1, bing version, and we sell a lot what's in the box. This is a obviously it's, a yeah power adapter that they've. Given me that's right here. I have no idea everything some tiny little boxes and when we got here, hey, okay, so it's a USB cable. I don't know why that is outside of the box. But I will find out now just open this box up. So the chewy just a great name. Chewy chewy vi8 has two gigabytes of RAM and an atom z3580 ones at one point three gigabytes, and it is an 8 inch tablet with a screen resolution of 1280 by 800, which is a high resolution, but it is reasonably decent for an 8 inch screen. So it's already a problem. You see the side of the box here: it's gone on their windows, 8 basic specs tier, so this you YouTuber of 1.83 in town, they're chewy, and nothing really flash terms of packaging and it's the tablet. What else we got inside the box and a bunch of paperwork all in Chinese will cost maybe its warranty information and whatnot, and oh, nothing, nothing else in here. So that means that the power adapter is right here and the cables are all box separately from there. For tablet itself to say all the way to do things and let's have a look at the tablet here: okay, so similar looking to a Dell Venue 8 – and there is a captive Windows, but in there and I'm pretty sure it's meant to actually work but I'll Find out so – and you can see mooring in and putting some more specs on here now – just have a look around there for tablet.

So the front we have a front facing camera here and I don't know whether it looks like it could be a little light. There I dumped an ambient sensor, that's ambient light sensor, and I would say that would be – must be a little LED light, but I'll find out soon the camera. There is 0.3 0.3 megapixel, so it's absolutely rubbish, and we have volume rocker here power on button and on the back is like a textured plastic one speaker, so mono audio and they've got their that it's, the Chui vi8 and their camera, of course, at the top, Which is marginally better than the front facing camera? This has only 2 megapixels, so it's guaranteed to be very bad, and we because we have here micro, SD card slot and the thickness. You can see it's, not the slimmest table in the world, but it's not that bad weight, wise it's, quite light it's very light I'd say be around 380 grams. 400 grams and let's have a look if it howls on it. Does that so that's good I'll just have a look next to my tip last x98 ear here, look at the thickness, so you can see there that actually there's not that much of a difference, but the chewy vi8 is I'd say another millimeter or two thicker yeah. Okay, so that is just booted up, because I need to pull this off comes with a screen protector on it. It looks like it.

No, it doesn't know that it's just straight glass behind that okay, so I will just pull that off and you can see it's booted up in English already in a sports for some reason: okay and leader hi tech was the user. So that is interesting. This has come new from China, but it seems like someone has put the English language pack on it and perhaps had a little play around with it, but that's what you can expect really from imports from China anyway. So this is the tablet the chewy vi8. Please subscribe to my channel. I have a lot more up and coming on this tablet, if you're interested in it, I have a few reviews that are we working on review for this tablet on my website, which is tick tablets, calm, and you can see here that it's relatively seems quite fast Fast enough and just have a quick look at the system: specs and okay that's coming up there in Chinese a bit of it, but you can see ya, good whites of RAM Adam said, 37, 35, F and that's the tablet, so please subscribe to my channel. Give me a thumbs up if you liked this quick unboxing and stay tuned for the review, which will be coming up soon and more tests of this tablet.