Both have their pros and cons and i'll go over that shortly. You can see here that the machines obviously are physically different. This has more of a business kind of looked toward more of a surface to pro look so black and it's. A 16 x, 10 screen we've, quite a high resolution and the x 98 ear is 4 by 3, which i prefer i quite like. Four by three screens since getting my surface 3 pro, i actually quite enjoyed there for 3 by 2 screen that it had. This is someone similar kind of ratio here anyway, so i've done some testing with these both of these tablets and you just here, i've got on the screen or both of them. I ran some tests with the modem to see what the 3g internet speed was. What i could get out of them – and surprisingly there is a difference – is also a difference in the sim card slot. As the x10 has a micro sim card slot and the X a 98, a 3g has just a normal one, so I had to use an adapter which is quite annoying. I wish i had a micro sim slot a lot more devices using micro sim. Anyway, you can see the speeds here, there's, quite a difference. I only managed to get a download speed of 2 megabits per second in an upload of 2.34 on the x 10 HD, whereas on the the X my night air, you can see a much faster speed.

I use the same sin for some reason: it's reporting a different IP address, but it's the same sim card, and I have trying to try to put this one to try and get as on the speed – and I haven't met him to do that. Maybe it was down to network at the time, but so far it seems that the 3g speeds of two but slower on this modem, that is used i'm, not sure whether the same modem or not, ok, and when it comes down to the screens. Well, both of the screens, the touch response on both of them is really good. The brightness and contrast is good colors. Both of them are very similar when it comes to colors black levels. There is a difference between the two, I would say: the black levels are actually better on the x 98 ear through G and the brightness is our fraction or that's marginal fraction brighter on the x 10 HD and when it comes to build quality well, holding them. In their hand, I do like the feel of the the x10 bitter. It just seems more once a premium more solid because it has the uni body back on it. So it's just one piece: it's the whole back, while you do have the plastic top here, for the antennas and – and that is nice and in your hands, there's, no real noises or creeks or anything. On the other hand, when i'm using the x10 HD, i don't know if you can hear us on the microphone there's a few creeks and noises prison again, just when you're moving it and that's, where the plastic meets up on the corners of plastic, meets up with The the metal backing and it just there we go nice crack noise dead.

I am putting some pressure on it. There is a bit of noise there, okay, when it comes to ram and cpu. These are both running two gigabytes of ram and exact same cpu, which is an atom z3740 6f, with a maximum turbo boost, speed of two point: 16 gigs gigahertz, so their performance wise. They are similar, but as you've seen some of my other videos when it comes to games, there is a difference, of course, because of the resolution of these screens. So games will run slightly faster on the x9 idea. So if you want to play some store games, this is the tablet for you, then, because I'll run slightly smoother, and if you want to you're more you're, not really worried about gaming's in you, you more and to screen real estate, then you do have a higher Resolution screen here, of course, you have 2560 by 1600 on the x 10 HD. So you can see the tiles it even fits more tiles in there, and you can see the difference between on windows. What 4, by 3 and 16 x 10 screens are and a high resolution, so we'll go on to desktop here both of these machines. You can see that well, I will see one's wider ones more square now. These are there's a price difference, of course, to between these machines. The x10 HD this machine here is about an extra 80 depends. The price is actually dropping about h.

28 EU is more so you're paying extra for 43 things really for the screen higher screen resolution. For the attachable keyboard dock, which I'm finished in unfortunately don't, have it at the moment which clips in the bottom here so you i have a doc. This doesn't have a top attention minute at all. The tech x, 98 does not have anything like that, and the other thing is, of course you have a larger internal storage. You have a 64 gigabyte emmc drive, whereas you only have a 32 on the x 98 in 3g. So if it users that need more storage, you definitely might want to consider the 64 gigabyte version here, but i also go over the issues with these machines. My machine has a couple of issues here. One of them is the battery meter. The battery meter sometimes is only reporting one cell that's an issue once i drained the battery completely and recharged, it did report they're both of the cells. So my battery life was good. Individual life I've just finished draining as completely and charged in not too long ago. I managed to get from the x10 HD. I managed to get almost six hours of medium brightness, wireless and internet usage, which isn't too bad, but three of those hours were spent with the battery meter sitting at seven percent. So I don't know when it was going to turn off. I just assumed to be two or three hours, because it would only report one battery cell and fine.

