Today, we’re gon na review a wireless controller, a wireless controller, x3 or it’s supposed to be wireless controller. X300 controller. X3. You got the point, so i got this uh from the morning morning. I got then on the morning um. I got a mail that had this box and well, it was from it’s an egyptian website shopping, oh sorry, the there so yeah. So i ordered that. Originally so it came up in my house and now we’re gon na open it okay, so first up we’ll see some important stuff like um stuff, like the logo. This is the name for oh wait there. He goes for android and android tablets and smartphones for iphone ipad and for windows pc. If you got the mini receiver and we have the it works, also for vr. So this thing basically works for most of the stuff and for the back, there are more stuff from this and basically the same stuff. We saw from the front but in black, and there is a thing where it has features: wireless controllers, support for pad phone; smartphone t smart tv, now let’s open up there, so there it goes. We have the controller. Ah, there it’s pretty much hard to try to, and there are some accessories that the control had so those stuff are gon na be stored somewhere else, i don’t know wait, damn it another one. The box collection um, mostly uh, there put the box and the thing, but also there.

Oh wait ah that’s being awkward. I need to use the other hand and there put it there. Oh damn it. Oh, oh there, okay back to our thing so yeah, the controller is so decent it’s, basically um a bootleg version from the ps3, and also it has the buttons for the xbox, because the ps3 has this really weird um drawings, where i should say shape for buttons. It’S not the shape, but the shape of the mark on the bones. This is supposed to be. I guess x, this is uh. What is this um? Something like that this x? This is a square, and i mean this is a triangle, and this is a square there, so anyways um, impressive uh. One thing i don’t like in the control itself: that’s uh the worst thing possible that the start and select buns are so rubber, they’re made of rubber plastic. So this is something i really hate so and also we have the d pad. This is not a ps3 b this this not this is not a psp. This is not a psd pad uh because well and it’s, not also on xboxes, because it’s, basically trying to be the hybrid. So this wireless controller is the hybrid from both of those two controllers and we got the r and l and r two and l two buttons um they’re, also really clicky and the r and l are the most ones that they’re clearly clicky.

But the r and l two are it’s, just not that clicky it’s not meant to be click and and of course we didn’t forget about the r three and the l three yes in the d log in sticks, um um, well, there’s a a clicky thing. That means it’s a button also to activate the i suppose, there’s a different. There are different inputs for well. What could you say: um iphone and android phones and stuff like that. First for android phones, you just there. This is the thing for whatever, but if you want to close the the connection you just hold until the flashing lights or the flash um fades away or but if you want the ios input there, oh and also in the uh booklet, i should say instructions manual, Um there are different modes for this remote. There are four modes, so, as you could see, uh four all right focus focus. Please. I need a better flash there. There’S number one, two, three four, so yeah, basically, and also we didn’t forget about the accessories first we’re gon na look at the phone hanger. Where it could it could you could just collapse it on them. You could it’s just well. I will show you how that’s done well uh you’re supposed to put the thing on around the around the controller, just like that so yeah it’s, just um well and there’s, the phone hanger. If you thought that this is the, this is only compatible for non sized phones, because this is the this is even smaller than the smallest phone for length, but actually could extend that’s common yeah that’s common.

It could extend so yeah. Basically, there are nothing there’s, nothing if you want to put it like that and if you want to play with your phone with your controller, so without any any explanations or long explanations, it’s, basically an excuse to play the phone on the go and if i was On the go, that means the controller is on top of the basically the phone. Basically, your you will play the on the phone and you’ll play the phone on the go, and something like that i know, and then we got the charger itself, it’s, not a connector. For anything, but it’s only a charger. Well, this is, i still didn’t know when it when it needs charging and when it it’s done. I only heard that this controller could could stay, could keep working in the entire week, so basically it’s just a charger charger so and there’s another thing so there’s an a separate receiver that you have to buy separately from from the controller to able to play this Thing um on a pc like this one or a tv, as you heard, a smart tv or a uh, a um tv box or whatever yeah. Basically, the controller is neat it’s. Just awesome. I wish. If i had the manual, i mean it’s not been thrown away. It’S somewhere else in the house, but i’m too lazy to get it. So basically, this is the review for the uh controller it’s, a 10 minutes video and yes, the look and design is really sleek, actually there’s, nothing at the back.

So that was the video i enjoy ice.