Hopefully it will run just fine. I noticed it with the check last. I had a bit of lag, so it was interesting to see if the same leg is present on the chewy, be aight aight and just take the resolution to the native resolution. Ok, so they should run just fine I'll be drawing it here with thee. Oh it's displaying my whole desktop for some reason. There, ok, not quite what I wanted. I will try that again there we go. Oh no! It closed. Ok! So try again, second time: lucky there we go all right seems to be fine there. I just show you that it's definitely control here, which is hooked up to the hub, is connected up here. So let's see if I can do with a racing okay, so hopefully it is working better. Actually, it looks to be slightly smoother than the tech last x98 ear, which I tried in another video. Okay, see how it goes game, wise yeah. This is definitely working a lot better than the x 98.