Today we tell you everything you need to know about this patanjali’s coronal kit, which they claim prevents and cures covet 19.. There is obviously a lot of debate about this, so we thought let’s do a quick fact check. I actually went to a patanjali store and bought this kit what’s inside this, how effective it is if at all, that is against a coronavirus. This is what we will be decoding over the next 30 minutes. We’Ll also be joined by the head of patanjali research institute, dr anurag varshney. Thank you so much for giving us time and joining us on indie tv. But before we hear from him – and i unbox this kit for you – let’s just refresh your memory a little on what has been the story of coronel so far and for better understanding, we have a timeline for you, so it all started on the 23rd of june 2020. patanjali ramdev, acharya balakrishnan, some scientists had said, held a press conference and claimed that coronal medicine cures kovid 19 in patients within 14 days just hours after that press conference, an alarmed ministry of ayush directed patanjali to hold back all their advertisements, all their publicity. Pr. As well until they have submitted research and data for the medicine, the ministry also asked for state licensing authority offer uttarakhand, in this case government to provide copies of license and product approval details just a day after that, we we heard from. Why is he the licensed officer of uttarakhand ayurveda department, and he said that patanjali’s application didn’t mention at all that coronavirus? This was a medicine for the cure.

We only approve licenses for immunity, booster, cuff and fever. This is what they said: we’ll issue them a notice. Also, they went on to say asking how they got permission and how they made the kit for kobit 19.. Now it is at this time that doubts started trickling in did ramdev’s patanjali lie about their claims. Did they launch a product without approval? What exactly is going on by 27th of june 2020 and fir was filed against ram dev acharya balakrishnan, dr anurag varshny who’s, on the show with us today and two other names university officials as well for allegedly making misleading claims that the herbal medicine company had found. The cure for the pandemic, now three days post that fir patanjali, did a uter in a statement. They said that company had never claimed that its newly tested medicines would treat coronavirus. In fact, on july 1st we saw pr management, or some would like to call it a clever play of words as well, where they said that there was no restriction on corona virus kit or the coronal kit for covet management. The word cure went away. The word management came in that was taken down a simple change of that word. These kids were made available across the country. Again then came another statement by patanjali, where they further said that we have procured license for these medicines from the state department, which is connected with irish ministry. The treatment word is not used.

These medicines do not even have metallic items well, not used, but said repeatedly in multiple interviews that ramdev himself gave that day alone. So all that happened in july of 2020 cut to october of 2020, when dr harshwat dhan, the health minister himself released ayush standard treatment. Protocol which allows states to use for ayurvedic, medicine and yoga for treatment of mild or asymptomatic cases making vedas for patanjali’s medicine to finally be floated under the new guidelines. But the thing to be noted here, of course, is that the kit came first clearance from the government. Much later now, by november of 2020 patanjali score nil, kid had recorded sales worth 250 crores. That is just in four months since its launch estimated that uh more than 85 lakh units had already been sold and marketed as covet 19 immunity, booster kit by then, and then on 19th of february that’s, when the big vip press conference happened. The health minister, along with the road and transport minister, sat on the podium along with ramdev and gave out the big news that the government of india and who had given clearance and certification that coronel as a medicine for kovite 19 stood and that coronel was instantly. Then floated in the market if you’ll remember this news so far or if you’ll remember any news of any sort of clearance being given to any vaccine comes in from the drugs controller. In this case, that did not happen.

Two union ministers sat on a podium and, in a press conference, endorsed the alleged cure themselves that’s what happened around 10 o’clock in the morning by evening, we saw yet another clarification put out by patanjali on twitter, this time saying that you want to clarify to avoid Any confusion that our who gmp campaign, copp certification to coronel, is issued by dcgi government of india. It is clear the who do not approve or disapprove any drugs who works for building better, healthier future for people all over the world. Of course, who minutes before and after came out with this tweet, where they said that they had not reviewed or certified the effectiveness of any traditional medicine for the treatment of co with 19., who tweet came out, all hell broke close on what exactly had happened. How is it what these blatant lies were these unverified claims made in the presence of india’s health minister later even endorsed from the health ministry and the health minister’s personal twitter account? He tweeted also excerpts sitting with ramdev on that podium and talked about it and said this is a huge, new and landmark moment. Well, questions like these had been raised, and now they have found their way even in the indian medical association who, in a strong worded letter today, have criticized the minister himself, along with patanjali, saying that the ayurvedic medicine coronil to cure coronavirus, patanjali fact check. They say it’s a shame on part of honorable health minister.

