As you can see, my right today will be an unboxing video. To be precise, i will present the brand new baskin kim book k100. It is very thin super light, but above all equipped with the brand new number pad. What is the father number is a new evolution of the pad invented and patented only by baskin, in fact is present in this computer, but it is not the other brands that allows you to enter numbers and other keys inside the classic pad and laptops. So as to have many functions at your fingertips, that really makes much faster, effective the use of the computer without the mouse. This is here, look cool anyway. After I will show you in detail by returning to us today’s video not divided into two parts. In the first part, we will do the unboxing in the second part. Instead it will be the speed power test, comparing it to my current hp laptop. So we will see the difference in performance and, above all, who will win between. This goes singh and my hp computer that I currently use. However, that said let’s not waste any more time and give it to the unboxing the 40, how nice? Among other things, this model is available in two colors from the gray and pink version is opted for. The pink color since this computer will be my gift for mother’s day. We take out our k100, since it is really very light immediately.

However, after we will weigh directly on the scale, we continue find our instruction booklet of the k100, the transformer, the extension of the warranty of an additional year, and this very comfortable webcam cover to prevent the recording of images of certain viruses that entered the computer is Active the camera, without our knowledge, I am really struck by vass king, because this privacy protection kit is almost never included in the basic equipment of the computer as regards the structure is really very thin that i know if you see the camera you look at, it Is the thinnest of the m I finger and now I show you the big game? Look, you see it. This is the number pad in practice they have transformed into a normal part of a touchscreen micro keyboard containing all the numbers and many other functions, bringing a significant increase in the speed of use of the computer through the pub and now before. Moving on to the test comes in some of the very technical characteristics of the inter celeron m: 40, 20, 8 gigabytes of ram 2, 56 gigawatts and expandable memory, 5000 thousand in word of battery that allows use without power and up to 10 hours fast recharge, complete In just three hours, bluetooth mounts the windows: 10 operating system display with eye fatigue, prevention system, clock rate of 2.8 ghz, hd camera and integrated microphone with external noise reduction. Now let’s go to measure the weight, put the weight on the scale k hundred and after we will go to make the comparison with the laptop that I currently use.

We see immediately on the scale we see, I don’t know s and you will see the camera, but this k100 weighs only one kilo point: 377 g. Now my laptop’s turn let’s see how much it weighs 2 kilos, 176 g and really an impressive result, also because hp is a great brand for which the tub has really done a great job with regards to weight reduction anyway, since I put the scale data on You you can have fun in your home to measure the weight of your computer and compare it with k percent to see if it is heavier lighter than this laptop of the vas king, and now we have arrived at the test moment. As you will see my current HP laptop born next to the other and the brand new tub incappa cento, we will go for two tests. The first challenge will be the ignition speed test and the second test instead will be a challenge of data processing, speed during video editing, in which I will make the two computers process the same video and we will see which of the two will be the most Powerful processor. el video editing, we start immediately with the ignition test 321 via and see which of the two will emerge from the noise. I feel that they have left the bass logo in the k100 came out now. Instead, their heads in my laptop are processing and loading both and already arrived to the screen of the code in the k100.

Then. Instead, it is still loading incredible and already on the windows home page, the k100 thing, always home or seven eight seconds, among other things, no accelerated this video. So it is the real time it takes this computer to arrive of the windows home page. But the nice thing is that if you watch this video on your mobile, you can stop this video the moment you press the power button of the k cent and put your mobile next to your laptop. You will press play in the video, so you can. You too can make a comparison of your computer ‘s startup speed compared to the cup at 100 and find out if your laptop or this new king book will be faster in the vas king and now let’s pass the video editing challenge. As you have seen open movies now, both in the k100 and in my hp or if the senate, the video of how to make money with amazon, prime and amazon preview, if you haven’t seen it yet left me the tab qua top watch it because it’s very Interesting because i explain how to receive from amazon free products after selecting the videos i post the same title in both processed and now i’m going to enter even in my hp here, it we add the same song. So we just two designs exactly the same and therefore the difference in performance will be just indicative, because the content to be processed will be exactly the same, and now we just have to start the challenge 321 away here they have already started, as you can see, The remaining time indicated on the k100 is one minute and a half instead in my hp marks about 20 minutes, the k percent already at 7 percent, while my laptop at one percent, so also as regards the speed, ity and performance of video editing.

This pinbook, the vas, who is really look at the performance k percent, already finished video processing, whereas my bosses and even 23 percent, not bad and was put on sale at 429 or slightly more 400 euros. And if you think about it with the qualities that the performance has the weight, that is really very light, as I showed you and, above all, in the presence of the brand new, very useful number pad make it. In my opinion, one of the best and computer as value for money currently present on the market. I hope this review was useful to you if you liked the video leave them online in my channel, as you can see mainly topics, video technology head and previews and social media with optimizing your social networks and how to make them become a second source of I Earn if by chance, they are topics of your interest subscribe to the channel. So if you have notified each of my publications before salu, However, I inform you that in the description of this video you are watching, I left him the link of this beautiful computer. In case you want to buy it or give you a gift: the three very useful channels of the big discount h24, the first of technology, where offers of mobile phones tablet, computers are published technology in general, the second in lecco, where only super offers are published. I read the third beauty group. Two are published h24.

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