5 inch laptop is the civil Book Air, according to my box, but it's also known as the t book air and the Xiaoma 21 from under, but that model has two USB 3 ports on it and a micro SD card anyway. It'S very light. This thing is only one point: zero eight kilos, so super portable, full middle design, and it is around about 13 millimeters thick, as you can see very thin, but before we go any further, it's got some rather large deal breakers on. You should know about on the right hand, side we just have a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack and on the left, a type C port that is it port. Wise is nothing else, so if you're summer, that hates carrying around adapters, even though they do include it in the box, then this isn't going to be clearly the laptop for you, the included adapter. They give. You is just a USB 3, then HDMI out and power and that's it. You only got one USB 3 port, but you can use adapters like this. One I've got this habit that I'd rather like, and that gives me full sized HDMI to display out type C in for charging and three USB 3 ports. Not only that also a SD card reader and because it's, a Type C hub that does support continual data charging and display out all at the same time it can be used as a 1 port hub, which is what I'm doing so all I needed to set This down on my desk got my monitor already connected up my USB mouse and keyboard, plug that in and straight away, I've got everything and charging all at the same time, but I must admit it is quite a hassle to have to always carry around and adapter For this, if I want to access my micro sd card or a USB pendrive, so it is powered by these super common cell Ron.

N 3450 witches in a polo like CPU it's, got 4 gigabytes of RAM, comes with Windows, 10 home, but there's another con here straight away that it doesn't have a valid license with it. So it keeps asking me to activate windows, so you need to supply your own CD key with this model, which is not good straight off the bat we should never have to do. This it's also got wireless AC and 128 gigabyte SSD once you first boot it up. You have approximately 106 to 105 gigabytes free on that M.2 SATA 3 SSD. So the screen there's a 12.5 inch IPS panel. That is glossy what I felt it was at first, but it turns out it's got a screen protector on it. Once you move that remove the screen protector, its then mat underneath so you can decide. Where do you want to keep it on for the glossy panel or remove it? If you get sick of the reflections now, the panel itself has a maximum output of 430 Lux, which is very decent of the bright screen and the calibration of it I'm. Fine to be quite good, the whites are neither warm nor too cool and offers good colors now you're, seeing on camera a little bit of flicker here, but that only happens on camera to the naked eye. Looking at this now, I can't see in event flicker, so it's got a very nice screen on there now the keyboard on it, even though it's 12.

5 inches is reasonably spacious, pressing down hard, there is very little flex on that keyboard firm. I, like the response of the keys: they've got 1.4 millimeters of travel and overall, not a bad keyboard or one of the better ones. On the Apollo Lake laptops, however, the power button could be in a better location. It has the exact same resistance as the other keys, but so far I haven't accidentally triggered it palm rest has virtually no flex. The whole thing is really solid made out of metal. You only get a bit of plastic on the rear for the wireless antenna reception. Now there is a big problem with what is hard to see on camera right here: there's a fingerprint reader. Now this is an eighth land, fingerprint reader and I've searched on the official website. I'Ve downloaded I've tried driver updating software. Whatever I do, I cannot get this. Damn thing to work and I've wasted a good hour or so trying to fix it got a problem with the drivers on there. Maybe it's hardware related, maybe it's, another driver conflicting with it, but I cannot get it to work. The touchpad itself, though, is very good. It'S decent, I like it, I don't have to resort to using a mouse which is great, because we've only got that one port on the side here and you don't want to have to give that up using an adapter and a USB mouse. It does support gestures and it is a precision touchpad, so we have full control over those gestures, you're able to disable the ones that you don't like so the front facing camera is a two megapixel one according to Windows, even though these stats on the website claim That it's only VGA but it's telling me they can record 720p 30 frames per second.

