Changing the screen of a pc and changing the screen of a laptop can be something simple. But if you do not pay attention to the small details, it can become a headache. We will start with The most basic thing and is to learn to identify the size of the screen. We can do it in the simplest way and it is by using a tape measure and making a diagonal on the screen. This is the correct way to measure the size. The ideal is to take the marked measurement In inches. The next way we can know the size of a screen is by checking its decals. Each screen manufacturer has a nomenclature and it is very easy to understand, since it is divided into several sections and those that interest us are the first two for make it simpler. I’Ll. Do an example: look at the table. Each manufacturer is identified with one or more letters, and after these there is a three digit number. This number is the size of the bread size in inches. With this, of course, let’s review ltn according to the table represents samsung, and then it has the number 140. This means that the screen has a size of 14 inches let’s, see other examples, let’s separate the letters and look for the number. This decal is one of a screen of 15 inches. The brand is evident in this other. We only find the letter b and the number 101 that is 10.

1 inches the size of that screen. The size of the connector is very important, and the most common are 40 and 30 pins for the most recent technologies in the Most screens identify it has its trick. When we see the connector, it has a small number at its ends that allows us to quickly see how many pins it has at one end, you will find the number one and, at the other end the number 30 or 40, as the case may be.. Sometimes the mark of these numbers is not usually seen with the naked eye, so I will leave more detailed information in the description about this type of connectors. In case, you want to know er the difference between 30 and 40 pins, but as a mouth opener, I must tell you that the differences are marked by additional functionalities, such as the touch option on the screens. The location of the connector is one of the most common data to take into account, since, if you, It has a screen with the correct connector, but in a different location, the flex cable of the pc connection may not reach or that it is connected in an Unnatural way, which causes tensions or internal rupture, the above are data that we can take as keys to identify the characteristics of a screen in a superficial way. But there are data that are very important, such as the type of panel, its technology resolution that it handles and the refresh time without this data, we can make the mistake of placing a screen with a resolution that is not capable of handling the pc or with Refresh times that make the screen flicker so to be sure if we have the original screen, even If this is damaged at our disposal, we will copy the complete number of the decal that we find on the back and go to the next page that you see On the screen write it down completely so check all the decals very well in order to place the correct version.

In my case, it is 301. This page provides us with information about the panel related to that number or serial, such as the size manufacturer, refresh time type of connection, flex and type of panel technology, and we can even see all the models compatible with our pc. With this information, there is no way to go wrong when buying a new screen for a laptop. I am also sure you are wondering, and what happens if you do not have the screen for this. There is also a solution and all you need is to know the model of the pc to which the screen is going to change. We can get this information from the stickers on the PCE that are on the lower covers. above or below the battery. Everything depends on the type of pc. You can also check in the purchase invoices or through the official page from the support and follow the steps for an assistant to identify the model of the equipment. Another alternative is through the Windows, command console using a command line that you will find in the description of the video or in the comment posted as soon as you have this model. We go to the next page that you see on the screen. We place the model of the pc, you give it a search and ready. The result will be the screen With its size or resolution and the type of connector that it should have. There is more information such as the type of anchoring of the screen its thickness, but usually only with the PC model.

Will you be able to get an identical screen? Even if the idea of this is from another manufacturer type of videos is to transmit the information with the data that you would use the most if you were in the case of changing the screen. But if you have doubts in the description of the video, I have left information, More technical information, where the thickness of the screen is detailed according to its technologies, the type of support and more relevant data. Remember that if you like this type of content, do not hesitate to support us by subscribing to the channel and leaving your like opinion in the comments box.