The spring loaded title was well deserved, so this video is me breaking down and reacting to all three of the major announcements, because there were three and each of the three was very different from the other. Also, this video is sponsored by expressvpn so for more info on that stay tuned to the end, but i’ll also have a link below on how to get three months for free. So today was april 20th, 4, 20., and it was a very busy. 4 20.. The apple event was filled with a lot of great transitions per usual. At this point, it feels like i have to watch the keynotes once for the new products, then one more time for the key specs and all the facts and information, and then one more time for the cinematography it’s really good like how is our audio so good? Where are their mics? How are they that stable on a boat in the middle of the bay? But anyway, at the end of the day, we have three new major announcements: air tags, m1, imacs and m1 ipad pros there’s chapters below if you’re, that impatient, but let’s. Just start with air tag, shall we this was the the one that we were looking forward to for the longest time they were rumored forever. It was just a question of when apple was actually going to release them so now they’re unveiled, and this is air tags. So they’re a little quarter, sized puck that connects two iphones find my network, so you can find them anywhere and they have a little speaker built in.

So you can ping them and they’ll make a noise, but the main way you’d find them is the same way. You’D use find my iphone or find my mac. Then, when you’re within bluetooth range, the ultra wideband u1 chip in iphone 11 or iphone 12 will show you exactly how far away it is and where to look and guiding you to finding it simple. But super useful air tags just make a lot of sense, and this find my network has been so useful for so long because it it runs off the backs of everyone, else’s iphones. So when someone passes by an air tag, that’s been lost, it passively updates the location of that air tag in the background, and it just keeps everybody’s stuff on the map. If you will um also, if someone finds a lost air tag, they can touch their iphone to it, and it’ll show a name and a phone number and they can get in touch with you. If that was yours, so they’ll cost uh 29 bucks for one or 99 bucks for a four pack, which i was thinking about. It that’s not it’s, not that bad that’s right about the same price as the cheapest tiles, but it’s just super well integrated like if you were picking between this and any other. If you have an iphone, this is in the ecosystem. Actually, my main question would be: what would you find with them to justify a four pack i feel like they were really smart about doing four instead of three.

So if i had four keys are the obvious one um backpack for me would be the other and then maybe maybe a pet collar, or something like that or you could give one to a spouse or something like that. It’S, pretty slim 1.25 inches tall and weighs 11 grams, so i feel, like you, can kind of put it anywhere. A tile could go it’s ip67 water resistant, it’s made of metal and apple will. Let you engrave that metal, if you’re into that with a couple letters or an emoji, but the real customization is in the color of the band. You choose to put it in also what why is the hermes version so expensive, i’m. Sorry i’ve never known how exactly to pronounce that, but the fact that it’s literally 10 times the price of the normal sleeve for the mermaid, whatever it’s called i wow, but also worth noting the spec, also lists a user replaceable cr2032 battery, which is pretty nice um. That’S, the same type of battery you might have in a watch or a garage door opener one of those circular batteries um, which is not the case for all of these find my devices, some older tiles didn’t have user replaceable batteries so when they died, you just That was it, they were dead. You have to buy another one, newer tiles i use replaceable but that’s pretty sweet. I could easily have seen apple being the company that went the opposite route and said we made a shiny metal one.

You can’t take the battery out. They didn’t nice, but yeah i’ll definitely be getting my hands on air tags, asap to show you how they work. What that experience is like how well you can actually find things with them and whether or not they’re worth the money so definitely subscribe to see that video, if you haven’t already all right next up, we got ta talk about. We got to talk about these imacs, so all the colorful teasers leading up to this event – we’re kind of hinting at new colorful imacs right, maybe it’s, hindsight 2020, but it was clearly a throwback to the original colorful imacs that came out many years ago. So here they are now it’s, 20 21 and the first colorful apple desktops and a long timer here, this new imac redesign in seven very bright, colors, red orange, yellow, blue aqua, green and silver. So the gist here is these are completely redesigned imax from the ground. Up as you can probably already tell, and they have m1 ships inside so there’s new performance, new internals and then a new outside that i don’t like very much like to me. Okay, this imac design is actually super impressive. Technically speaking, right it’s got the squared off design now, just like the pro display xdr the tilt adjustable hinge on the back, and it is crazy, thin, crazy, thin 11 and a half millimeters and the whole thing is 10 pounds which is insane that’s about the same Thickness as an apple watch, two air tags stacked on top of each other thicker than the whole computer, believe it or not fun fact.