The press release cites the who tweets calls for patanjali and ramtev’s blatant deceiving of people of the country concludes with saying that imei respects pure unadulterated, ayurveda and let us not adulterate ayurveda. On the pretext of market gain to some monopoly corporate and create a disaster for humanity well, but despite all those checks and warnings, coronal continues to be sold across india for the sake of the program. I also went and picked up one myself and well we’ll be talking about all those questions that i’ve just raised with our expert who joins us from patanjali in just a bit. But before that, let me also just unbox the kit, for you, i’m sure. All of you are very anxious about what exactly is inside this kit, all right. So this is what it looks like and it’s a box which has about three. It is a kit because it’s a combination of three medicines. There is one like this, which says it is a coronal tablet. There is another one which says it is a swasarivati and there is another which is actually a nasal drop, and then it also comes out with this letter, which has a lot of specifications on what are the details? How are you supposed to have it? What clearance do they have so on and so forth? It’S in english and hindi can be read by anybody lots of details here that they have given out. But again there are lots of questions as well and let me start by asking all those questions to dr anurag varsity.

Thank you so much for very patiently listening in also to what we have said on the program so far. I just want to begin by asking you, sir one very significant question here: you’re somebody who actually you’re a scientist who worked on this kit right. Can you tell our viewers? How is it that these ayurvedic pills are going to cure kovac 19. sonal? I heard you uh all the good uh background you generated and you got from different media uh, whether it’s a printed media or from the electronic media. But i would like to re emphasize that the two things which are important, that i would like to bring it out to the you and to the whole viewer of ndtv, which i’m thankful that you called me on. For that, i i clarify, i emphasize and re emphasize that coronal indeed, is the evidence based ayurvedic medicine for kobe, 19.. Okay and when we say the word code in 19, the covet 19 and its evidence means that we have conducted a very well detailed, controlled clinical trials, which you generally do for the pharma industry in ayurveda. Most of people do not really conduct that those trials are certified by the institutional ethics committee. They are there on the ctri, which is a clinical trial registry of india. They are also there on the who website for the company. Let’S just take a pause button here. Let’S just take a pause button here doctor, because i want to go into details one by one: okay, so i’ll throw some rapid fire questions at you and it’ll be nice.

If you can answer that, okay, you talked about trials. Let me start by asking that how many people have you conducted these clinical trials for coronal for the control clinical trial, which we call double blinded, placebo control clinical trial. It has been conducted for the hundred people, which were part of the study, and that data is there in the public domain as well and uh. That paper was also shown in the uh press conference that we conducted on 19th of february that you talked about. Okay, so you have conducted i’m just getting that answer again. You’Ve conducted this trial on hundred people and i have some details which said that it happened in delhi and merat. Only two people only two places: no but that’s. The reason i’m trying to tell you so now i think sometimes it’s good, to get your facts right. This trial was conducted in jaipur and it’s, already published in a journal called phyto medicine, which is there in the public domain. Anyone can go and read that it is there okay. So what are you trying to uh in these styles? Were these done on people who are all healthy are young, or did you do it in the format where even those with commodities, even those who are uh older people, they were tested with these uh with these kids so uh to answer this question, this trial was Conducted in the people who were asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic, and they were admitted in the covet facility of the names hospital and they were given this medication.

I also want you to understand that this trial was conducted in the month of june that the plan happened in the month of may, where the corona was at its max. That time conducting the trial was the top most priority, and i really want to say that this is again a registered trial. Anyone can go on the website and check it out on ctri and also through iac. There is parameter. The data is also there on the public. These are all people who had covet and you tested them on covet positive people. All the patients who were part of the trial were covet positive, certified by rt pcr, and our primary target was to look for the rate of the recovery on those patients. One thing i would like to again say it again: in ayurveda, generally placebo controlled trials, not done patanjali research institute in collaboration with nimes university did the placebo control trial, where you make the dummy tablet, which does not have the medication, but they look and feel like The normal medication those were given on top of the patients. I understand that. Let me ask you this, so a lot of vaccines that have come in as a cure at this point not really as a cure as something of a prevention of sorts they uh develop. Antibodies, are you saying that coronal will give people antibodies? No, we are never saying so and that’s the reason. I think i have a very humble request to you and to everyone who is listening to it to that to decode the science behind the disease and its working or its medication should be left to the scientists and the doctors.

