For me, my home office is at the center of everything i create in a way its an extension of who i am what i like. What motivates me and, most importantly, what inspires me to create ive recently left behind most of my freelance work, so i can pursue content creation on a more full time basis. So, im spending more time in here now more than ever, and despite this space, never feeling like its truly done. I think now is a great time to give you a complete office tour, so lets jump right into it. Lets start with the desk. Ive had this. For a while now and its kind of been all i could hope for for a test. This is built mainly from ikea parts. So for the left leg i have the alex drawer unit and on the right i have a trestle and sitting on top. I have the kirby kitchen countertop, which is technically for kitchens not for desks, but it works really well also over the three or four years or so ive had it theres been no sagging in the middle either, which is great sitting on top of the carby countertop. Is this desk shelf from grove made and this really completes the overall look? It matches up really well with the kirby top, and it also gives me a little shelf on the right to store things ill, often pop my ipad air in here or slide. My phone on there face down while im working sitting on top of that shelf is the mac studio.

This is my new computer and its the m1 max variant with 32 gigabytes of ram 32 gpu cores and its got a terabyte of storage too. So it is slightly upgraded from the base model, but nothing too crazy. Ive got a few videos on this, so ill link them in the description below, but its been pretty good. So far, theres been some issues for sure and it hasnt been a totally smooth transition over from my custom windows pc, but i am getting more and more used to it and its definitely going to be my desktop computer moving forward. Speaking of that custom pc to the right of the mac studio, i have my custom mini itx, build which im currently moving over from, but im still making use of it right now for some little bits and bobs its a ryzen, 5 800x build with 32 gigabytes Of ram a bunch of ssd storage and a gtx 1070 ti graphics card for now its staying on my desk, but soon i think ill repurpose it as the mac studio becomes my main pc on the other side of the shelf. I have this really wonderful. Ipad. Stand from child gem pro thats become a major part of my setup recently. This thing is awesome, its magnetic, so my ipad just attaches to it nice and easily it rotates, so you can either have it portrait or landscape, and it just looks fantastic too. Ever since apple came out of universal control, ive been using it seamlessly with the same keyboard and mouse as my mac studio as this kind of smart second screen its been crazy.

Useful for zoom calls transferring files between my mac and ipad and just having a separate space for mobile, focused apps, which i often spend a lot of time in as a content, creator ive always been a single monitor kind of person. So getting this as an added feature to the ipad was really awesome. I did make an entire video on how im using it so ill link that in the description below as well. Moving back to the desk itself, though i have this relatively small and cheap desk mat from a quick amazon search, which is good, and i went for this because i, like the size more than anything sitting on there. I have the new fight air 75 wireless mechanical keyboard. This is a low profile keyboard and it really suits the space nicely. I really like the accent keys in different colors and the typing experience is really great. It does have rgb, but honestly, i leave it off. Most of the time, because it drains the battery life so quickly its never really worth having it on at all. Unless im working at night battery life aside, though its a great keyboard – and i dont see me changing it anytime soon for a mouse im using the classic and well loved logitech mx master 3 in grey theres, not much. I can say about this mouse that hasnt already been said, its fantastic, the battery lasts for ages and its comfortable after hours of use.

I do use speakers on my desk and ive got these ruark audio mr1 mark iis and ive been using them for a few years now and they were a little expensive, but they sound absolutely amazing and the gray colorway fits right into the setup nicely. I do have some air pod pros. I use for headphones if i have to, but, generally speaking, i much prefer having speakers on my desk. All of this revolves around my single 4k monitor. This is the dell u2720q, which i think is possibly one of the few monitors that feels like a viable option to the mac studio display, at least for my workflows. This monitor has treated me really well, since ive had it, its 4k colors are decent enough for video work and the bezel less 27 inch screen feels like the perfect size. One of the main draws for me, though, was the really good. I o its got usbc with power passthrough, which i use for the mac studio, a display port, which i use for the custom pc and an hdmi which i use for my nintendo switch setup, theres. Also, a usbc and a port on the left hand, side, which is all linked up through, so i can plug anything into here, ill often plug my ipad in there when the battery gets low is really ideal. Speaking of that nintendo switch setup, though. That brings me to the shelving, on the left hand, side of my desk.

This too, is from ikea, and each shelf holds something i like to grab quickly and often lets start with the switch setup on the first shelf, though, because i know i get loads of questions about this, the dock im using is a super minimal one from a Company called gully kit, its a third party dock, which works exactly the same as the nintendo realm, and i honestly prefer the look of it. The switch just sitting there on display looks really awesome and i know a while back that third party docs used to be a big. No, no because it caused some consoles to brick, which of course is awful, but they seem to have figured it out since this goody kit, one has been fine of my switch for about a year now and any fears of it breaking have left my mind for Sure, but i guess use it at your own risk. The switch is all linked through hdmi into my monitor and as soon as i turn it on my monitor will intelligently flick to the nintendo switch setup, so i can start playing games straight away. I love doing this when videos are rendering or if ive got 20 minutes to burn before a call or something like that, its a really fantastic little setup and im a big fan of it. The second shelf houses, my most used camera equipment. So thats mainly my go to lenses and i always keep one of my old film cameras on here too and finally, on the top shelf.