This imac is so thin that you actually can’t plug in headphones from the back anymore, because a typical headphone jack is 14 millimeters. Deep and the whole computer is 11 millimeters deep, so they put the headphone jack on the side now at least they kept it. I actually think the size is better, but there is a larger 24 inch 4480 by 2280 display up front that gets closer to the edges and also now has white bezels for some reason and there’s still a pretty solid metallic chin that now has no logo on It and it matches the color of the back of the imac and the base, and the sides are actually a different accent color than the back and the chin. So basically, the red imac will have a red body and red sides, but a salmon colored chin and stand it’s. An interesting two toned look they’ve got going on and then the insides are completely redesigned around that m1 chip. Now we already knew the m1 chip was great in the macbook air and the baseline macbook pro, but also in the mac mini. So it makes perfect sense that well there’s, actually tons of room inside this imac to continue to be great, plus they’ve dropped. An improved camera system and speaker system in here, but apple actually showed the inside of the imac and just look at this thing. Most of the computer is just in those tiny pieces down at the bottom and like a slot.

Basically, where that chin is the rest, is all thermals and ribbon cables. They also made some color matching accessories like this magic mouse and track pad and a new magic keyboard that has a touch id fingerprint reader in the corner: very cool uh, but just it’s ugly right i’m. Not crazy am i. This replaces the 21.5 inch intel, imac and there’s got to be a larger 27 inch, imac replacement coming with like an m1x chip or something, and i feel like that version has got to have a way smaller, chin and way less crazy, colors again this machine. Despite me, thinking it’s, pretty ugly is technically very impressive, being this thin fitting a whole computer in such a thin profile, getting dolby atmos supporting speakers in there, the performance of the m1, the instant wake, all that great stuff that comes from the m1 chip. That is super great. The power adapter that it comes with plugs in magnetically, into the back, with a color matching, cable and there’s, an ethernet plug on the brick of at least some of the specs. So you don’t have to have a cable that runs all the way up to your desk four usb c ports on the back, two of which are thunderbolt 3.. I wish there was an sd card slot, but it looks like there isn’t one also. There are only two ports if you buy the cheapest model, but the fact is i saw this and it was really cool to see colored imacs again, but this imac is only really pretty from the back like you, you get it out the box and you’re.

Obviously, like wow, this is super thin. You put it on your desk, then you never see the back again. I have no idea how thick these monitors are. I also don’t really care two inches three four inches. I don’t really care, so i personally think it would have made a ton of sense for apple to put most of this computer stuff behind the display, instead of in the huge chin and make this imac a bit thicker right now, it’s literally half an inch thick. Maybe make it one inch thick, i don’t know one and a half. It would still look great. It would still be very thin, but it would look way better without that chin, oh and then turn the bezels back to black, while you’re at it. Please, i’m. Never gon na get a real answer about why exactly they did it this way, maybe it was thermals that they couldn’t put it back there i don’t know, but what i’m pretty sure of is that that’s exactly what they’re gon na do with a higher end? M1X 27 inch imac that comes out probably later this year, that higher end redesigned version will probably look much better because at the end of the day, keep this in mind this bright, beautiful, new imac we’re, looking at is just replacing the baseline 21 and a half Inch model, which was not very up to date, there were people complaining about. You know it maxes out at 512, gigs of storage, the one it’s replacing maxed out at 256 gigs of solid state storage.

