Now this is a new brand for me and this particular laptop is powered by the Celeron N3450 gigabytes of ram 128 gigabytes of SSD storage, and it is very thin super light. It weighs just over a kilo. So a very portable machine, but it has a definite deal breaker for a lot of people, and that is, it only has on the side here, a USB 3.1 type C port and then a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack on the right of it. So if you want source side port, then this clearly is in the model for you, but what it does have is fingerprint security super portable, a full metal build and a 1080p 12.5 inch screen. So let's have a look at it now in greater detail this one. I picked up from Gearbest now. I also believe that this is also the under Xiaoma 21, which is very similar model, but that one has full sized USB port on it. So the notebook here comes in only gold. Unfortunately, I would have preferred a silver version. We have a user manual that is in English and yes, they have included and adapters we're, going to need this, of course, because this is all full size, USB 3 HDMI and then the type C for charging, because this has only one type C port on it. Type C to type c, cable and the charger here: 2 prong. I think it's yeah, two prong us store that just flicks out and it is rated to 12 volts 2 amps.

So the main attraction of this notebook is its weight and they claim it weighs just over 1.4 and it is one point: zero, eight kilos which is really light. Okay, so very light very thin and an all metal design, and not a lot here to show you port wise. This is the breaker for many. It doesn't even have a microSD card slot on it, which I feel is a bit of a design error. So just the type C port on here and a status LED on the left side on the back. We do point some plastic here. This is for the wireless AC antenna, reception and Bluetooth, and on the right side, they have at least included a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack that supports microphones. Now that you can see if it can be opened up with just one hand, not quite and that's. As far as the lid will go back because the top of it, the bottom – so those would say, is actually touching right here. So why go back any further because the feet aren't high enough? Just to give you idea how super synthesis you can see their side on, but yet it is really really thin. I'M going to measure. It comes in at seven point: seven millimeters there now with the lid. This is the thickest part around here. I think it's around 12 millimeters, so very thin, so it's got a pre applied protector on the palm wrist, which is made all out of metal.

The keyboard pressing down hard here seems to be quite firm, key feel good, good travel to them so get this removed, and they have actually put some stickers on there that we don't often see on the Palmer s time, counselor I'm. A fan of that and at the top there's also a screen protector and along the front here we have two microphones, either side of the front facing 2 megapixel webcam. The screen looks glossy to me but I'm, not too sure until I pull off the screen protector here, that's on there and yes, it is a glossy display, actually it's, not a glossy display. I can see underneath it's a matte display. This is a screen protector and I just pulled off the top layer right because there are a couple little specks of dust along here. So you can decide whether you want glossy or matte just by removing the protector that's on the screen and inside the touch pad. Here we do have a fingerprint reader there for fingerprint security, so you can use Windows hello to unlock that by just placing your scanned finger on top of it, and it should unlock straightaway time to power it on now. The power button location is in a bit of an awkward position and it's, not any more resistant than the other button, so it could accidentally be tapped now there's a way around us, of course, that in Windows settings you can set the power button to actually do Nothing so powered up really quick.

It came up with administrator account that someone has already created, which isn't a good sign, so normal would probably go back and do a full factory reset just to be safe. But I think it's just because someone's gone and set it up and check for fault, possibly gear bears that have done this. So first look at the screen. I'Ve got at 100 brightness at the moment and the viewing angles and everything seem. Okay. I'Ll show you those in just a second, but that is the brightness at zero percent, which is very dim, which is going to make it ideal for using late at night, with absolutely no lights on twenty five percent. Fifty seventy five and then back on to 100 D, which seems to be brighter now, so you can see that it has decent viewing angles. Definitely an IPS panel doesn't shift out either like those team panels do to me. It looks just like the same screen that I've seen on the show me me: notebook err, the 12.5 inch version, so just a couple of things here to point out in the device manager, the SSD 128 gigabytes, no idea what brand it is. First, I thought it was going to come with an emmc 128 gigabyte one but it's good to see the views in SSD our benchmark that later on in the review, and we do have the same Intel dual band wireless AC, the three 165 chipset that I've seen In many other devices very common, and it does perform quite well now – there is a problem here with the eland fingerprint reader that's for the added security that's built into the touchpad here, of course, for some reason it looks like this is not going to be working At the moment, doesn't have the drivers installed properly there so I'm going to have to try and solution that and fix that find a solution I should say, but you should never have to do this when you get a new device, have a problem straight away.

