Today, I’m going to be playing Sid, Meier’s, Civilization., Civilization, 1 it’s, the first one in a long line of very successful games. The latest release was 2016 Civilization, 6. As far as i know. It’s a strategy game original by microprose, software., Uh we’re, just gon na start a new game.. You can also customize the world. I’m going to skip the intro here, because a bit long. Aou can um set the difficulty level. I’m. Just going to go with easy, the number of civilizations you play against or together with depending and you can choose your your tribe., Each tribe or civilization – will start with slightly different, like starting features. Let’s go with Aztec, yeah and also the competition. I don’t really want to call them enemy, um civilizations. They will have slightly different behaviors.. Some are more expanding than others. Some are more builders., I must say, I’m, not the best at Civilization. Even though I play it a lot, I used to play it a lot., Um I’m, always more focused on building and getting my cities like nicely decked out than building enough military., So yeah I just founded my first city.. Oh, I get a second settler. That’S that’s neat.. Usually you start with one. These huts are pretty cool.. Most often you get something good out of them., But you can also get barbarians.. Let’S, see some money: okay, um yeah that’s, a big starting bonus that i have a a second settler: let’s let’s.

Just found another city. Right there, um, yes in the beginning. The first thing you’ll want to do is build some military unit to protect your city. And actually build two, not just one., And then you just have them stay in that city. And then you have to wait till they are finished., And now we got two guys we can build something else. Well. In the beginning, there isn’t really that much choice what to build. And this guy i’m going to have run around a bit more.. Oh another little hut And got lucky again: no barbarians unleashed., I press f to have them stay in the city. Yeah, so Civilization you play through basically human developments. So you get to choose what technology technologies you’re researching and you will need the technologies to improve and be able to build different things and um basically get from this pre prehistoric time here, basically into modern times.. This is a feature I really liked in the first one you get to improve your castle, you get a choice of three different designs. I’m aztec. None of these really match aztec aesthetics – I guess, but let’s just go with the oriental one.. I guess Indian Indian oriental one thousand and one nights, But it’s really cute. You can build your your castle, there., I think in civilization. Two, you just decorate your throne room.. So now we’ve discovered the alphabet, and this is a really cool part about civilization.

You get a bit of a description about the technology and you get basically a bit of a history lesson in some some regards. Yeah, oh barbarians, well, let’s see., But they’re, not gon na be able to take my town. I don’t think so. Ah should be fine. Should be fine., So we definitely want to build another military unit. In here definitely. We we, we may have lost one. Yeah, so in the beginning, it’s all a bit slow. You first need to set up things a bit.. I think there’s also an option for like a quick start to skip some of the prehistoric time basically., But uh yeah soon I’ll be meeting the other civilizations and then probably things are going to be more interesting again so I’m going to skip ahead till when I Meet other civilizations., So suddenly a different culture appeared here. Let’s see if they want to talk to us or what they want.. Oh Let’s change that maybe build another settler, actually it’s important to expand. An emissary from the Babylonians wishes to speak with you. Will you receive him? Yes, so the cool thing about diplomacy is you have like these different characters you can meet so this is now the Babylonian, a emissary. Greetings from our most wise emperor, Hammurabi of the Babylonians.. We note that your primitive civilization has not even discovered bronze working.. Do you care to exchange knowledge with us Yeah, so you can choose if you wanna.

, If you exchange knowledge, they will also take something from you., But let’s exchange knowledge.. So they take writing and i get bronze working. Make an alloy and I can build a new phalanx type military unit. And i can build the colossus. Yeah. Let’S have peace., Accept the peace, treaty. Um and then i will just say goodbye to him. Uh. The the wonders are another thing. So, for instance, the colossus is a a world, wonder that you can build. And if you build a wonder, you will get a special uh little bonus for for some time, uh, depending on what what wonder you build. And there’s, some wonders that are really really good.. Now he is like in the mountains there. Now. I don’t really want to attack him. With the guy. I got.. Ah can’t really build anything good yet.. Oh I didn’t watch out there. I had too many military units already and the city they’re not generating enough to be able to support more., So let’s not build another military unit in here. Um. Also, you shouldn’t build a settler in a city that’s just one big, because it will take up the one inhabitant of the city and then your your city’s gone. I’m, just wondering what else I would like to show you.. I don’t really want to attack the um.. I don’t really want to attack them., But how about we do it anyway? So I have to first break my treaty and of course I got destroyed by them because i’m F in the mountains, not F fighting fighting in the mountains, and maybe they will attack me.

Some more now. You want to speak with me. No, you come to my city.. I don’t even remember that part that’s. I guess, because I got totally wiped out here kind of on purpose. That’s, pretty cool, actually never seen that before I must say.. I don’t remember. Finally, they come upon a stone tablet which contains, but one mysterious phrase: Montezuma will return Yeah, possibly he will.. I really don’t, think i’ve ever seen. That. Um! Yes, so my little review of the game is, I definitely recommend anyone playing it.. I, like that it’s a bit of a history lesson kind of shallow but it’s nice to have like that timeline of development.. Um. It has randomness, so the map will be different. The the enemies you come across will be a bit different., So that will create more more fun when playing it.. I had a bit of a hard time coming up with like downsides of these games., I would say a downside is maybe it requires a bit strategy and yeah. You need to think a bit about what you’re playing., But I mean that’s, not a bad thing, but it’s, not a super casual game and the other downside I wrote down is that some enemies are a pain in the butt. Mongols, French And yeah. You get Napoleon who’s like all imperialistic and wanting to expand and it’s pretty cool that they got different, personalities.