Sarah Renee Clark has done the color purple long in a digital format and handheld format, which Im going to show you and Im going to show you how it works, because I dont know how it works. Im sure theres been films already of this before, but I thought Id do one for this yeah, so this is cut the color cuddle on going in one. Now. If I move this Arrow back and go here, we have follow me Music, two in the catalog as well. Now, if youve already purchased volume, one and two and you dont have the companion please reach out to the serenade spot theme on their website and name will be here at discount code for that and its amazing honestly. So its well worth it to get the companion. So the companion is the ones that Im mainly using at the moment, is like Widow, because I dont have the alcohol markers and outside has Christmas. I didnt have a Christmas one and I think Music, this number one is this one yeah, first time I clean up from my paper was open. You can hear a noise in the background, so Im not saying as its getting quite warm. Okay, okay. Music! Thank you guys, so these are the two ones in Texas, titanium um, but we have that one Music and there is a Christmas one, but I havent downloaded that one, but I mainly use the Black Widow perfectly go the only thing that I dont like about the Companion, its not like the catalog, where you can click onto the um.

Thank you colors and numbers um, the colors and the keywords, which is what I like. So with this one. You just have to scroll down and find the card number of your choice and were putting the screen up a little bit saying youre, choosing 0 1 18 on this side. It has a blank Swatch and then it has six column numbers here. For you, too, now the one with the Stars. If I go back up here, the one with the axis frying it, let me find it so are the food and Africa. So you can consider whether you may want to mix the color or fine and alternative on a scratch piece of paper before swatching this color on your palette, so thats why there is an Aspirus because it may not be the same. Color were at the same punching on it. So then cook here you see things together, but theyre pretty much the same. Okay, oh Music, okay lets go for volume catalog going into since Ive already opened it up. So if we go down just a little bit, we have brows like colors, and it has all your greens, blue purple, hot pink, yellows orange Hazel, very catchy, now Im looking back in that one um. Where was I I will go back behind by taking colors. It has all your colors that you can think of in here and then thats, where you get the companion and you go into a companion, and he has it all written down for you with the color numbers up close through that color that you are, after from Here so you press into your house, and it takes you back here and weve got keywords, and then it has animals.

So then you have a whole range of animals, the ocean, jellyfish, and it has a lovely color palette. So lets say we want to bring 18. now Im just like over and Im going to slide voila there you go. These are the color cubes in handheld format and I honestly love them. Im gon na move my box out of the way, because I know its going to be a little bit thick now on my shot already, I already have volume one on it because I have a picture only so I can the wrong colors that you can see It I think, some that put it on white and feelings. You cant really see the number on what they put them on color and pencils come with Collective volume, one inside my favorite. She honestly has an amazing job for me: okay, thats, where I am the instructions. So youll get an instructions in the color Cube and on the back of it it will have color names lets go through here, but using the color palette. Color palette can be used for so many creative projects and there are no specific rules on how to use. But you can use a few as many colors as you like. You can use them strictly as limited palette or you can use them as a starting point and add your own color to expand the palette further. The purpose of these colors are used to provide inspiration and help reduce creative thoughts come in the places of choosing colors.

So you can focus on the rest of your creativity. Process have much to college. The cow is on the back of each card, a print kitchen on the edge, so you can place them right up against your Mania and media and permit the colors closely as possible. It doesnt have to be perfect for your final result. So dont worry: if you dont, have systems trying to get levels of color matching food. Now it does have the clothes that you can use as well on the computer or have fun. You know it seems in shape toilet brush your partner. So this is kind of normal 080.. I love how the colors are here. Ive got the name. The number and weve got the picture on. The back is what shes talking about is it will have the names and colors as well and Ive got the hex pose. Underneath down the bottom, okay weve got the human Center, not orange gold, caramel, caramel, pumpkin, green and on this side is where she was talking about things, because where was it pink and shape? Each card also includes 20, 10 and 20 shade of each color. These can help you visualize the lighter variations. You want to expand your color range between highlight shadows in your artwork. These are just a guide, so I love the fact that you can grab say, for example, Im using my furnace, you can grab some inches huh. You know these are any numbers, but theyre, not nice.

Someone has some names, so Ill have to get that off them and then name them. So if you look closely, you can probably say that zero zero seven is a very close match for magenta and thats. How you can get them from work? So if you put your card down and see nine really remaining Music, my name is: Euro 64 could be okay, its more like a womans handsome. But you go here on this side. It looks too much smoke but theyre more into your brand, so lets go theres someone I think weve created by. So if you go in there, thats pretty cool so then, for example, weve got gold. Okay. That 15 is very close to that gold. So that ones a bit hard to do: okay, so Music. This is why Im like Music – and you can get these on her chart as well – Music um. So this is why I like to make these Swatch cards for this exact purpose. So if we were going to go for that goal, Id say it has to be whole life to API for that gold yellow. I think so. These are the cards and I find them really helpful. When I do choose my kitchen and my colors, I choose a picture first and then I choose the color, so thats volume, one and then YouTube has fallen YouTube baby here as well, but okay, look how pretty these parts are, and we got a third palette beautiful Palette my Allen steampunk, the only thing is either Music, its either 500 Music, Music, lovely container and someone says proudly – and I its just beautiful as that color and I love how it seems nice thick cardstock as well, and its not foam inside.

So it will protect your cards as well. When you come, the mountains come back in. I think I love me Music, its not sunflower. I should say so. If you Im running like I think about for me, it cost roughly a hundred dollars for the two. I came to Australia, but I think shes working on it to go into the distribution of Amazon in the UK and wherever else to make it a lot more affordable for those others to be able to send out. But yeah lets have a look at how like money doesnt match, but thats. Okay, because I like it that way, you can have it in too much colors, you ready to see thats pretty dirty, but thats. Okay Were not gon na see the front. I just like the fact that you can actually have some hand towels now and then honestly, amazing. So if you havent got yourself reset yet clean food get yourself up for bed, they are totally an investment. I have used mine Ive had mine for over about two months now. I think, probably a little bit longer than that Im, not quite too sure, and I absolutely love mine. I use mine all the time because Im color in my mind so because Ive been coloring for about four years now and after that time it tend to lose your color palettes and you want something else. So these are honestly a really good idea, but before buying loans, if you havent done so already, please please buy the color title logs volume 2.

, because this will come in handy because if you want to go black keywords and then go to Ocean Marine volume, two, So heres your ocean palette and the one thats standing out to me most is the 282, so its like 18 months old drink, I dont, know and find Music 282 thats pretty much the same color palette there. You can never go wrong and then on the back and have your colors right there on you and then, like I said, if you get the companion Music, you cant, wait to any paint should be yeah: okay, okay, Music, so 282. Bringing that up maybe a little bit and there you have this black widow, colors right there in front of you and then you can start to ring. I honestly love these. This is really honestly amazing. If you havent just enough one again, do it rub the process? If you do it all five, its changing Supply, All in One um one and two – and this opinion is paper that way and then also you can also buy the color cue within that bundle as well. So please do check that out and I hope you like this review. It was a quick review um, but I wanted to show you how to use it, and hopefully you guys get one. If you get one. Let me know in the comments down below or if youve got one or if youve got the bundle. Let me know in the comments down below and let me know how you get on using them.

I honestly use one every single day missing you um. I know Im doing the space one and I have used my color penis and space as well, and I like it because I can put my pencils on top of them and then I know which colors they, where I want them to its amazing Music grace. And I hope youll have a fabulous afternoon morning, wherever you are and have a good weekend and Ill see you next week, Music.