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Have you ever wondered what it feels like to own a vintage Nokia phone? Today, we are going to explore the Nokia N810 Internet Tablet, a rare and luxurious device that is now 16 years old. Despite its old age, this tablet still holds its charm and showcases Nokia’s commitment to quality and innovation. Let’s take a closer look at this remarkable piece of technology.

The Nokia N810 Internet Tablet has been a popular device for over 16 years and has become a symbol of luxury and sophistication. In this article, we will explore the various features and applications of this classic Nokia tablet in 2023.


The Design

At first glance, the Nokia N810 Internet Tablet exudes elegance and sophistication. The front of the device features a 4.13-inch screen with the Nokia N810 branding and indicators for the webcam, sensor, and buttons. On the left side, there is a speaker, while the bottom side includes a deck stand for easy placement on a table. The right side is equipped with various slots, including a micro USB port, audio jack, and speaker. The top side features a full-screen button, volume control, and a lock switch. Additionally, the device includes a stylus and a sliding mechanism to reveal a QWERTY keypad on the back with navigation buttons.

The Features

Turning the tablet over, you’ll find the Nokia N series branding and the mention of Singtel, a cellular operator from Singapore. While there is no SIM card slot, the tablet supports WiFi connectivity. The Nokia N810 Internet Tablet is equipped with a model N810 and boasts an RX44 type. Despite its age, the device is still in good condition with minor scratches and dirt, which is understandable given its age. Overall, it still manages to impress with its sleek and advanced design for its time.

User Interface and Functionality

The Nokia N810 Internet Tablet features a simple and user-friendly interface. It supports both touch screen navigation and the use of the stylus, thanks to its resistive touch screen. However, not all functions can be accessed via touch screen, as some require the use of buttons. The device includes icons for battery status, connectivity, volume, and brightness. The middle part of the screen can be customized with widgets, and the left side provides access to various categories of menus, such as internet browsing and social media applications. The control panel offers additional settings and options for customization. The tablet operates on the Mymo Linux-based OS 2008, also known as the Internet Tablet OS 2008.

Memory and Camera

The Nokia N810 Internet Tablet comes with a divided memory system. The device offers around 251 MB of dev memory and 116 MB of internal memory. The internal memory capacity is approximately 18.83 GB, leaving around 175 GB of available space. Unfortunately, the built-in camera is only suitable for video calls and cannot be used for regular photography.

Pricing and Availability

The Nokia N810 Internet Tablet was first released around 2007 and was not officially sold in Indonesia. The estimated price for this luxurious device was around 4 million Indonesian Rupiah. Despite being part of the N series, this tablet remains a rare find for collectors

The Nokia N810 Internet Tablet: A Luxurious 16-Year-Old Device

When we think of Nokia, we often associate it with iconic mobile phones like the Nokia 3310 or Nokia 8310. However, Nokia also ventured into the tablet market with its Nokia N810 Internet Tablet. Released in 2007, this device has now turned 16 years old, but it still exudes a sense of luxury and sophistication.

Specifications & Design

The Nokia N810 is not just a regular smartphone; it is a tablet that was ahead of its time. It features a Toap 2420 chipset with a clock speed of 400 MHz, 128 MB of RAM, and 2 GB of internal storage. The device boasts a TFT 4.13-inch display with a resolution of 480×800 pixels. The tablet is powered by a 1500 mAh battery and runs on the Internet Tablet OS 2008, which is a variant of the Maemo operating system.

Web 2.0 Experience

One of the standout features of the Nokia N810 is its internet capabilities. It supports web 2.0 functionality, providing users with a web browsing experience similar to that of a PC in that era. The tablet’s browser is based on Mozilla technology and even supports Flash 9. Additionally, the Nokia N810 offers internet telephony and video calling support via Skype. Users can also stream music or videos and access Maps using the built-in GPS functionality.

Focus on Internet, Wi-Fi Only

The Nokia N810 was primarily designed with internet functionality in mind. However, it does not support cellular data connectivity and can only be used with Wi-Fi networks. Unfortunately, as technology has evolved, many of the internet features of the Nokia N810 are no longer functional. The device does not support the latest web technologies, and many of its pre-installed applications have had their servers shut down. As a result, its internet capabilities are severely limited.

A Device for Writing and Sketching

In addition to its internet features, the Nokia N810 also serves as a tool for writing and sketching. The device can be operated using a physical keypad or a touch screen. Although the keypad may not be the best in terms of quality, it still provides a decent typing experience. For those who prefer a more traditional way of writing, the touch screen allows users to scribble or draw on the screen.

Basic Multimedia Functions

As a tablet, the Nokia N810 also offers basic multimedia functions. It has a built-in image viewer, video player, and music player, allowing users to enjoy their favorite media files on the go.

Speaker Features

One notable feature of the Nokia N810 is its stereo speaker system. It provides an impressive sound quality, making the device perfect for enjoying music and watching videos. The speaker system is on par with modern smartphones, offering a satisfying audio experience.

Application Manager

The Nokia N810 comes with an Application Manager that allows users to download and install various applications. Although the server for downloading applications has been shut down, users still have the option to modify and add to the active catalog. This enables them to personalize their device and access a wide range of applications from other repositories.

Repository Search

The active catalog, also known as the repository search, plays a vital role in enhancing the functionality of the Nokia N810. One example is the repository known as “mamoo.” This repository offers a variety of applications that users can access and install on their tablets. It provides a familiar platform for users to explore and discover new software options.


In conclusion, the Nokia N810 Internet Tablet continues to be a beloved device even after 16 years. Its impressive speaker system and versatile Application Manager make it a valuable gadget for multimedia consumption and personalization. The repository search feature adds an additional layer of functionality, allowing users to expand their application options. Despite its age, the Nokia N810 remains a luxurious and sophisticated choice for tech enthusiasts.

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