But when I have recorded images using the webcam here, it is really quite poor and not a good webcam at all that's on this now the microphones, as you can see those two little dots left and right of the webcam right here I like the location of Them because normally the microphones down on the keyboard, you get a lot of vibration and feedback from the keys, but they aren't particularly good mics, either so webcam and microphones. I would rate as about a six out of ten on this particular laptop, so the frame around the screen has a little bit of flex to it, but overall it's quite solid and even the lid pressing down. So if you're going to put this in a backpack with some books pressing up against it, I don't believe that the screen and the keyboard are going to be pressed up, causing scratches on the screen here, because it seems really quite solid to me. So when it comes to speakers there is no visible speaker grille on here, so they're not either upwards or downwards buying speakers, but I feel that they're coming through the keys, so they're just internal speakers here let's have a listen to how they sound overall there aren't Too bad I have heard worse and I ever better. The loudness of them is okay. There is a little bit of distortion and vibration at 100 volume. Now the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, which is on the right hand, side here, outputs, clean audio there's no static over it and it seems reasonably loud too so.

I'Ve got here an example of the battery life that we get out of it. It'S got a 30 watt hour battery in there, which equates to 8 thousand milliamp hours more or less now at the screen on 100 brightness and just internet use, and you can see that it's going to tell me I've got around 4 hours, so that's not good. At all, that is bad, but it is 100 cm bonus. Now, if I chop the brightness down to 25 50, I can squeeze around 5 and a half hours out of this, so the battery life is really not good at all. It should be so much better. Considering how light and portable this is, it is just leading it down. I would love to have all day battery life or lift 7 or 8 hours that you can get out of other Apollo 8 powered laptops like the easy book 3 pro or the chewy lap book 14.1. So I needed to confirm a few things. The exact size of the SSD and the exact location of those speakers, and the only way to do that, of course, is to open it up and have a look so very good. Build quality here, everything's screwed in place battery is screwed down. We can see the wireless AC chip there at Intel, 1v, 31 and 65. Now we've got a full sized set of three m2 SSD here so it's the 22 by 80 millimeter one and there's a nice heatsink, copper heat sink on top of the Apollo Lake.

In 3450 the Celeron branded one there so really good. Here, two four thousand milliamp hour cells as well, so the CPU is a quad core it's, the Intel Celeron n 3450, with a maximum to about 2.2 gigahertz. We have four gigabytes of RAM that's running at 1600. Megahertz, which is the high we'll, go and they've allocated 167 megabytes to the GPU. I have a few benchmarks here. I want to quickly show you so. First up is the end to to score of 120 1000, which is decent. This is what other devices would this chipset are getting, so nothing really wrong with that at all and the Geekbench score again very similar scores to other devices. So perfectly fine. Here it even comes up, as you can see, as the t bolt e book air and the bios boot logo is the same so and doesn't even mention in civil top here, which is interesting. Now the wireless speeds good download speeds from the wireless AC reasonably good range, definitely better than wireless. In real tech, chipsets we've typically used to see in the old atom devices, but the upload speed that should be faster around 61. It should really be up around about 260 plus 250, plus so not sure what's. Up with that, I did test it quite a few times at different times of the day, and I was always getting about that maximum, so it could be the way the antennas are. Not really too sure about that.

So if I go into any of my videos here, because I shoot them in 4k – just have a look at the easy book 3. This is edge and it streams 4k just fine, and that is actually Auto. 4K already now unable the steps here and we've got no dropped frames performance really good buffer buffer health. There is 25 seconds great, so no problems with that performance of streaming 4k. Now for us to do the same in Chrome, no, not as good. It drops frames but the performance overall. This is my website here, with lots of images. Quite smooth and chrome. You see not perfect. It is a little smoother in edge overall, the performance awfully a laptop. I find to be really quite good, considering the chipset, you can do a better multitasking getting around things boot up, quick thanks to that SSD. That it's got course now. The SSD speeds read speeds here are good, but the write speeds are a little bit slow. Now you can, of course, improve on that. If you wanted to put a larger SSD in there, you have to use the 22 by 80 specs, so the longer MDOT to set our three issues DS, taking a look at gaming performance here. This is a failed extreme Windows Store game. You see, the performance is quite good. It'S running I'd say a little bit smoother and faster than other Apollo tech devices. I'Ve, looked at really quite good seems to me that they've put some faster RAM in here perhaps, but it is one of the smoothest.

