This is the zeal book by cool by not necessarily the trendiest of names, but a fantastic little 15.6 inch. Uh laptop does everything that you’d want for schoolwork, basically and also general purpose, video watching, etc, etc. Let’S just go through the basics of it and the specification what it looks like and how it operates. The processor is a 64 bit 4 core intel, celeron processor from the gemini lake family, a j411, so with eight gigabytes of ram uh it’s fantastic, especially if you’re doing um things on microsoft, edge you’ve got a lot of tabs open. Basically, the ram enables you to do lots of things without it slowing down. I wouldn’t recommend anything under under 8 ram, not today anywhere when you link the 8 gig of ram to the 256 gig of ssd drive for the storage, that’s plenty of storage. Let’S say you can increase that up to a terabyte uh, just swap the disks out reinstall windows onto it, that’s fine and if you’ve got a lot of photographs or a lot of videos that you want to store, then then fine do it, but the two five, The two five six gig card that it comes with is is plenty especially if it’s just office work that you’re doing and because it’s an ssd drive. It boots really quickly as well, and if i flip it over you’ll, see where we use the m.2 ssd extension, which is just this. If you undo these two screws underneath here is where you put the card, and that is where you put the card and when you take it out, that is your ssd drive and that’s expandable up to one terabyte and to fit a new one.

It’S literally just pop that in there like so push it down, get the screw. The screw goes into there to keep it in place, and then you put the cover back on it’s, a relatively straightforward job. To do that. I’Ve just bought a one terabyte one from the sun’s pc build that was around about 80 pounds. Just to give you an indication of the price comes with a three pin plug and the ac adapter there’s, the plug for the side of the pc and that’s. The adapter on the right. We’Ve got the micro sd card slot. We’Ve got a usb 3 port and we’ve got the headphone socket something i really like about this to keep the line the usb socket. You have to open that up so that it will take the plug and it closes up again on the left. We’Ve got the power socket, we’ve got another usb 3 port and we’ve got the hdmi port, something that i really like about this is when you open it up, if you have a look at the back, it pivots and it raises the keyboard. It gives you that spacer just so that you’ve got your angle for typing. That also helps with the cooling, because you’ve got a gap underneath now for earth law. Another nice little touch these two rubber pads here, as well as having the usual rubber feet on the base to stop it from sliding when the top is raised up and it lifts it off the table.

So these rubber pads now at the back they’re no longer on the table, but they’ve been replaced by these. So there’s, no movement when you type in it doesn’t push it doesn’t, pull it just stays exactly where it should do. It’S fanless so really really quiet. You can’t hear anything at all, obviously, because there’s no fan going around that can impact on performance slightly, though, when you’re doing some processor intensive work. Another thing that i really like about this laptop is the mouse pad it’s a nice big size. Some of them are really small and either with your two fingers trying to operate it for this taste of just under half the space underneath the keyboard and another thing about the keyboard as well: it’s a full size, numeric keypad there. So if you used to operate in a calculator and not having to look at it, then that’s fantastic you’ve got your center button there, your five and then you just go off from that, saves you having to do it a lot slower by using the numeric keys At the top of the keyboard, also, the keyboard is the us layout. So by that i mean the ampersand is over where the number two is on the uk keyboard it’s. Here, where the um speech marks are, i still have it set up with the uk keyboard. Um layout – and i just pressed that i still get the ampersand you can have it set up with the us and then you just go off what you can actually see.

But if you use the uh, the uk keyboard just set it up with that. The screen itself, it looks a little washed out um, but you’ve got to remember. This is not a 1500 or 2000 pound macbook it’s, also not a 1000 pound um microsoft laptop, neither it’s a 300 pound, or just over 300 pound, fully competent laptop. That is great for general work. General purpose play as well. You can play games on it. You can watch videos uh if you link it up to let’s, say a bluetooth headset or something like that. The audio is fantastic on it as far as connectivity goes well. The wi fi is 2.4 gig and 5 gig, so your 5 gig is your faster one, but it only operates over smaller distances. Your 2.4 gig is general purpose all around the house and if you’ve got a modern, router it’ll operate on both of those. The bluetooth is 4.2, so that’ll connect nice and quickly to your headset and with it being 4.2. It also helps with the battery life as well and, ultimately, with it weighing in at just 3.4 pounds it’s nice and light easy to go into a backpack which this one does, because it’s a school laptop and when it comes home, take it out and i’ve got All the office applications loaded on here for my daughter, so she uses that and there’s. Also a lot of netflix goes on on it as well.

The front camera is 1.3 megapixels and that’s. What you’re going to use for your video conferencing or your skype calls the screen’s 15.6 inch and it’s a hd screen so 1080p. The speakers aren’t the best of speakers. You can’t have it too loud it’s, not that there’s any distortion it’s just that literally the wall were too loud. So, if you’re anything like me, you’ll just use bluetooth headphones anywhere. If we just turn the volume up, you’ll hear what i mean at that. I think people time desperate to find a safe quiet place if you don’t have headphones it’s more than loud enough to hear if you’re in your bedroom or your home office. In summary, um 329 pounds that’s good value. It does everything that she wants it to do, and probably a little bit more as well the previous one that she had was an 11 inch screen. This is a step up from that it’s. A 15.6 inch screen much easier to see, especially when you’ve got word documents and excel documents, something that you really need for uh for studying. I, like the design of it it’s light it’s got all the connectivity. The only thing that i would like it to have that it hasn’t got – and you just tend not to see on um on laptops of this price – is a usbc connector but other than not having the usbc connection. Everything else about it is very, very good value.