You want to be able to have a nice lightweight laptop and have the option of turning it into a tablet. This is actually a magnetic keyboard that you can remove and you can close it up easily it’s 149.99 that’s, just a little uh holder that we have on the back. Of course it will come nice and smooth for you, it’s thirty dollars on any credit card, and this is compact it’s, that 10 inch hd screen. You’Ve got a 32 gig quad core, you usually don’t, see quad core in tablets, and it has that docking keyboard, which makes it more stable, more secure, keeps it nice and protected, and it enables you to be able to type whether you’re using that touch screen on The tablet or the actual keyboard we have great colors, for you, it’s, really nice to be able to have gorgeous colors. I think some of these colors are pretty exotic as well there’s. The slate blue. This is burgundy. I just want you to see how pretty that is, that is gorgeous, and then we have it in gold and charcoal. I thought we had copper as well. Oh oh, it looks like this might be. Copper let’s see okay, so this is copper, there’s, the copper and then the gold is kind of like a champagne gold. So much memory built into this thirty dollars to get it home. My guest joe harrison is here this joe. This is the only time we’re gon na be able to see this we’re, seeing you throughout the day with our great portable tv, but we all need that boredom buster tablet and to be able to have it with that keyboard as well.

That’S incredible i’ve paid over a hundred dollars just for a keyboard for my tablet: the fact that we get a tablet and then you can use it as a computer. It really checks two things off the list there, because shannon really looks like you have a computer right there in your hand, it’s got a quad core processor which some of our most advanced computers have. But then this has that great touch screen as you’re showing it’s a big 10 inch high definition screen that’s an ips screen we’ll talk about how vibrant those colors are that are popping off the display, but it’s no longer that just one though this should be one Computer for the entire family, this should be every person in the family has their own computer, and this is really the perfect one for you, i’ve been saying it for years. My daughter has a two in one that she brings along uh for school. We got it for her for school. We got it for her for home, because the reason why is you need that tab that boredom buster and that’s what that tablet really does for you, but then, when she’s the school work, she needs to have something that’s gon na last, a long time with this One it’s going to last up to 10 hours of battery life, it’s incredible all that fits right inside your versatile uh reversal, two in one and because you have that long, lasting battery, because it’s uh the perfect size.

This really is designed to go everywhere with you. So you can, you know, get ready in the kitchen in the morning as you’re, watching your your cooking tips right there, but you notice. They also flipped it upside down. So you can put this in tint mode because there are a lot of different ways. You can actually maneuver the keyboard to be able to watch this and then with that special magnet link connection as soon as you drop that into the keyboard case, it’s ready to be used as a full, functioning computer and shannon. I even love the keyboard. The design on here they’ve designed this and really took a lot of the elements that we love in our computer there’s all these quick keys that are on the top that, if you want to hit the home button and see um, just go back to the beginning. There’S, a quick little button that brings you back home there’s, also a button on there. That brings you right that yep. If you push the little house, the second one you’re close to it, there you go. It takes you back home now, shane! If you push the fourth one in it, looks like the globe that one tap of a button brings you back to the internet. Now you’re probably not set up, but if you push the one next to that, that is your email button and on mine. As soon as i click it, it takes me to my email: some go from email to the internet to the home screen.

It happened so quick, it happens so fast. I go back to my email again. It doesn’t take me 10 minutes to log into my email. Compact knows we want to get there quickly. These are the things that we love, so you tap that one little button and you’re instantly getting there now. The reason why it happens so quickly is because, on the inside there’s a quad core processor, most tablets only have two cores or two brains. This one has four cores four brains and some of the most popular and highly reviewed laptops that we offer here at hsn are seven eight and nine hundred dollar quad quad core laptops, shannon this has that quad core processor that’s built inside. So you know whether you’re playing games on here need it for school work or just want to have that board and buster. That processor really makes a difference to really make that tablet go really far. I like that it’s got that long lasting battery, because it’s you’re completely untethered. You know we’ve been talking about our portable tv as our today’s special. You want to be able to go uh anywhere and for 10 hours. That is that’s your entire work day. Right. Okay, put it in tent mode. Like you were saying, it really is so easy. Now you can watch you can have that uh you can. You can see your like diy videos, you can watch your shows. 149.99 we’ve taken thirty dollars off and it’s that’s, like we’ve made your own it’s like we made your first flex pay right because it’s five flexible payments of thirty dollars just choose your favorite color, whichever color is kind of speaking to you, the one that you want To be able to see every day because you’ll be using this computer every single day, we have it in charcoal that’s the gold.

