.. today’s video is very intresting as well as it is also very demanding. From last few days, I had received many comments from all of you, in which you all were saying that I should bring one of the cheapest and a great performance condenser microphone for you guys. I always say that it’s, your youtube channel and you all ordered me to bring budget friendly, condenser microphone for all of you, then this is the cheapest and one of the best. Condenser microphone with tremendous performance. This is a complete kit of a condenser microphone and its price is so low. You will be shock to know it’s price. I will also tell you the price of microphone kit. I have purchased it online and I will also tell you the price. How much is its price in a very low price? It’S price is absolutely unbelievable. The purchasing link of this condenser microphone is in video description and comment section you can purchase from there.. If your budget is also low like me, then you can buy this condenser microphone. In today’s video. I am going to show you the complete performance of this condenser microphone then keep watching this video. Since Corona pendemic is going on. Nowadays, all people have to do work from home while working from home background noise of children’s shouting car honking background noise comes in the video, but If you will use this condenser microphone, then your background will be very low. This is a complete kit of a professional condenser microphone and I have bought it online for about 20 purchasing link of this condenser microphone is given in the description and comments section so without any delay.

Let’S do the unboxing of this.. So this is our BM800 condenser microphone complete kit.. This is a professional condenser microphone. Then you can see that there is nothing much mentioned on the box, but here you can see the MRP of this condenser microphone kit, which is 80., But I bought it online for about 20. I will give it’s purchasing link in the video description and in the comment section so let’s unbox it without any further delay.. So here is the warranty card and user manual at the top And, along with the warranty card, some of its specifications are also given here. If you want, you can take a screenshot of this specification because in our channel we do not pay attention to on paper written specifications. We check all the products by using them. Personally, after that, we give you an honest review of product on this user manual. It is shown how you have to connect this condenser microphone with your device so connecting this condenser microphone very simple. All you have to do is connect this condenser microphne with your device, and it is ready to play. So this is pop filter.. As you can see, this pop filter is very heavy. and it comes with double mesh. This portion is completely made of metal, And this portion it is made of plastic. It is made of high quality plastic. It is quite heavy let’s see what other accessories we have got inside it, and this is anti wind Form.

. This anti wind foam is very thick as you can see, and it would have been useful to reduce background noise, it’s, a very good quality, anti wind form and it’s our condenser microphone stand. It is build of very high quality plastic and it will have a microphone. And it’s enough heavy it’s plastic, but it’s heavy And XLR to 3.5 mm cable. The weight of the cable is very heavy.. The cable is very heavy means. We have got very high quality cable in it, and so you can see In this one side has a XLR connector. The other side has a 3.5 mm connector. You can see this 3.5mm connector has three partitions. On the other side of this cable, we got 3.5 mm connector of TRS.. I tell you what is TRS. You can see that there are three partitions in it. It has three partitions one in the bottom and one in the middle and one in the top. This is a TRS, so those 3.5 mm connector has three partition. We call that TRS., and this is XLR connector and in this kit we have also got this 3.5mm audio splitter, and this is a metallic clamp and it is very high. Quality. Clamps have been given to us, And this is the stand of this condenser microphone. The stand of the condenser microphone is completely made of metal.. This is very light weight, metal – and this is our Condenser microphone under this condenser microphone.

We need to connect XLR connector. It is very heavy microphone. It’S weight is very heavy of this condenser microphone over here branding is given, and this is bm800 condenser microphone. We get all these accessories with this condenser microphone. We got this complete kit and we have purchased it online for only 20. So if you want to purchase this condenser microphones, I will give you the purchasing link of this condenser microphones in the description, so let’s install it and after that we will check it Performance. So here you can see we have installed the condenser microphone. So now we connect this condenser microphone with our PC and after that we will do Sound performance test of condenser microphone. First of all, we put it at all in this condenser microphone. It is XLR connector. Then we will put XLR connector here under this microphone. You can see, point has been given to connect XLR connector. So let us now put this XLR connector under this condenser microphone here you can see, slot have been given in it Simply. You have to put this XLR connector in this condenser microphone in this way. It’S speciality is that you don’t need to install any driver in it Simply add the condenser microphone to your smartphone or to your PC. So you can see that we have installed this XLR connector in the condenser microphone and now we can use this. We will install another 3.5mm connector in our PC, so let’s install a 3.

5mm collector in our laptop. You can now see the microphone play here. 108 has been given. So in this we put the 3.5 connector craving. There is nothing else to do so. Let’S now do this to test the performance of the condenser microphone.. I will try to tell that. I speak more so that if I tell you then after today, I will not be able to take the pregnant microphone Chhindwara When this condenser microphone of yours arrives. You will have to talk to something important only then you will know the new pattern used in typhoid.. I haven’t got covid 19, yet Difference in song dj sound. I will try to make you feel my own Who can be in this comment after the condenser microphone. Its price before this Rakesh Kumar, friends of Uttar Pradesh, Para Song’s, daughter, have come today’s. Video will definitely stir to meet you, and if you like this video, then please share this photo.. But please like and share to all friends, friends recording of this video. Then you must do your bell bell commerce written below this video and friends. Have you subscribed to our YouTube channel? If you haven’t subscribed, then you can subscribe to our YouTube channel.