It turned off and managed to get almost six hours. On the other hand, tick blast here. Well, I can get on a good day around almost seven hours, seven and a half hour battery life as X, excellent, it's, really good, so that's. Another positive here for the x 98 that the better battery life is superior and the other thing is there is a problem of Android on this tablet on the x 10 HD, the Android store, I will reboot and Android and show you the Android store is, is Broken it's not working at all and that's, really unacceptable, that's shipped out like this, it is really annoying. Having me want to throw this tablet out the window likely i'm, not really that much of a big fan of android anymore. On tablets, I used to really like Android on tablets butter after windows, 8.1. That experience has changed for me and I prefer Windows now, because it just seems to be a lot better, especially when it comes to internet explorer. How smooth that is versus chrome or the Android browsers to slob data, so that's, a dual boot menu boot into Android hearing and the Android experience is, is hampered without the play store for me screens of its smudgy. I still have the protective cover on it. The plus underneath is no better related. Both of these screens are quite smudgy with fingerprints and whatnot, so you can see boot time here is it's taking quite a while.

Booting between the operating systems is not the fastest thing in the world that is really slow than a white. Second solo. Okay, there we go. You can see that's quite laggy, that launcher this Android wrong. I like to Gloucester done quite an awful job, whether to be honest, play, store. I'Ll show you what happens retry your connection until I am connected on to my wireless network here, but it just. I can't, get rid of this message. I haven't been able to fix it. It is really annoying. So I recommend to wait if you really want android to work, Play Store and wait, wait if there's going to be a fix on the XDA forums or wait for tea glass to have an update, which there is none at the moment, then over the year update This is basically saying there are no updates found I've been told, so that is really really really annoying. In fact, it's a deal breaker really because Play Store. You do have alternatives. You can find. There is other places that mirror the apks, the apps used on the Play, Store or Amazon store, apparently works on the system, but really that's, just this, just not on it's, not good at all. So, overall you looking at these two tablets and you're, probably thinking which one should I buy well me personally, I would go for this one and the reasons I it's cheaper. I, like the 4 by 3 ratio and I'm, not really using Android, that much so I prefer to run windows on it and this system being a first batch and the first wrong.

It has this issues the build quality, the price, although the build quality, is not bad at solid. There are those creeks. This green is nice, so saying mad. What are the positives of this tablet? Well, obviously, this green, the storage and windows does look nice on it. Does run well there's, no real problems with windows, so maybe you're a person that doesn't like Android anyway. So you could buy this system and you could boot it and its tilt windows on there and completely just repartition it. So you use all of that. 64 gigabytes of emm embassy for windows only and you've got a reasonably good experience. Then you might have the issues with a battery media, but I think the battery meter problem could be linked to the dual operating system, switching between them. So so then we have it. So the two tablets here from tech last both quite different and really both of them have positives and negatives, but the X money is so far as the winner, i think all tip NASA needs to do now is make a black 64 gigabyte version of this tablet. Here – and I like that straight away – and I think a lot of other people will to dual boot – need 64 gigabytes at least minimum, and if they made a black version of this tablet, looked at 64 gigabytes, then yeah it's gon na be set up. So if you're listening tech last, please build that for us and keep it around the 200 us mark as well.

Okay, so i hope you like this video. If you did, please give me a thumbs up and post your comments. I'Ll try to reply. If i can thank you for watching and do subscribe, i will have a hands on hopefully in a week's time of the onda, the 919 dual boot tablet, which is similar to this one here same screen and i'll.