This was a video requested by my friends and followers. Also often people ask me: what are my opinions on this? Is it worth the money? Should i do it shouldn’t? I do it, what are the pros and cons and so on and so forth, and hopefully, with this video i’m going to give you a better insight as to what the situation is and uh yeah let’s get into it. So often people will say to me: i want to upgrade to a cintiq, and i want you to have in mind that other companies offer a screen in your tablet so, for example, huion and their lower uh prices and there’s. Also pro pen and microsoft and apple and all of these companies there’s a lot to read in i’m, trying to keep this video short so i’m just going to focus on the wacom products, because those are my favorite, those i’ve used the most and those. I usually recommend, and another thing i want you guys to have in mind when pursuing this is to make sure that upgrade for you means improvement of quality of work life, so if it makes it easier for you to work and to get your art finished, often The question will boil down to: is it worth the extra money because obviously having a screen and tablet it’s extra parts and it might be more expensive, um, so i’ve discussed with friends of mine that have cintiq i’ve used it at work i’m, not impressed? I do not recommend it.

I don’t think it is worth the money, but let’s uh go a bit deeper into it to kind of help you figure out if it’s a good fit for you or not so um pros are, if you have poor eye hand, coordination. It could help if you’re, not very sports, inclined or have some disability, or i don’t know what your situation could be. This might be a pro for you or another main pro, and usually the reason why a lot of artists will gravitate toward the cintiq and from what i’ve talked with other artists is if you couldn’t transition smoothly from traditional art to digital, as you’ve seen here, you’re Drawing on like on pen and paper, your hand is over the illustration, while without the screen you have to look at the screen and draw without looking at your hand, so that is one i would say the main reason why a lot of artists gravitate toward it. Uh with a what arches i’ve talked, that was their reason, and this could be a deal breaker for you and something that you will consider worth the extra money um for me, it’s, not um, i would say from what i’ve noticed is that i’ve transitioned to digital Early on in my life, i’m in my 30s and i’ve been drawing digital on a tablet, since i was 18 and i’ve been drawing traditionally, since i was two years old, if you can call that drawing so um other artists transitions in their late uh 20s to Digital, so a lot of their skills have been formed on pen and paper, so the motions are different as to how they are working and doing their art.

For me, it’s not a problem. I can do it either way and there are more cons, in my opinion and from what i’ve talked with other people. So obviously it costs a lot more, both to buy and then to fix. If you dropped it now, wacoms are really sturdy um and you can check out other videos on youtube to see uh just how pretty and destructible they are now i’ve heard from some of my friends that the quality has dipped my tablet. My newest tablet is seven years old. My first tablet is 12 years old, so both of them are working just fine. I have no problems with them. I’M super happy with the quality you might want to check out uh what the reviews are for the newer products in case issues have arisen and things like that just have in mind. Maybe you want to try another tablet. Like huion, my sister has huion she’s pleased with it and it’s cheaper um, but i’m i’m still going to stick with wacom because i’m happy with it now uh. What i’ve talked with my friends that do have a cintiq size matters and that’s extra cost. For example, you can draw with a simple tablet on the smallest tablet and save money on that i have the medium size in twos pro. I find that the medius medium size fits me best. I’Ve had the large one and it’s in cumbersome, it’s uh. It wasn’t worth the money it’s hard to transport it’s hard to maneuver around, but if you have a cintiq, you have a screen in your tablet.

Then, all of a sudden that extra size is not a problem. It’S a good thing so, like i said for cintiq size matters, you cannot go too low and if you’re going on the higher measurements, then it’s going to cost more. So have that in mind? Another big con for me and one of the major reasons why even at work when i got it free of charge to say it was put at my disposal to use at work, i refused to use this antique because my hand is over the image and it Is a major inconvenience for me that i cannot see as well what i’m illustrating and also the touch keeps turning on often and it’s interfering with my work and also for my simple tablet. I always turn the touch screen off, because i really find it a nuisance and i just never been able to work well with the cintiq. It was a lot of tiny things that really annoyed me, but the major one was, that my hand was over the image. So that’s a huge con for me and why i would never transition to a cintiq, even if it was for free and um. Last but not least, it still needs a computer for the wacom products. There are other tablets where you don’t need that the power of the illustration, then the processor is not great, if you’re having just a tablet to draw on like when you’re blending or smoothing, or do things like that, it’s good to have a pc a desktop.

In my opinion and uh for this integer still gon na need a computer, maybe for other companies uh the technology keeps evolving. You might see this video a few years from now i’m, not sure what the situation will be in the future. Maybe there’ll be better products, in which case i will do another video like this to explain. Maybe i’ll do some other companies as well as always. Let me know what you guys want, what you guys need, and i will try my best to help you out so conclusion um, if you’re on a budget, if you are adaptable or if you’re a beginner, i wouldn’t recommend it. I would definitely say no, if you’re in any of these three categories, but if you still want it, maybe try it somewhere first and then decide if you’re a parent you’re trying to get your kid a tablet um. You really have to put some thought into it. If the child is serious about it and i’m thinking of doing another, video either to buy cheap products or go pro and buy better stuff i’m in favor of buying better stuff, if the person really wants to do more than just doodle, because the quality of the Equipment you’re using really does affect your enjoyment of making art and your boundaries, your abilities, your possibilities, the speed at which you learn um. There are a lot of factors into it, but generally i don’t recommend the cintiq.

If you’re, older, um and or have some issues coordinating your eye with your hand, then cintiq might be the one for you from what i’ve talked with my friends that have tablets with the screen in the technology is still in the works from what they told me And their bugs and issues and problems there can always be bugs and issues and problems with any equipment and software walk home anyway has excellent customer support. Whenever windows does an update and my pen pressure stops working, i just go to their website for updated drivers. They’Re often put there quickly and even if they’re not um, they often communicate with microsoft or other os suppliers, and then they have like beta versions of those drivers and you email them and say hey. I need my tablet to work like right now. I have a deadline, i have clients, i need to get my work done. Give me a driver and the employees at wacom were actually very nice to me, like i said, excellent customer support. They sent me a driver me personally um custom mail and they sent me that driver that i needed, and i managed to fix my problem that night and meet my deadline for my clients, so um. That might be something to have in mind as well, regardless of what screen tablet you’re, having consider the company as well so yeah um. Thank you for watching hope. That’S helped you out um. As always.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave them in the comments below and also please share your experience um with these products in the comments below, so that other people may read it and get informed and have an idea of what um you have been through And let’s help each other out to find the best solutions to our problems together. Thank you for watching, and i am close to a thousand subscribers just wanted to remind you all uh. When i reach a thousand subscribers, i will do an art giveaway. As always, when i reach a milestone, and if you want to reach a milestone faster with me, please subscribe and share with friends that you think might be interested in my videos take care.