Whenever we have a new video coming out, we have some great classic movie, merchandise below and now let’s go see the greatest guy in the world. The one and only steve hayes the tired old queen at the movies. Oh johnny come on johnny. We hadn’t done a film noir in a while, and you know i love them, so i decided to do 1947’s crossfire directed by edward demetric and starring robert mitchum, robert ryan, robert young gloria, graham sam levine. This is an interesting film because it combines not only film noir, but with the message movies from the late 1940s. It deals with the murder of a jewish man by three soldiers in on leave in new orleans. One night originally was taken from a novel by richard. Brooks who later won an oscar for his screenplay for elmer gantry and is a director directed such films. As looking for mr goodbar, sweet bird of youth, katana, hot tin, roof blackboard jungle, the murdered man in the novel version of the bricks, foxhole was a homosexual and the novel was a hit. But when rko bought it they said the censor said absolutely not. There can be no mention of homosexuality whatsoever, so they turned it to a jewish man and decided to make a film about anti semitism. Do you know the kind i’m not sure that i do it’s? What kind? Oh, you know some of them are named samuels robert ryan, who was one of the most liberal and wonderful actors in hollywood.

At the time, plays this character, montgomery who’s, just this seething bigot. He was in the service with richard brooks when brooks wrote the novel and said to brooks if they ever make this in a movie. I want this part and, as it turned out, he got it. He also got an academy award nomination for this performance what’d. You have to go after the guy for crime, any money why’d, you have to start, and i hate him. Joe is gon na. Tell me how to drink his stinking liquor. 4G eyes are having drinks together at this bar. One of them is really really really lonely and very homesick it’s right after the war. This movie has a lot to do with displacement of servicemen after the war and how they had come from all this battle. They had battle fatigue, they had post traumatic stress and they didn’t know how to deal with it. So this nice, jewish man, goes over and starts a conversation with this gi and says why don’t you come up to my apartment you’re. This is a crazy time in everybody’s life, everybody’s lives have been changed, irrevocably, come up and we’ll talk, so they go up and talk. Well, while they’re talking there’s a knock on the door and he goes, he opens up the door and the other two guys come into the apartment, hi it’s sammy. We come to the party, the gi, who’s feeling really sick and homesick is too drunk and he leaves the apartment and the jewish man ends up dead.

Now robert young comes to the scene of the crime he’s the detective and he pulls in some friends of this man because they can’t find the other. The gi who left and the way things are. His wallet was found near the body and he’s the one who’s implicated in the murder, and so his best friend is and roommate is robert mitchum and robert mitchum’s character is really interesting because he’s the level headed one of them all he sort of has that raw Expression that mitchum always has – i haven’t seen my wife for two years. When i do maybe we’ll pick up again, i don’t know maybe we won’t, but i don’t worry about it now special isn’t, like that. He knows that his roommate did not commit this murder and he knows who did commit the murder but he’s going to make robert young try to figure it out for himself and robert young finally looks at him and says you know: who did this didn’t? You robert mitchum, said yeah. I could have told you a long time ago, it’s montgomery robin ryan. I should have known right away, i guess, but the motive was so simple, so general that it slipped through the machinery. Now the thing they have to figure out where the poor gi is, who missed his wife is, and where is montgomery, the only other character that was with montgomery robert ryan. Is this guy floyd played by steve, brody and he’s a talker and montgomery knows that montgomery? Has him stashed in a hotel and he goes over and he gets really sadistic with brody.

You just went crazy. I didn’t do nothing. The same was either except i flicked him like that. Not that hard, maybe stopping money it’s not and when the police finally figure out where brody is they go there brody’s dead and he’s hanging, i miss from his own necktie, so montgomery has killed him too, and yet they can’t prove it on him. Yet. Well, robert mitchum has hid this poor soldier, the one that they’re accused of up in this movie theater and the soldier begins to tell him he says what do you remember when you left when you left levine’s apartment? What do you remember? I remember a street sign. I couldn’t read it Music and he says well, i was lonely and, and i went to a bar and i met a girl. He says you met a girl who was the girl because her name was this jenny Music? Could we just go dancing what’s? The idea saying a thing like that: i’m sorry, i didn’t mean to insult you, but she takes pity on him and she goes. Would you like me to make you some spaghetti sure i live at the regal apartments in southern street? You could wait for me. So the cops go to her apartment and she’s there and she’s very defensive, and she goes what’s the matter with me. Why can’t i make somebody spaghetti. Why can’t i talk to somebody. What does that make me a or something what’s, the matter with you and they bring his wife it i wouldn’t be able to remember he’d, remember mitch, why does he have two heads or something you danced with? Oh, you danced to the mountain back of where you work in a sort of garden, she’s, absolutely wonderful and she got an oscar nomination for this and gloria graham always said this was her favorite role.

The suspense really builds because they’ve got to trap robert ryan and he may leave town he’s a gi on the run. Well, there was this other gi that was with them at the bar who’s, a southern boy, really innocent, really innocent southern boy played by william phipps. His name’s leroy robert young calls him into his office leroy into his office and says donna says he calls you a hillbilly doesn’t. He says you’re dumb, he laughs at you because you’re from tennessee ignorant men always laugh at things that are different. Laura you can help me catch montgomery. You can help me, but you got ta. Have courage, you can’t be afraid. Well, i don’t know if i can do it. He’S gon na know i i’m telling a lie. He’S gon na know he won’t know i’m gon na. Tell you exactly what to say. Leroy goes back to the barracks and montgomery is in the bathroom shaving and he takes his shaving gear and goes in, and this scene develops between the two of them in which leroy plants, the idea that he hasn’t really killed. Brody back in that room and that brody’s still alive and he’s gon na squeal on him to the police, he said: you’d give him some money to go away. I must have left in my room. Let’S go see if we can find it leroy and you go he’s gon na kill him he’s gon na kill him he’s gon na kill him and the suspense just mounts and i’m.

Not gon na. Tell you how it works out, but it was a controversial hit when it opened and because demetrics said i didn’t really want to shoot a film noir. I basically usually the great amount of money went to the lighting of films and the technical aspects of film and none to the actors. He said, but i was an actor’s director, so i said instead, i want the greater amount of money to go to the actors, because their performances are everything and let’s just shoot it with as little lighting as possible, not knowing that it was going to turn out To be a classic noir and the mood is fantastic, every character is on the money they’re doing the best work at the top of their game, crossfire open because it was shot so fast, crossfire managed to open before the big anti semitic hit of the year, which Was gentlemen’s agreement which ended up you know taking all the oscars crossfire was nominated for seven academy awards, including best director best picture best supporting actor for robert ryan. Best supporting actress for gloria, graham, but just as the oscars were approaching, demetric was accused of being one of the hollywood ten and was called before the house of un american activities along with the producer of crossfire, and they always figured. That was the reason crossfire. Didn’T, win more crossfire is actually a better movie on the subject than gentlemen’s agreement, it’s more gutsy it really.

It really gets to the root of the problem. A lot in a lot more realistic way and demetric later became a friend because his career was ruined and he went to prison and he was scared he got out and he named names. He became a friendly witness and he regained his career in hollywood, but it tainted the rest whole rest of his career. This movie is gritty, it’s got a pace and a style, and these actors, as i said, are right at the very very peak of what they could do and i think you’re going to be fascinated by robert ryan, robert mitchum, robert young gloria, graham paul kelly, sam Levine, steve brody and edward demetrix, classic crossfire let’s all go to the lobby. No, but i’ve got to talk about them because their characters are important.