Coronary does not give antibodies because it is not designed or made for it. This is a classical ayurvedic. Medicine contains three plants which have been used by most of people across centuries. Even you would have used as well in past tulsi, gilloy and ashwagandha three plants that’s. All it is okay, and is there an efficacy data that you can produce if you’re saying you’ve done trials, even if it isn’t on just 100 people that’s sorry, then, please go back to a phyto medicine paper and you can read the all data about it. It is detailed, it’s talked about the rate of recovery, it also tells about the cytokines label in the serum of the patients who has been given cornell or who has not been given the components of colony. So the trial was done with the three individual plants and as well as the two components you showed in the kit, beautifully thank you for showing that uh sausage and uh anu taylor. Okay, i also want to understand and lots of questions on you are saying. You’Ve done the trial, nims is saying, they’ve helped you on it now there’s an fr against you and names as well for even making these claims, but has there been is this? Is this study and been peer reviewed? Of course, the fighter medicine is a peer review journal impact factor 4.2 published by elsevier okay, so it has been peer, reviewed. You think it is peer, reviewed and published.

I would i really request you to go back and check it over there, and not only this. We have also found the mode of action how this medication work and on on that basis, we went ahead and actually requested for the license update. So so we know uh. The components of this medication does affect the interaction of the core with virus with the human cells, and that data is also peer, reviewed and it is out there in the press like in next couple of days. Can you tell me who reviewed it and when i mean i’m also educating myself on this one we’d love to do a package? Yeah? Please repeat your question: if you can, could you tell me who’s reviewed this who’s peer reviewed, this entire study we are reviewed, are done by in a blinded manner by the journals we are not allowed to know. Who are the reviewers for the paper that we submit? We submit this paper to the fight to medicine journal. The editor of the journal actually chooses whom we’re going to review it. All. I can tell you that this paper went through the three review cycles and after the third review cycle, it was accepted by the journal and it came in the press. Okay, doctor, can you tell me then so far whatever clearances have come, have come from the drug controller themselves? Why hasn’t this clearance for this medicine come from the drug controller? Okay, so good question that you are so no i’m very happy, because this is going to iron out a lot of creases that we have right now.

So the drug controller general of india issues a license called copp, which means for certificate of pharmaceutical products. So that is given for the medications which can get that license on the base of that license. The truck can be exported out and that license is actually having all the parameters that who sets up for good. Do you have attraction practices? Those license copies are with us, and we have also shown those on the 20 on the 19th february of press conference. They have been released to everyone and, according to that license you are. You are okay to sell this in india and some 158 other nations. This is where it’s going as well. Can you give a confirmation on that india’s sending yes, these kids 200 people to be exported to 158 countries of the world? Okay and the rollout has already happened, but this is still under our management decision. See i’m a scientist. I can talk to you about the science, ok uh and as a scientist, can you tell me what are your thoughts on the vaccine? Then vaccines are different thing all together sooner and then i think this is going to come to the same point you raise. That is going to educate you, yes, it’s going to be so what vaccines does that they actually kick start our immunity, which is called adaptive, immunity where it actually generates the antibody you give out either a dead virus or or a pseudo virus which has the coating Protein of the covet virus, so vaccine is going to give a different kind of protection or different way of protection, while ayurvedic medication is going to enhance the innate immunity to give a different kind of protection.

So both are two different things: apple and oranges, but you know there’s a question that has repeatedly come to me on social media and i have to ask you this. Nobody is doubting the power and the potential of ayurveda at this point. But can you tell us if this is simply an immunity booster, meaning having these dosage in moderation, will build up immunity and thus prevent, or do you still claim that if you have covert, you will cure it? By only having this, i would say the both thing. I would like to use the word that if people who are copied positive and if they take coronal along with swasari and anutil, they would get treatment benefits and we do have a patient’s data. Lots and lots of patients have taken it and you all. You said yourself that there is a big amount of sale that has happened so many could have been sold if medicine was not working. Why so much sale would happen? So there is lots and lots and lots of data that there in the public domain and also socially, if you can check it out that people are getting the benefit out of it and our clinical trial is for sure. Why is the government spending so much on vaccines? They could simply be rolling out these kids and that would be the end of kovid. If you know it that’s a one point: that’s one perspective, one could look into it but again, as i said, the two way of uh acquiring the immunity either you can do it through a vaccine or you can kick up your immune system as well.

But as i all right, i also again emphasize that vaccine is not a treatment for the covet vaccine can only protect you if at all, for an infection that may happen in future, but a medicine herbal medicine would actually give you a treatment benefit for a patient Who already become a positive by the covering faction, so there are two fundamental differences right. I understand that all right. Thank you, dr varsnay. Thank you so much for giving us time and clarifying all those details for us and very graciously, taking all those questions as well. So dr vasni they’re, saying very clearly that the trial has been done on hundred people. It has been done on people who are positive and they feel it’s not just a booster but a cure, but we wait to hear from the drugs controller.