Is you plug this? In your headphone jack in your phone or your laptop or your tablet, whatever your pc and it, and obviously i got a little bit of a longer cut. You can get longer leads than this and plug these into the back i’m, going to be putting them into the auxiliary in the back red and white, okay and it’s as simple as that, and then all you do then is you can just play your music? Whatever your apple music, amazon, hd, Music anyway, with a dad dance in here for you so that’s the easiest way but here’s the problem is uh. Obviously, some uh phone manufacturers have decided not to put a headphone jack three and a half mil headphone jack. Thank you very much for that and they’ll tell you it’s, because we want to make for the phones and we want to make them more waterproof and put a larger battery in i’m. Going to call excuse me nonsense. Yes, okay, they can’t do that, but basically it’s, better corporate greedy, more more money off you. They want you to buy their new bluetooth headphones. The adapters and things like that to make more money off you. You know what i’m talking about don’t you Laughter, okay, so yeah uh! Yes, basically they’re always trying to get more money out to you. Well, that’s a business that’s what they do, i suppose but it’s not very failing the consumer, but not to worry, because you can get an adapter.

You can get an ios adapter and a usbc adapter to rca, which will also fit in the back of the amp um. But the downside is you can’t charge your phone at the same time, but you can actually get another adapter, so you can plug in the adapter into the adapter from this adapter. So you can adapt your hi fi to your phone, so you can’t get adapters to do it, so you can charge your phone and listen to that. The app at the same time play your music through the amp at the same time, okay, so that’s how you can do it with leads now. I think my preferable way and i think the better way is to get a bluetooth transmitter receiver, not just a receiver. A transmitter as well and i’ll tell you why, later on in the video, so here i have a bluetooth transmitter receiver costs about 25 30 pound. I suppose it has a aptx uh low latency, so you’re going to get decent bluetooth from it. It’S the latest bluetooth. On that i’ll do i did do a full review on this and i’ll put a link to that here. So very simply, it’s, a three and a half mil jacket to the back of that you plug your rca leads into the same place. You plugged your phone into in the back and you set them the switch to rx, which is receive and simply just connect your phone by your bluetooth, to it make sure my bluetooth is switched on.

Okay and that’s now connected and now i can play my music through the amplifier with no leads, which is much easier. It doesn’t matter. If your phone’s got a headphone jack or your laptop hasn’t got a headphone jack. Your pc hasn’t got a left, a headphone jack as long as it’s got built in bluetooth, it’s. Fine, so very simply all you do then is to play your music. I should just simply play. Oh there. We are a little bit of class for you, okay, so there you go simple as that, and you can also like, i said, take it to your pc in the next room. If, if you i’ve got a portable laptop, you just got a fixed pc on a desk and you and your amps in another room. You can just go to your pc and then play that uh connected via bluetooth to that and then play that through the amp. Simple, as that Music Music and, as i said earlier in the video, always get a receiver and transmitter because you get added bonus to it, then. So, if you want to play a cd or record or anything or take whatever you want to play through the amplifier. But you it’s got no bluetooth to track out to your head bluetooth, headphones. You can use this. So what you do? It comes with a three and a half mil jack lead i’ve got to use an adapter because it’s, a six and a half mil jack in here, so i’ve got an adapter here pop that in there you turn this to smash.