The mm 720 it’s, an ultra lightweight claw grip gaming mouse with rgb it’s, got a recommended retail price of 59.99 that’s 59.99 uk pounds and if you are interested in purchasing it click that link in the description below Music. Okay, so let’s have a look at this. As you can see on the box, you can see the mouse has got some purple lighting on which is cooler masters, color it’s got their logo, it says, make it yours which they tend to use quite often it’s ultra light claw grip, gaming mouse with rgb. That means you sort of grip it like that, rather than like that so there’s different ways of gripping mice a clogger – it basically means you make your hand in sort of a claw shape to hold it. This has got a matte finish. Apparently, there are other versions available. I’Ll show some pictures above it is 49 grams. It’S got full rgb on there, it’s got 16k dpi. So if you’re not sure the higher dpi is the more sensitive it can be i’m guessing. You can change that on a button, but we’ll have a look at that in a minute: it’s rated for 70 million clicks. So if you’re one of these people that’s clicking a lot, then well it’s going to be able to do it 70 million times apparently and it’s got uh ipv58 in there as well. So the side of the box just shows all the different languages on the back.

It shows you, some more information, tells you about the classic ergonomic shape. You’Ve got the honeycomb shell as well as well, have been light 16k dpi optical sensor and you’ve got ultra wave cable, which is a very lightweight cable. It also tells you about the optical switch on there, as well as well as the mouse feet and a stylish rgb on there as well. So obviously, you’ve got everything you probably need in a very lightweight mouse. The box itself is very small, so i’m guessing the actual mouse is going to be quite small and hence it’s going to be lightweight, but otherwise that’s pretty much it to see on the box. It does have a hangy hook on top for those of you who need to know for a retail store for any reason. Okay, so this is what we’ve got in the box, believe it or not. We have a mouse and a surprise. Surprise. You’Ve also got a basic manual. There would have been nice for just a small qr code. To be honest, so you could see the information a little bit better on their website that way they could update it. Maybe save the environment in the process, but otherwise you’ve got two bags of glide pads. You can see one here so you’ve got double coated tissue tape there and in this one you’ve got your alcohol pads as well, obviously that’s for the disinfection and cleaning it. Basically, before you put your pads on so that’s always nice, the manual itself doesn’t go too much into information.

A lot of it’s, not even in english, but the bit which is in english, is on the back. So it gives you the buttons overview there. So you can see what obviously, the buttons do and everything let’s go on to the mouse itself. Let’S have a look at the cable first, the cable standard, usb type, a cable it’s, got purple end on it, that’s, obviously cooler masters color. They like doing stuff like that. The cable is very soft, i’m, going to say, it’s really hard to show that off on camera, it’s very soft, very light very flexible and you can sort of screw it up and it sort of stays in that sort of screwed. Up state, if you know what i mean is it’s it’s, actually quite durable, but also light it’s like got a a coating on it. So it’s like a mesh coating on there, so that’s that’s, good, so i’ll probably help snagging and stuff like that. So let me just plug it in so you can see what the mouse actually looks like when it’s all in so there you go so it’s plugged in, as you can see straight away, the lights are quite bright on there. Even in these studio lights, you can easily see it there’s, no, no problem seeing the light in there, which is pretty good. The inside, where the light is you sort of got this sort of a whitish bubble. Probably is the best way of doing all.

Whitish coating what’s, going over all the internal components which sort of gives it a sort of a it looks a bit like a heart inside a transparent body is probably the best way of putting it. So it’s of glows is probably the best way, um, obviously their logo there as well that lights up and the wheel lights up as well. Otherwise, everything else is lit up well, just through that one part of lighting other than the wheel. Now this is a claw grip which is more designed for having your hand like that, rather than like that. But in all honesty you could use it like that as a claw grip, that’s, not a problem, but you could also use it as a palm grip as well it. But it is designed mainly for the claw grip because it’s not as long as most pawn grip, mice uh it has that sort of a unbalanced look to it because of that claw grip, because you can basically rest your finger on there. If you want, depending on how you hold your mouse, you can rest your finger on there and it allows you to glide and move around with ease the buttons itself. Probably average click noise it’s got sort of a false positive of probably half a millimeter which, where, where you’re pressing it down it, doesn’t actually do anything. But obviously, when you hear the click it does and it’s got quite a big travel for the actual left mouse button, as well as the right, so probably probably a millimeter either way.