I want to show you the gold next to the copper, so there’s the gold and then here’s the copper just a little bit of a deeper kind of a well copper. How about that? It’S, copper, there’s, the burgundy and there’s. The slate blue everybody’s loving that burgundy and the slate blue 30 dollars for a 10 inch, hd quad core tablet, slash laptop. It really is incredible, and of course you can do your you can do your price comparisons to be able to get this much. Computer really. Is is pretty incredible and joe you’ve got you’ve, got experience with all kinds of computers, all sizes of computers and, as you were saying we may have, we may have a laptop at home that doesn’t even have quad core processing you’re right. It makes a big difference because that’s, the engine that’s, the brain it’s, the one thing you can’t expand and that determines whether it’s fast or whether it’s slow – and here i am on the google play store – and this is one of my favorite things about having a Processor that’s, so quick now the google play store is the largest app store that’s out there in existence there’s over a million different apps and games and movies and books right here at your fingertips. But a lot of times you download some of the latest and greatest apps and then all of a sudden you’re like wow. This thing is not very fast at all.

This is slow because you have this little processor, but when you have that quad core processor, you can download any of these apps any of these games and everything is designed to work so quickly and so fluidly now on the side here. Not only can you download your apps but there’s also a little memory card. We give you an expansion slot there’s 32 gigabytes worth of built in memory that’s, going to be able to store tens of thousands of photos and songs and videos tons of information. You can see the whole list is right there, but if you want to expand with it, because as maybe this is your first two in one, maybe you’re starting to learn a little bit more, what it can do every day. Well, if you want to add more memory, you can add more memory right there and expand it even beyond that. The other thing too i love about this shannon, is that we talk about being a computer. Computers have full size, ports i’m, going to get really close to the screen down there on the bottom is a full size. Usb port, a lot of tablets have the smaller one. We have to have this accessory that plugs into it. Then you lose the accessory. Now you can’t even function with that port, this being a full size. Usb port means you can plug in a mouse. You can plug in a printer. You can plug in your cricut to this.

You can plug in all these different devices and be able to to connect at once, but to show you everything all altogether. This is that google operating system, but i want to show you how powerful this thing is. So not only was i on the google play store, i’ve got my photos that was up and running i’ve got like four or five six different programs all running at the same time because of the quad core, because the 32 gigabytes worth of space. Putting all that together just makes it a much better experience. Now i told you earlier that my daughter she uses one of these um for school work. She uses one because she wants to have something she can bring back and forth that’s lightweight, but also has that long lasting battery. Well, google has some apps that come with it, there’s google play store, which you can download the google docs, which is like your word, processor there’s, google sheets, that is like the the spreadsheet program, but google recognizes that not everybody uses those shannon. You can download microsoft office and there’s no cost to it. You can download office word and excel down to your tablet. So now, if you’re used to using it on your computer, you can now use it on this one too. So if you’re familiar with the office programs, those can be downloaded. Maybe you just want to get on facebook, and you know check what’s going on on facebook.

I can instantly as soon as i click that button facebook loads up and i can see all that great content and keep up to date with everybody, even across the top there’s a high definition webcam. So if you want to zoom with your grandkids or need to zoom with your doctor for that telemedicine, you can do that too there’s, even a camera that’s built onto the back side as well. So if you’ve got two cameras that are included with it and then when you want to separate this there’s only two magnets that keep this thing docked in place. There are a lot of other tablets, a lot of other computers that have this two in one function. But what you have to do is you have to plug something in or you have to bluetooth something it becomes cumbersome. Some becomes something that you don’t want to use anymore because it’s too difficult, but this one all i have to do is just go from tablet to computer. I match up those two magnets and now i’m ready to use it as a full function. Computer again so shannon for a lot of us. Like me, i’m watching my budget, my kids need a tablet and they need a computer. This to me really checks off all the boxes because i’m, getting both of them in one nice device and the fact that it’s so lightweight means you can bring it anywhere with you. You know i’ve seen those commercials of uh kind of that the gymnastic tablets it’s like it’s, like you, can do it this way.

You can make it this way you can uh, you can use it as a tablet. It’S, so fully functioning and yet it’s got that quad core processor. For 149.99. You might be able to buy uh, maybe a a single core Music. A single core processor tablet that doesn’t have a case, but you might be able to get. I think, i’ve gotten man. I think we spent over a hundred dollars just on cases for for some of our tablets hold on a second. We talk about how easy this is. I just got to get it the right direction. It’S touch screen. Did you see how responsive it was? I even touched it. It was like okay, where do you want me to go? What do you want me to do? Shannon it will, it really does go with you, it’s, so fast and so responsive for 30 dollars, get it home and try it out and here’s our guarantee to you. This is just one of the many reasons that you love shopping, electronics here at hsn. We make it really simple and easy: we’ve got great prices: 149.99 we’ve taken 30 dollars off. We include great apps for you to get started right out of the box. We’Ve got great colors, and if this is not the perfect computer for you, we’ve got 30 days. If you don’t love it just return it, we will refund your purchase, price there’s, no restocking fee, we don’t say: oh no it’s over two weeks, 30 full days.

