This is my first ever sponsored video and i’m very excited in this video i’m. Going to talk about how i started taking commissions as a small artist on my previous art account at twitter if you’re just starting out and need affordable equipment. I have a tablet review in the latter part of the video before i became a v tuber, i had an art account that didn’t even reach a thousand followers, if i recall correctly. Nevertheless, i have been commissioned several times but, like you know, it’s, not big money with a few clients who went back to me several times to commission more artwork, i’ll be giving tips and advice on how you can get started with commissions as a small artist number One improve your art continuously. You don’t only need to think about getting more clients, but also the quality of the products that you are offering. I know that some people aren’t confident enough about their art, and that is okay, don’t crush yourself. But if you want a little push, you could ask some friends or mutuals on twitter and ask them what they think about your art is: do you think there is gon na be a market for it, or is it the right time to take commissions? Number two have affordable options, but this doesn’t mean that you should underprice your work. Please, please do not underprice. I think it is important for small artists to have affordable options like colored sketches, since this gives potential clients a chance to dip their toes.

They might like to see if you offer great service communicate properly and deliver the artwork on time. Okay, number three prepare well. It is very important to have multiple examples of your work for each type of commission or artwork that you are offering. It is also important to have a comprehensive terms of service or commission information page that potential clients can look at. I recommend presenting these information using something like a card or a nicely formatted google document, so you can include your artwork everything that you’ve already created your terms of service, your prices, every detail that you want to tell your potential client make it easy for them. I’Ll. Also be linking my own turn subservice in the description, so you can see what i covered in there. It is definitely not perfect, like that terms of service was just built up over time through experience and what i think the client should know as well. As you know, seeing a lot of twitter drama number four be clear about the details. This is kind of related to number three, so clients will appreciate it if you are able to give some kind of estimate of when the products will be done. I recommend putting this information in your commission information page and also when you are giving an estimate, i highly recommend giving a longer estimate than what it normally takes. You like, for example, multiply it by two or three just to make sure that you’re not likely to go over the deadline.

It is also important that you show the potential client the process of commissioning you like. What are the steps? What happens in between what happens during the commission? What kind of updates will you send, and how often are you gon na, send them, and where are you gon na, send them that kind of stuff number five promos and raffles? You could also do promos and raffles to get yourself out there. I recommend only doing these from time to time, since doing these often won’t be very good for business and the growth of your audience. Along with these, you can also offer a different variety of commissions, depending on the season, for example, christmas, halloween, valentines, etc, or have some kind of unique twist compared to regular art commissions. So, spice up your options, a little bit number six hustle. This is the largest part of the process when i am taking commissions as a small artist. I search for several keywords on twitter and just reply to anyone who’s looking to commission something. I tend to not do these a lot in one sitting, because i don’t want to flood the people who are already following me with you know, replies of me. Looking really sad and wanting someone to commission me. I would also recommend using other social media to post your art and let people know that commissions are open, it’s kind of like don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. I just exclusively use twitter since i’m, most familiar with it, and i didn’t really use instagram that much because of the amount of reposters and people stealing art but i’m.

Just trying out now, since i want to have all of my artwork in one place. Yeah number seven create a different type of content. This is not really related to you know doing commissions themselves. This is more of like helping yourself to be more. No also, this isn’t really required, but i find that creating a different type of content grows. Your audience more and in turn you will get more potential clients. You could create tutorials make custom brushes, show your art process, which is kind of like a tutorial, but yeah have a little more variety when it comes to the content that you’re making ison is gon na narrate the unboxing. So here is the thank you. Slash warranty card from gaomon and there is also a card that shows you the site where you can download the driver so on to the contents of the box. First thing is the cable it’s, a micro usb to usb a cable, i think, that’s, what it’s called? I also like how it has this velcro cable organizer thing. We also have this pen, which is not too heavy, and here is an adapter for your phone. You can actually use this tablet for your phone only for android. If i recall – and this is the pen sleeve, so you can put your pen there, so it won’t roll away – and this is the tablet itself and as you can see, there is something more inside it’s, the extra nibs and the manual of the tablet.

I actually tried counting the number of nibs here but i’m small brain i can’t count. I turned off the light, so there wouldn’t be much glare that’s. What the back looks like it has these anti slip, thingies the circles yeah and the pattern at the front shows you what the active area is. It also has four buttons, and these are all the stuff that what was in the box installing the driver was easy. Just go to the side, open the file and then click that and it’s installed. So this is what the interface looks like. You can change the pressure, sensitivity, curve, thingy right here and also test the pressure that feels good, and you can also change the express keys for different programs. So you do that by clicking the buttons and then inputting whatever keystroke you want. The same goes with the tablet itself: you just click the buttons and input the keystroke before you start with the pros and cons of the tablet. I just want to mention that gaomon is having a sale until july 18th. So if you want to get this tablet be sure to get it from them, so you could save a little money for the pros of the tablet. The texture is different from the other tablets that i have already used. I’Ve used a bamboo and what i’ve used a wacom bamboo and a huion canvas 13.. I really like the texture of this tablet, because it gives you the feeling that it’s not gon na scratch.

If that makes sense, though this might not be, you know fine for some people, since they might want something that’s matte. This tablet has kind of a tarpauline, tarpauline plastic feeling that’s. Why i mentioned that it has a sturdy feeling. I also like the pen very much since it’s, neither too light nor too heavy compared to the pen of my huion canvas 13. The weight distribution is a little bit different, it’s more equally distributed, while the pen of the vm canvas 13 has more weight. At the end of the pen, the pen also has two buttons, which i honestly find very surprising for a tablet at this price. I also really like how there are express keys on the tablet, despite its price again, because express keys are really handy, especially for people who have cramped workspaces and it might be difficult for them to reach their keyboard, and the last pros is. The tablet is really sensitive, i’m, honestly still getting used to using high sensitive tablets coming from a wacom bamboo, which has like 1024 levels of pressure compared to 8 000. This is honestly really good for someone who is too lazy to change brush sizes. So the cons for this tablet for me, is that the nib sinks a little bit when you’re pressing on it – and this might be a big turnout for some people – takes a little while to get used to it and second, the cable that is used to connect The tablet to the computer is a micro usb to usba type cable, which is honestly pretty outdated, and you might not have these kinds of cables at home final con for this tablet is that it’s small, because i’ve recently gotten used to using a bigger tablet, and My laptop has a really big screen, so the discrepancy and size is really big.

I tend to overshoot a lot when drawing, but i think that people can get used to this for me, it’s not really a good size because of how my wrist would hurt. If i use a small tablet for a really long time, so that is it for the video. Thank you so much for watching and i’d like to thank gaomon again for sending me a tablet to review. Let me know in the comments: if you found my tips helpful or mimi. Tell me some of your commission experiences.