So if you push it down just a tad, it won’t do anything. But if you press it down a little bit more you’ll, get that click the side buttons so for backwards and forwards, or obviously whatever you want. If you decide to program them to be something else, they are there they’re on the side. They are quite clicky as well, so they’re, not the silentist but again, not too bad. I would have liked, probably maybe a little bit of rubber on the side there or something just to stop my fingers slipping off that bit. There just seems to be something missing there, even if they have the honeychrome effect going a little bit further down now. Strength, wise, the mouse does have a bit of flex sideways that’s, probably because the honeycomb doesn’t make it as strong, possibly but then saying that if you’re going to be gripping it that hard that’s, the last thing you’re going to have to worry about. In all honesty, the wheel itself is translucent, so you can sort of see through it. You can see the light on there and it works obviously like any other wheel on the market. Looking at the bottom, you can see that sensor. There you’ve got a two glide pads, one large one at the front, one at the back and you do have spare ones which is always nice. The sensor is there as well so which you’re obviously going to need – and this button here is for adjusting your dpi.

When you do press the dpi button, it does change the colors which you may or may not like, but good thing is: if you install the software, you can actually change that to your needs or wants let’s just go through a few basic things about the mouse. We’Ll have a look at the software in a few minutes, but this mouse is basically aimed for your sort of a probably your first person, shooter and stuff like that, but the the the shape is actually sort of a classic shape, so it was actually used on The old spawn mice i don’t know, if you remember the spawn mice or if you’ve used them in the past, it’s, basically the same shape, but obviously it’s got that honeycomb effect in it and it’s been brought up to date a little bit as well. So i must admit i was a fan of the spawn mouse and i must admit we sold quite a few of them in the years gone by, should we say so. It’S got an ip58 dust and waterproof resistance on there as well, so obviously that’s mainly designed for obviously sweat and stuff like that and make it nice. Nice sounding and you’ve also got your pro grade sensor in there, which is 16, 000 dpi and it’s a pixar center as well it’s. The p m w 3 3. 8 9. If you want to know obviously weight. It’S 89. Sorry it’s not 89 it’s 49 grams, which compared to some mice, that’s, well half the weight running in some cases, three times less of the weight than some of them out there.

So 33 percent of the weight of some of the big mice out there, so it’s very lightweight. So if you want something that’s lightweight which can move around fast ideal for stuff, like first person, shooters or if you’ve got a small hand but saying that i’ve got quite a big hand, unfortunately, which makes things a bit difficult. But even that i’m, finding it pretty comfortable the left and mouse button in the right place and my fingers just about fit on the end of the mouse for the claw, so that’s pretty good, because there’s, not many mice, my hand can fit on without having an Issue, obviously, you’ve got the rgb effects as well, so you can change the led color, apparently through the wheel and the forward button at the same time so hold the wheel down i’m hoping and the button and it lets you change. Ah, there we go so you hold the wheel down then the forward button it lets you change the colors there and also, if you press the back button instead that one there it changes the effect style. So you can have it sort of like beating glowing effect or different styles, so it goes through the rgb or rainbow effect for you as well. So you’ve got quite a few different modes on there, it’s quite hard to show you on the screen without covering it up, but gives you a rough idea and you do even have an option to turn it off.

Let’S just say you didn’t want it for whatever reason, but there you go so you can have it on a static color. You can have it rotating and so forth and that’s before you even install the software. So, yes, you can change the dpi on the bottom. That may change the color of mouse, but then you can change the color of the lighting on the mouse via the mouse without even having to install the software. Obviously it’s up to you. If you do install the software or not obviously that’s advisable, because you’ll be able to alter a lot of settings which we’ll go through in a few minutes, okay, so we’ve got the cooler master, mr plus plus 1.0 software installed. This will allow you to change your rgb lighting, put macros on and stuff, but it also lets you alter and change things on other cooler master devices which support the software. So first screen you get up, it tells you about the cpu. You can see the temperature here, so you can see i’m running a threadripper and it also tells you the usage as well as gpu and then voltages as well. You’Ve got configuration page where you can obviously name your system and so forth, but on the left left hand side you can then choose the devices you’ve got connected and obviously, in this instance it’s the mm720, which is the mouse one thing i will note about: the Software, it doesn’t like 4k resolution as in well the program works, but it cuts off half of the screen, so it doesn’t scale properly.