Then it would do like a one terabyte fusion drive. So this is actually a much better computer than the 1080p outdated 21.5 inch imac that it replaces, but i feel like there’s, no way future higher end apple. Silicon imacs, look like this with the white bezels in the chin i’m. Just saying also, i was scrolling through the site just like looking through the design and if you get to just the right point on the page it’s at this moment where it’s like changing colors and it looks like this kind of split tone. Imac and it looks actually pretty sweet, but you can’t buy a split tone. Imac i’m sure dbrand’s already on top of this, but anyway last but certainly not least, was the third and final big announcement, which was the new m1 powered ipad pros, which again are very technically impressive, because you know the thing we are all worried about with the Ipad pros is: are they too slow, not really, but this new ipad pro is in the same familiar design still just as thin and impressive and unibody metal, as ever, but it’s now powered by that crazy, powerful and efficient m1 chip – and this is super curious to Me, the a12z bionic was already pretty incredible for the ipad pro and it was optimized for a device with that thermal profile and with that battery the m1 chip in an ipad just seems like huge overkill. So this is now an even more powerful tablet than ever before.

Widening their gap and the m1 chip now also means that the usb c port at the bottom is now a full on thunderbolt port for those high speeds. There’S now up to two terabytes of mac storage on the ipad pro, which is massive, and it gets 5g support on top of that already pretty useful cellular option and then the larger only the larger 12.9 inch ipad pro gets upgraded to a mini, led display. So this is something we’re also looking forward to for a while. Some of us were secretly hoping for oled. The ipad pros have been 120 hertz lcds for a little bit. This is probably just as good so now. This 120hz display will have 1600 nits max brightness and hdr supports the full p3 color gamut and there’s about 2600 local dimming zones, for hopefully some really deep, inky, blacks and sharp high contrast, bright scenes, but i’m really looking forward to seeing what that mini, led ipad. Pro looks like versus the lcds we’ve seen, but it should be great for things like photo editing. Whatever video editing you might be doing on the ipad, but also especially watching movies, because let’s face it. A lot of movies on ipads have the black bars at the top and the bottom. Those should be even darker, since pixels are off even more inky blacks when watching movies, so should be a pretty good upgrade i’m. Just super curious: if we’re actually going to notice a performance difference between the a12z and the m1 chip in an ipad pro, i mean it’s it’s, just ipad os at the end of the day and it’s going to be doing processing and maybe those types of compilation Times are faster, but will battery life be better? The ipad pro actually has a bigger battery than the macbook airs, but you know it’s 120 hertz display, so it balances out.

I don’t know we’ll have to test we’ll have to see, but hey at the end of the day. Even if this thing is nuclear, powerful, it’s still an ipad, so it’s going to be amazing at all the things that ipads were already pretty good at, but also just as limited. So i mean this there’s, nothing i’d, like more than to try final cut pro on a small 3k touchscreen with an m1 chip, but i can’t because ipad, but hey at least good, on apple, for not resting on their 30 million light year. Lead on performance, specifically in tablets, but yeah that’s, basically it those are the three big new bullet points. There was also some other small stuff announced at this event: there’s a new apple tv, 4k and there’s. Also, a new remote for the apple tv, which is nice there’s, also a new purple, iphone 12., so mid cycle refresh stuff. Honestly, i probably will end up making a video on that we’ll see. But those are the those are the main things and my reactions and my thoughts to them anyway. Let me know in the comments what you guys think of the announcements, but specifically do you also think the new imac is as ugly as i do, because i seriously anyway uh there’s a lot of other hands on and more videos on this sort of stuff. Coming up so if you want to see that, if you want to see air tags in action, if you want to see a purple iphone, but if you want to see the new ipad pros and m1 imacs be sure to subscribe, so you can be first in Line to see that stuff hit the bell, even while you’re down there anyway, thanks for watching now a word from the sponsor shout out to the sponsor of today’s video expressvpn.

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