I want to show you the colors one more time if you’re on the phone you’re welcome to stay there. Most of you are picking up the slate blue and the burgundy. Those are going to start to be getting very limited, there’s, the copper actually, the. Oh. No sorry there’s the gold. This is the copper. The copper is actually the most limited, very unique. You know i was actually even looking on compact’s website because i wanted to see this. They don’t even have the copper available, it’s, so limited and so unique there’s. The gold and then that’s the charcoal i think, we’ve got fewer than 500 in the copper, which reminds me we’ve got far fewer than i think 300 of the red in our today’s special portable tv. So that is coming up in just a little bit that today’s special we’re everyone’s shopping electronics. Today, joe, we can’t get enough and we’re at home, more than ever, but maybe you’re at home and you’re, using a desktop, maybe you’re, using a very heavy laptop when the coffee shops open when you can get outside and the weather’s nice. You want to have something that’s lightweight, but you can still compute. You can still do your. You can still do your. You know all of your uh emails, all of your videos, all of your watching all of your chatting right and you can do it all here. I love these buttons that’s, so cool these buttons are really nice, that’s, so cool once you start getting used to them.

You’Re like oh. How do i go home? Look how fast the internet pops up, i mean that’s the thing that’s. The reason why you buy quad core you don’t realize you love it until you start using and think yeah my tablet’s a lot faster than yours. It is because it’s that quick connection, but the other thing as you’re, seeing the screen it’s so sharp it’s. So crystal clear, the colors just pop off the screen because shannon this is an ips screen, it’s the highest quality screen that’s out there. Now, when you have an ips screen, that means that the panel is made differently. The glass is actually made differently. It’S designed to allow more colors come through to give you a wider field of vision. So as i twist and turn this you’re not losing any color, it doesn’t get dark on you. It still looks as beautiful as if you’re right in the middle, but why does this really matter? Well, if you have a screen that’s this crystal clear, your eyes, don’t start to strain your eyes, don’t start to get that fatigue. You don’t start to get feel that eye fatigue after a couple minutes. This is the best quality screen that we’ve had. Not only is it going to make your videos and your photos look absolutely stunning. Wait till you watch a movie from netflix or from disney plus or from hulu, or even just watching on here. It looks so much better because you have a high definition screen that has the ips panel, that is such a rare rare feature, only really reserved for the more premium tablets, but compact is including it because compact’s been around for over three decades.

They’Ve been in this industry for such a long time longer than a lot of other companies, and they know what works best for not only the computer but also works best for you, plus on the inside, if you’re watching a movie, this has bluetooth. This has dual speakers as well, so you get amazing sound that’s on this one as well. This has a faster wi fi than we included from previous versions, so the internet becomes so much quicker because it has that quad core processor. I can tap one button. It takes me back home i’ve got that big space on the inside, where i’m able to store i’m trying to push my button and do this backwards. I’Ve got all my programs up and running because i’ve got 32 gigabytes worth of space, so i can store and download tons and tons of photos and videos and apps right here at my fingertips. And how do i get that stuff? How do i customize it? But go to the google play store and if it’s a favorite app that you love from a previous version, maybe it’s candy crush well, you can download it here. Maybe you have photos from your older tablet. You want to bring it to the new. Well, shannon here’s the other great thing about having a google google device. You have google photos that’s on here, it’s, going to find all your photos from your old tablet and now bring it to this one.

I didn’t have to do anything other than log in for the first time i click on the the google photos. Let me click it right here and what it did is it found every photo that i had on my previous android tablet, and it puts it all right here for me, so i don’t even have to drag my photos from the old one to the new. It does it for me automatically. These are little details that you absolutely love once you start using it and seeing how simple it is, but i wouldn’t be able to do this unless i had the right type of technology compact is making a two in one. Is a tablet and a boredom buster? When you want it, you can see you can flip the screen over we’re using it right there in tent mode. There is a google assistant, so you can ask how many cups are in a pint makes it pretty easy for you as well, but on top of that, it’s got that long, lasting battery 10 hours of battery quad core processing on the inside multiple ports – and you See how easy it was to connect to go from tablet mode to a computer mode. You just drop the keyboard drop the screen right into the keyboard docking station, and it becomes that simple for you with the google play store. You have over a million different apps and games and books right there at your fingertips and keep in mind 10 hours of battery life.

Shannon, i think about my cell phone i’m lucky to get two or three hours on my cell phone, which has a much smaller screen. This one has 10 hours of battery life plenty of battery, so you can end up using this thing throughout the entire day, and you know you were talking about how much fun you’re going to have with it. If you don’t have a tablet or a laptop that’s, this powerful, if you don’t, have a quad core tablet, if you don’t have one that has that in plane, switching screen that’s. Why that entire family could get in front of it and have that video call, because you can see from all angles you got to try this one out: it’s 149.99. This is not a 150 tablet by any means. It’S got that docking keyboard it’s magnetic. So you don’t have to charge up the keyboard. You don’t have to wait until it. You don’t have to connect anything now it’s ready to go. I can use it with my touchscreen. I can use it with the with the keyboard. I can attach a mouse. If i wanted to not use that track pad, but it’s all included for thirty dollars, get it home and try it out.