Even if you change windows scaling so something nice will be well something i would like to see them fix, because, obviously, if you’re using different resolutions, your screen is going to cause lots of issues and let’s have a look at the options first, so at the bottom Left you’ve got mouse combo, you can enable or disability ball that’s totally up to you. You’Ve also got scroll up and back forwards buttons. Here you can change those to do whatever you want. So if you want the let’s say the browser backwards button to do something different, you can click on that and change it to run the macro you’ve set up or a specific mouse button, disable it rapid fire multimedia dpi, whichever you want, you can even turn the Sensor on and off – and you can do that with each of the buttons. Obviously you have to disable the combo button for that to happen. On the right hand, side you can click on mouse combo and it lets you obviously change the other options. So when you’re holding the combo button down, which is the wheel, it gives you another option, so you can change that to do whatever you want, so that’s, obviously totally up to you at the top. It gives you other options for performance. This is where you can change how sensitive it is on here. As you can see, it gives you lots of options on here, including polling rates, angle, snapping and liftoff distance, which is how high you can actually get it off of the desk or the surface you’re.

Using before the sensor stops working you’ve got all your os sensitivity. You’Ve also got double click, speed, button response time and well. You’Ve got pretty much everything you want and you can change your dpi on here, as you can see all the way up to 3200 and as low as 200, depending on how you want it. You’Ve got lighting effects on here as well. So you click on lighten, you can have a static color, so you can choose basically whatever color you want and again that’s totally up to you. You’Ve got breathing that’s where it sort of like goes in and out effect and again you can choose the color. You want it’s got some presets or you’ve got custom. Colors you’ve got color cycle that’s, basically, where it just changes and rotates, and you can change the speed how fast and quick it does that you’ve also got uh indicator on there. Doesn’T seem to do much with that option and then you’ve got custom as well. So you’ve got lots of different custom colors. You can choose, as you can hear, drag the color from the background or foreground and it’ll. Let you do it that way. So you’ve got quite a few different options on there to play about with so don’t. Get me wrong. It hasn’t got as many options as a lot of things, which you’ve got different areas. You can have different colors and so forth. It’S pretty much all areas of the same color sort of when you’re actually doing it, but obviously that’s totally up to you how you have the mouse.

You’Ve also got macros as well, just quick info on that one. So it’s pretty easy. You can either import or enter a new macro, so enter a macro name, and then you can obviously go from there. So i’ll call this test, so that’s a macro name and then you can create your macro run once hold toggle and so forth. So it’s really up to you how you want to set up well sorry, you have to click the macro name there and then you can basically record your macro. So you can press different things, press letters on your keyboard and then it lets you save the macro. So press stop and then that’s your macro and then you can import export and so forth. You’Ve also got profile, so you can set up different profiles for different games. So you want to the mouse to perform differently. Let’S just say when you’re doing photoshop, then, when you’re playing a first person, shooter or rts game, you can do that. So, in conclusion, if you’re looking for a claw grip mouse, which has got some nice lighting effects on there and is also very light ideal for first person, shooters or anything else where you need a fast responsive mouse with a nice high dpi as well, then this Could be the mouse for you, it’s, not the cheapest mouse on the market, but it’s also not the most expensive. It comes in just under 60 pounds and we do have links in the description below if you’re interested it’s nice to see the software that it comes with works on multiple different cooler master products.

I would like to see windows or, should i say, microsoft come out with some software, which would work with every single type of device out there and allow you to control them all together, rather than having to have separate software for every single manufacturer on the market. Chance that ever happening is extremely slim, but we can only hope. The only issue i had with the software was due to the ui, not supporting 4k properly, or at least it looked like it did. Apart from when you actually clicked on the mouse screen, so you’ve got the option for changing the buttons it would only show half of the mouse, so it wasn’t scaling properly. I tried different scaling within windows didn’t help unless i put the resolution down to full hd from 4k. The only other thing i would have wished that added to the mouse would be on the left hand, side where you would put your thumb. I would like either the bottom to stick out a little bit more, so you can rest your thumb on it. A bit like you can on some of the mad cats, mice or the area where you actually grip. Having more of that honeycomb effect, where your thumb wouldn’t slip around as much or maybe even a small piece of rubber just to help with a grip but saying that it’s only a niggly little thing, the mouse is a whole very good. Do like it. You got that nice lighting effect, not that you’re really going to see when you’ve got your hand on top, but it does look nice when obviously you’re not touching your mouse.

The mouse is very smooth, it’s, very responsive, it’s, very, very light and also you’ve got the ability of adjusting heights it’s waterproof and all this that and the other, so it’s got everything. You’D probably need from a mouse all in one.