So I'm not good to see this so just testing out the keyboard here it actually seems fairly decent a lot better than the vo v book version. Three that I've just recently looked at. We had the boys keyboard and the world. This one feels really good there's, like no flex on that refirm decent feedback from the individual tees they're good travel now there's, some good news about the touchpad. It is detected in Windows settings as a precision touchpad. So what this means is we're able to disable those gestures but got full control over it. The accuracy of it and the speed seems good. So the finer movements and quite accurate we do have incorporated left and right mouse buttons in there. So it's not just only gestures, it's, not one of those horrible trade plans like that, but overall, so far, so good we're able to close things down no problems. I do feel that it said touch pad that I'm going to be able to use without having to resort to plugging in a mouse which is great because remember this only has one port on it, so we don't want to be losing one of those ports or Having to using the depth of, should I say on the type C port just to use a mouse okay, so I've just struck a rather major issue here with the CD key they've used. It says here that Windows is activated using your organization's activation service and telling me I need to change the product key, which is crazy.

This is a brand new laptops or wine earth. Do I have to supply it or buy my own key here. This is really bad that should not be happening at all. So, while I can't see where the speakers are, their internal ones is no speaker girl whatsoever on the bottom of it. You can hear from that that they've got a bit of volume to them. They sound. Alright, there is a tiny hint of bass, some meds and a bit of treble there. So the speakers aren't the worst I've heard on these laptops out of China – have a one terabyte hard drive here and my type C adaptors so I'm going to check and see. If it's going to be out of power, that's Drive, take we hit the confirmation beep there from Windows, and, yes, that is working, which is great to see that it can power external hard drives. Now that included a depth only gives us one full size. Usb 3 port, but you can of course use other ones. For example, let's have it one that I've got? There has three USB 3 ports there. So one on this side, full SD card reader, one USB port there and then another and of course, in the type C, and therefore charging and full size HDMI. Now I did check this out. I went over to my 4k monitor plugged it in it worked but I'm only getting 30 Hertz that's. All it does that's all the Apollo Lake can do so: 4k, 30 Hertz maximum output and yes, data and charging.

At the same time, everything was working. So it is possible to use this just like a 1 port dock. You can have it all connected up to a monitor. Have your keyboard connected your printer and other things and to simply go along plug it in it will charge and can't you up to everything and for those of you who want to see if it's going to run Linux. This is then expand, djaro, r17 and everything is working so far that I can see so things like brightness that's find the audio is working, but what isn't, working apart from all of that is the touchpad, so touch pad driver problems there you'll have to hunt around And find a solution for that Wireless is working. I don't know whether it will install on to the hard drive. I haven't got to that point. Yet. Ok, so not exactly off to a good start here with the civil top here. The fact that I need to supply my arm or Windows 10 Pro key to upgrade it or a Windows – 10 home key, I feel, is inacceptable. Why should this be happening when this is a brand new laptop? So there used a forged key or some other key and really it's, just not on the other thing is there's a problem with the drivers for the eland fingerprint reader there I need to find out and hunt around hopefully, Windows Update will have those drivers to fix That, but besides that and the obvious con that we don't have full size ports on here or a micro SD card reader, they were going to have to use that adapter they've, given us in the box, at least, which means that's another hassle.

To always like that. Around besides that, it's really like really thin as you've seen super portable now, the keyboard does feel quite good to type on happy with that and the book one of the overall is really quite good. Decent 12.5 inch screen, the touchpad supports, gestures and we've got full control over because it is detected as a precision touchpad with the correct drivers on there everything. So if you don't, like the swipe up and down minimize, you can go and disable that you've got full control there and it feels accurate and fast. So that is really good. So at this point, it's really hard to recommend this because it's expensive now the under shoulder 21 could be better than this, because you got the full size, ports and this basic build, and as mentioned, I think it could be the same ODM. So the same guys that are making this and, of course, it's just being rebadged under onder's name or civil tops name.