I have a selection of productivity, design and art books. I dont have loads of these, but these ones – i do have have all been really helpful in crafting what i do here on the channel or for just staying productive while working for yourself. My biggest recommendation of these is probably show your work by austin cleom. This really helped me produce more things and its full of amazing advice. If youre, a creative of any kind, highly recommended to the left of my desk setup is a recent purchase that im lowkey obsessed with this is a locker from a company called, must have made. Not only does it look awesome, but it now serves as a place for me to store all of my video gear in this nice rugged looking container and the pastel blue color doesnt make it feel out of place in my office at all before taking a look At the rest of the office space, i wanted to talk about the sponsor of this video clean. My mac x, clean. My mac x is over 12 years old now and its a really well trusted program that sifts, through all the data your mac, builds up over the years and finds all the useless files. You no longer need to literally clean your mac up and to save you a bunch of hard drive space while doing it. One of the best features is smart scan which examines your system, log files and user cache that is no longer needed.

It will do a quick malware scan too to make sure theres nothing malicious hanging around on your mac and finish up with a speed check to make sure your mac is running as squeaky clean as it can be its fully updated for mac os monterey 2, which Is ideal personally ive been using the space lens feature, a lot which gives you an overview of what files are taking up most of your space. I actually use this to find out that final cut had been making these huge render files, which i just didnt, need. Theres optimization tools too, which help increase your max performance by looking at what your mac is running in the background. Ive actually got a few here which can go by the looks of it and, amongst other things, theres a powerful malware removal tool which looks for cryptocurrency miners viruses adware and allows you to remove them instantly, its all wrapped up in a beautiful design that just won A red dot award too, so, if you want to check it out, follow the link in the description below and, of course, a huge thank. You goes out to the folks at clean. My mac x. Okay lets talk about cable management for a minute, because i know a lot of you out. There are interested in how to make your own office space neater and good. Cable management is one of the easiest and probably cheapest things you can do to make.

It look. Amazing im personally using some self adhesive white trunking for my setup, this has holes down the side of it, so i can put in a cable at any point and then route it out to any point as well and ive got this stuck under my desk and Theres a small amount on the wall too, which hides all the cabling from my nintendo switch setup, theres, probably more. I could do here to make it even more neat, but for me i think this looks great im, also really keen on adding as much art and decoration to my space as well, and that starts with this wonderful pegboard from ikea. I mainly use this as a place to hang art or prints that i cant find frames for. However, there is a second more pragmatic use for the board and its my entire camera charging station, using some sticky velcro ive attached all of my camera chargers onto here and then when i come off a shoe or if i just need to get my batteries topped Up, i pop them all onto here, and they will all charge up its a really neat way of keeping all of my chargers in one place, and the velcro allows me to take them on and off. If i need to take them with me, just to the left of the pegboard, is this skateboard deck? I picked up from a company here in the uk called route 1.

. As far as i know, it wasnt limited edition, but they dont seem to be selling it anymore, which is a shame. Oh and ive got this keep on pennant from oxford, pennant. 2.. I think these are so cool and im constantly looking on their website at buying. More, even though i really dont need them, jumping to the other side of the office, which you dont really see on camera that much, i have a much bigger wall of art which im really happy with and a nice hook to hang my camera bag. So i have easy access to it when im heading out on a shoot, this side of the office was supposed to be a more kind of chill out area, hence the sofa. But honestly, i very rarely use this side of the office. Let alone sit on the sofa, so i am in the slow process of rethinking this side of the room to turn it into something a bit more useful. I do have lots of other little things like fake plants and little boxes and nintendo amiibos and things that i really like, which just help add a little bit of personality to the office space too. Another question i get a lot is: how do you get those clean, pastel backgrounds that we see all the time in your kind of videos and on your instagram feed and theres no secret? Here i just use huge bits of card from gf smith and then i lay them out on my desk and i take the photo and usually i have to get rid of the ipad and the mac studio and pocky.

And i have to get rid of this desk shelf as well, so ive got a bit more space to do it and thats generally, how i end up doing them. What i will say is theyre. Never that perfect. My implementation of it is actually quite scrappy, but i always find if you cant make it perfect, then make that part of it so thats. Why youll very rarely see anything thats like completely clean from me. Itll always be a bit broken in some ways, and i think that always looks a bit nicer. I also want to shout out to this ikea trolley. I used to use this a lot more, but now i use it as a kind of makeshift dolly for shooting vertical content. I stick my camera on this tripod, flip it portrait, and then i film everything i need to just by moving this around and its just a really easy way of doing it, which is funny so that just about rounds up my office space for the first half Of 2022 at least, i really do think. If you have the chance to make a beautiful space to work in, then you really should youll see your output really flourish and youll just feel excited to get to work every day and honestly thats a really rare feeling to have anyway. I hope you enjoyed the video if youve got any questions feel free to ask in the comments below, and i will try my best to get back to you pop a like on the way out too.