com to send me their raspberry to unbox and review it. Presspad is a device that can convert your raspberry pi into a tablet Music, so lets unbox it. So, first of all, we have an assembly guide, protective foam than the rest pad itself. Now let us see what else we have Music okay, so we got a power, adapter, a screwdriver, a power cord and some stuff that we need to install raspberry pi. So this is the rest pad. It comes with 10.1 inches ips, touchscreen, display and built in rechargeable battery. On this side we have battery indication, power, volume and brightness button and a micro sd card slot. Moving to the another side, we have ethernet port 3, usb 3.0 port, a full size, hdmi a headphone, jack and dc input, and this is how it looks from the back here. We have dual speakers on the top. We can access the gpio pin with the ribbon cable. So now we have to install the raspberry pi board into it. It doesnt comes with raspberry pi board, you have to buy it separately or if you have one you can use that Music. After removing the back plate. We can see the dual speakers main board battery pack and a breakout board so guys. Suddenly i realized that the raspberry pi that i have is the raspberry pi 3, which is not compatible with this device. So i ordered a new raspberry pi, 4. Music. The assembly process is very straightforward.

Pretty much everyone can do that by following the instructions: Music, Music. So, Music, bye, Music, so now our s pad is ready to use. We just have to insert the micro sd card in which we have installed the os Music. Currently i am using the raspbian with the rest battery launcher. The touchscreen works great with this os. The display quality is very good and bright. The performance of this device is completely depends on your raspberry pi board. You can do pretty much anything with this device because it supports so many operating systems. You can use it for programming streaming, retro, gaming and more. You can also convert it into an android or windows tablet. In my case, i will use octa print to control my 3d printer Music. This is the cruelty andr5. I am using this printer for almost two years and its display is not working correctly from past few days, so i designed and printed these brackets to mount the rest pad on it, Music. Okay, guys, as you can see, i have installed the octa dash and print on the rest pack. Now i can control this printer with the rest pad or from my computer remotely. This device allows me to use advanced features that this printer doesnt have like automatic, filament load, baby steps and more by adding the new plugins to the octa print, so thats pretty much for it. If you are interested and want to know more about the rest pad, you can check out their website link in the description box.