by corsair but that’s just my opinion. Corsair has also added some intricate details that i rather enjoy, such as the triangular cutouts that form the patterns on the front panel. The fan grille at the back psu shroud, pci expansion slot covers and the removable fan filters, which are also great. We can also see these neon yellow tabs from the fan filters which are matched with the same colors on the usb ports.

I’M. Actually, a huge fan of this design, but you might not like it if you’re going with a different color scheme. The finish of this chassis is mostly sand, blasted, so it’s, pretty fingerprint resistant and at the side we have a tempered glass panel, which will allow you to see all your components in their full rgb glory, but that’s pretty standard these days in terms of build quality. This case is actually pretty sturdy: it’s made of steel, mostly with some plastic parts and a tempered glass side panel that’s, actually plenty of options for you to configure your pc, no matter if you want to use an aio cooler, air cooler or even a custom. Liquid cooling loop, this corsair 4000d f4, is actually 453 millimeters long 230, millimeters wide and 466 millimeters tall. It weighs in at 7.8 kilograms, which is 17.2 pounds if you’re american yeah. I just want to introduce you guys to a little something called the metric system that everybody else is using in case you didn’t get the memo, yet you can fit a mini, itx micro, atx and even up to a full size, atx motherboard up in here. You should probably avoid an eatx motherboard as it’s not properly supported the maximum gpu length. Supported is 360 mil and that should cover most graphics cards. The maximum cpu cooler height, support that is 170 mil and also the maximum psu length is 220 millimeters. You can also mount your gpu vertically with the included vertical pcie slot and bracket, so you can show off your rarer than diamond rtx 3080 to your friends who will bow down to your pc master race nurse, but you only spend a little bit more for that.

Pcie extension cable to connect to your gpu. You know what they say you got. Ta spend some kaching for that bling; okay, maybe they didn’t say that, but i did so yeah in terms of storage at the front of the psu bracket. You have this removable cage that can fit up to two 2.5 inch or 3.5 inch drives with also relocatable ssd trays that can be moved to the front of the psu cover. It comes with two 120mm fans that are, unfortunately, not rgb and like the ones that come with the 4000, the tempered glass version, because those are rgb, but you know as airflow guys also like rgb, so maybe just put it in there. I wouldn’t mind paying a few more bucks for it. To be honest and in terms of fan configurations at the front, you can fit up to 320ml fans or 240mm fans at the top. You can fit 220mm fans or 240mm fans, and at the back you can only fit a singular 120mm fan and some chassis like this would actually allow a 140mm fan. But i think the corsair probably designed it like this, so that they can keep the chassis more compact in terms of radiator support, it’s, pretty much reflected by the fan configurations. It means that you can have a 360 mil or 280 mil radiator at the front at the top 280 mil or 240 mil and at the rear, just one 120 mil radiator.

So pay that in mind, if you are doing a custom loop or using an aio liquid cooler, the fan filters at the front and top are magnetically attached and removable the top one. You just pull right out with the yellow tab, as mentioned, but at the front you have to pull out the front panel, which is attached via four push in pins in the corners after which the fan filter just lifts right off via the handle on top at The bottom, the fan filter for the psu just pulls right out next, because i’m quite ocd about cable management, let’s, take a look at the cable management features that come with this chassis to keep your mustard and ketchup braided or even bang someone individually braided cables in Check corsair adopt their cable management, the rapid route system, patented or not, i don’t know, but it features a single channel with 25 mil of space behind the motherboard for the cables to fall in line get it. There are also three pre installed: velcro straps, to keep your cables properly strapped in get it with three extra ones in the accessories kit. In case, you need more straps, as for accessories, we’re provided with some default items such as screws for the fan, motherboard ssd, as well as cable ties for pc building, or also the velcro straps that i mentioned before, as with all other corsair computer cases, this 4000d Airflow actually comes with a two year warranty, which is pretty nuts, considering that this is just a case.

Finally, moving on to the i o ports of the front panel, we have one usb 3.1 type c port, one usb 3.0, a port and one 3.5 millimeter audio and microphone combo jack. Next, we put the 4000d airflow through its paces by doing some benchmarks, so we first remove the side and front panel of the case to simulate an open bench, a situation as the control, and then we put the panels back on and tested it again, and here Are the results with our i9 10 900 and radeon rx 5700 xt system running on full load? This is what the complete system sounds like with the corsair 4000d airflow, so what’s the verdict. Okay, let me break it down and let’s. Take a look at the pros. First, okay, the biggest pros of them all, is the fact that this case has good airflow, and that means that you can put a pretty powerful pc inside and it will run pretty cool and quiet which is suitable for things such as content creation and that’s. Probably what i’m gon na use this case for number two, and this is just personal preference, but i think the case looks pretty nice, especially with all the little details that corsa has added to it. I’M. A big fan of the triangular cutouts, as well as the yellow, accents number three this case is noob friendly and relatively easy to build in number four, and this is pretty standard by now.

But i, like all the removable fan filters at the front, the top and also for the psu and number five. I like the cable management options, as well as all the accessories that came with the case. That made it much easier for me to tidy up all the snakes in the back portion of the case number six and finally, there are plenty of options for you to configure your pc build in this case, no matter how you want to run it with a Aio, air cooler or even a custom loop next let’s, look at the first and foremost let’s look at the price. Well, it is not expensive by all means, but it already 20 20 already. I would expect them to add more fans, because a lot of people that are buying a chassis at this price point might not be considering to get an aio and stuff like that, and they might stick to the stock cooler with their pc build. So it could help also, the fans are not rgb and the 4000 x comes with fans with rgb, so there’s that, and why do you like the yellow accents? Some of you guys might not like it because you might be choosing a color scheme that clashes with yellow. Finally, let’s look at the cons, and this got me scratching my head, because i really really like this case. But there are still a couple of minor nitpicks that i have with the 4000d airflow.

Firstly, the front i o is pretty bad bones. I wish they would have included more usb ports because i do use them quite a bit with my sd card readers, as well as for things such as my usb drives and stuff like that. Also – and this is something that i’ve mentioned in the meh section, but i wish that this case came with rgb fans, because corsair makes some of the best rgb fans in the market right now, and it would be great to receive a couple of those with this Chassis overall, i give the corsair 4000d airflow a very solid 9 out of 10, and i highly recommend it for anyone who wants to build a pc in the near future. You can even put an e atx into this case without much issues because uh it has pretty flexible building options. If you thought this video is awesome or if it helped you in any shape or form. Please give it a like and share leave a comment down below to. Let us know what you think about this chassis or, if you have any other questions, uh about pc buildings, leave it in the comment section and i’ll try to actually reply to every single one of you subscribe to our youtube channel and hit the notification bell.