We build Brands and today Im going to show you guys the best app when it comes to designing on a tablet. Now, before we get started, I want to make sure I give a big shout out to our followers on Tick, Tock, theyre, the reason for todays video. What happened is that on Tick Tock I posted this video and I had a whole bunch of people. Ask me hey: what app are you using? So I went ahead and made this video today. If you guys are not following us on Tick Tock already, then you guys need to make sure you head over. There follow us at race signs. We Post new content every single day and we reply back to every single comment. Also, you want to make sure you stick around to the very end because Ill be showing you guys how to set up a custom pressure. Sensitive brush lets get started all right, so the app that Im using is astropad studio. So there is two versions of astropad theres, Astro pad and astropad Studio. I prefer the studio version, but I will leave a link below to their website and this is not an affiliate video. Nothing like that, theyre, not paying me to say this. This is just the app that I found I like, and I love to use when it comes to getting designs done with my system, so anyway, its astropad studio, all right, and one of the reasons why Im using astropad is because I have an iPad mini, and I do all my designing on this iPad Mini.

You can use this with a regular iPad Pro I think, um and any version of an iPad Pro anything that you can really use your pencil with so um. I have it here as well and it is a paid app, so you do have to pay for it. Um, link below and Ill put the price somewhere here of what it currently is um and basically it works seamlessly wirelessly I just have you can like. I said the iPad: it works completely. Why wirelessly? You can also do a wired connection, so I do like that versatility of it having Wireless option and a wired in option. So anyway, its super simple. Once you get set up with an account, you download the app to your iPad and you also download the app to your Apple computer, and this is mainly an apple to iPad. So I have a MacBook Pro, so its mainly a MacBook Pro to iPad system. I havent tried it on a PC or any Windows computer, so I dont know if it works there. You guys might just have to do trial and area error, but I know for sure Astro pad and a MacBook Pro will get the job done. Alright, so the way that Astro pad works is as soon as you download the app onto your MacBook and onto your iPad. You can go ahead and get started with the design process. It does give you some options on how much real estate you want to use on your iPad and your computer.

I have a widescreen monitor so a lot of the real estate. The proportions are definitely going to be different than an iPad Mini. So I kind of choose to go with the 100 zoom, and that is what Im able to view on my tablet, as you guys guys can see, and whatever I gesture or thing that I write down on this tablet, it is pretty responsive. I would say this is the most responsive application that there is Ive tried a couple of different options: Ive even tried Apples, side cart when it comes to trying to to do this. A lot of people use side card for this purpose, but the difference between this and side card is that this has pressure responsiveness, so it has personal responsiveness and it is super responsive. I do like using side card because side card allows you to have your iPad as a second monitor, um, so thats cool, but this allows you to have basically a the power of a drawing tablet, so, instead of getting a Wacom tablet or Wacom tablet, whatever it, Whatever you guys pronounce it as you would just get your iPad and you can go ahead and keep the workflow seamless so thats. Why I personally like astropad over side card but comment down below uh, if youre astropad user already, if youre a user of some other software or if you are a sidecar user, Im, really interested to see because from The Tick Tock video a lot of people were Kind of like oh, I use side card, or I use this or um.

What do you use? So there are a lot of options up. There are a lot of options. It just kind of depends on the discipline that youre, following as far as like design discipline or, if youre, into photographer a videographer. If youre into just like reading emails, different people will use their iPad and MacBook and that whole ecosystem in different ways. But my recommendation for graphic designers is this way: Im going to go ahead and share a couple tips and my favorite tips and tricks. I guess of astropad, now all right so heres, my favorite thing about astropad and it is that pressure sensitivity. I was talking to you guys, so this is basically how I do it. You go to the paintbrush and then, if you were to just write with a regular paintbrush, there is no pressure sensitivity. I already have the and I already have a custom brush. So Im going to go ahead and take that custom brush away show lets do that all right. So if you use the regular round brush, as you can see, um as you can see, if I write some squiggle lines, theyre all kind of no matter how hard Im pressing on my iPad theyre all or how light I press theyre all going to be the Same shape and size, but in order to have that custom brush and that versatility you have to create a brush, and this would be the same with a Wacom tablet for the most part.

So in order to do that, I just simply go here. Then I go to a new brush calligraphy brush I hit okay and then here Im just going to put a custom brush all right and the angle I like to do the whole 180 twist the size um it doesnt, really matter. Im just gon na go with nine, but yeah Ill go 15. lets go 15 lets see if we can get a good difference in size anyway, it doesnt matter because Im going to put pressure so pressure pressure and then for variation. You want to make sure that this is selected to 180 or whatever uh variation. Like I said, custom brush, it allows you to do whatever and then also you want to go into variation. You got to make sure that the size variation I always put it to 15, so it kind of gives me that dynamic range the more further right. You slide, the more dynamic range youre gon na get so hit. Okay, all right and then Here Comes the Money Shot oops I got ta, make sure okay Im in my custom brush and then um make sure I am selecting the brush tool, cool and then Im just gon na go and make a thin to thick line thin. The thick cool, so, as you see um the more the more or less pressure that I apply, um, the more or less like result, youll get so um. I can go ahead and be light and then I can go into thicker stroke.

Just like that and same. If I go like a straight line, I can try to do a straight line. I guess straight line is a little bit harder, but there you go then to thick. So I really like that about astropad and its super, like I said its smooth like butter, its responsive and its all Wireless. So like I could literally you see the screen right. There and you see my screen and Im just gon na type in hi and it like its instant. The response is completely instant, so thats, my favorite part about it um. So I recommend this application for any of you graphic designers out there any of you who want to go ahead and use your iPad as a drawing tablet. Dont limit yourself. There is a whole bunch of capability that this little app can do. I just simply use it for this iPad for this tablet to Adobe Illustrator use. Sometimes I use it for Photoshop, but theres. So many things that you can do with this app and, like I said I will leave the link below to Astro pad um in in the description so make sure you guys check it out, but that is going to be it. For today I am June with Ray science, where we dont just build signs. We build Brands. I hope you guys enjoyed this video make sure you guys follow us on Tick Tock, while I post daily, so you guys see all the things that we do and uh make sure you guys are subscribed to our Channel hit the notification Bell.

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