This is 1080p on the default. Visual setting now look at counter strike, so this is on 800 x 600 resolution on the lowest settings. What I mean testing on all the Apollo Lakes – and you can see the frame rate – is really good over 60 frames per second here at the moment and I've got around. I think it's about 1215 people on the server there. And yes, I cannot kill people all. I managed to get a headshot that was a fluke and another one, another fluke and even another one, three flukes in a row. No, but the frame rate is really helping here, because it is over 60 frames per second, which is really good, I've, never seen it. This fast on an Apollo Lake look at the head timing and that means I can kill people a hell of a lot easier here. So it does sit down. So you can see around 40 frames per second, but back up to 60 again, and this is dota 2 on 800 x, 600 resolution lower settings scraping just above 20 frames per second it's a bot map, so I've got four BOTS on my side. Four on the opposition, so bear that in mind that if you are playing a multiplayer game that so it's not calculating the bots, it should run. I would say a lot faster than this it's. Just when you get into the action here, of course, that taking a tie, I think on the CPU, but really this performance is not ideal.

This game is too slow League of Legends here now this is running the native screen resolution, so 1080p, the lowest visual settings, but, as you can see, the frame rate is good. Now this is a BOTS match with one bottom. My team two on the opposition and the frame rates hovering around 60 frames per second, so really good. This is probably the fastest. I have seen the Apollo late in 3450, run this game, so very good performance out of this civil top ear or the Tibor gear or whatever you want to call it. So after all of that gaming, the thermals are very good here. So 74 degrees is the top. It gets up to maximum temperatures that's on the GPU and the CPU doesn't ever seem to go past 73 degrees, so very good results here, because we do have that copper, heatsink inside and that's. Transferring all that heat away now does get a little warm just around the palm rest area. On the left hand side so just down this area here get a bit of heat here, but it's not too bad around 38 degrees of measured it to thee. So not scorching hot or anything like that, not enough to be a problem, so does a Linux boot and run on it? Yes, it does check my unboxing and video for that, but it will run everything apart from this right here, which is the touchpad there's. Some problems with the drivers you're going to have to hunt around and find the touchpad driver, but everything else seems to be fine.

I haven't installed it onto the hard drive so I'm, not too sure whether that it's going to work or not, but it did run from my USB pendrive. So to recap my findings. Now I love the size of this thing. It'S so light it's portable it's got a really nice screen, decent keyboard, good touchpad and the performance of it, too, is excellent. But there are some major cons straight out of the box. The thing print reader does not work and it doesn't have a valid Windows. 10. License they've used some kind of demo install one which you should never have to do when buying a new laptop is have to pay for an additional license. So is a huge error there and I think the hardware on the fingerprint reader is either broken or there's. Some impossible to solve driver conflict there and the lack of ports isn't obvious. This really is not for everyone, because I would love to have a micro SD card on there at least, and even I've got that type C port means I can have data charging display out all at the same time. I would probably give that up me personally to have two USB 3 ports DC and charging and the micro SD card slot. So the battery life is also another con here. It is disappointing it's only about five five and a half hours and that's, really not enough, because they're advertising, this well it's, made to be a portable little laptop.

But you want really a full day's use out of it and you're clearly not going to get it. So can I recommend it end of the day? No, I forego for the Shona 21. I haven't reviewed that one yet, but I do hope to get hold of that in the future and check that one out, as it looks promising and hopefully a lot better than this one. Here thanks a lot for watching this review here and I do have to see you back in the channel so with a lot more future up and coming reviews that I have planned and if you do have any questions.